“Z-Rock: Season 2” by ZO2

Artist: ZO2
Title: “Z-Rock: Season 2”
Label: Anchor Bay
Release Date: 6/8/2010
Genre: Comedy/Rock Reality
Rating: 3/5

Picking up from what appeared to be only a few months later than when our first season of “Z-Rock” ended, we find the fabulous Z Brothers getting back together and trying their hand at Rock and Roll stardom for the second time. A lot had transpired during the first season as well and while the band came close to a deal it never ended up panning out. Such is the life of a Rock and Roll band and all you can do is pick up the pieces along with your instruments and press on as best as possible. With Season Two we find the premise remaining largely the same as their manager Dina (played by Lynn Koplitz) and Neil (played by Jay Oakerson). There is a little of everything that one expects in a show like this and it felt like they were going for the laughs a little more this time around and moving farther away from the “reality” aspect. I felt this way after a couple of the more ridiculous situations that the band found themselves in such as the wrestling episode and the political rally episode. Yes these things could actually happen but there was much more on the slapstick side but I guess that is alright since I had already mentioned that I viewed this as a more mature, modern day type of “The Monkees”. Across the season the band encounters Steel Panther, Chris Jericho and Mini-KISS while Dave Navarro, John Popper, Dee Snider, and Joan Rivers make returns and continue to play their real life selves. I think that I would have preferred the real KISS considering ZO2 opened for them in real life.

Once again I was reviewing the series from replays and online clips as I did not manage to get my hands on a screener copy from Anchor Bay but that is alright. As I said the last time to you fine readers it ends up leaving me with more room in the bookshelf for the growing Blu-ray collection. So what are my thoughts on the second season? Well, overall I felt that it was enjoyable but as something to not look too deeply into what they were doing. It’s not Shakespeare as much as it’s a lot of slapstick and often mature jokes but I watched every week and got a kick out of seeing the band do their thing. I had seen them on the concert stage a number of times and really enjoyed them but this is not as much their stage life as it is a day to day view of what they find as pitfalls and trials on their quest to stardom. I will not ruin any of the overall episodes for you but will say that it was amusing to see how some of the Rock stars of note pop into the show and get involved in the antics. This also appears to be the last season and I cannot find any information as to whether there are plans for a third go round but it does not seem likely. Fans that enjoyed the first season should safely enjoy this one as well even though it’s not really focusing its emphasis on the level of performing music that the guys are really good at.

Track Listing:
1. Z-united
2. I Wanna Be Z-dated
3. All Z Small Things
4. Jail House Z Rock
5. Z Are Family
6. Z Wrestler
7. Z My Baby
8. Z Rock This Town
9. Johnny Z Goode
10. Z Will Rock You

Official Website: http://www.zo2.com

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