“Your God” (Single) by Ikillya

Artist: Ikillya
Title: “Your God” (Single)
Label: Urban Yeti Records
Release Date: 3/10/2017
Genre: Thrash Metal
Rating: 4/5

I guess it was a couple of weeks ago that I addressed the video for the song “Your God” by NYC’s own Ikillya and if you missed that quick clip narrative I say “for shame” but do please catch up with the presentation by clicking on THIS LINK. The song is the first one to be released from the bands June album “War For An Idea” and since I promised to toss together some thoughts about the track itself here we go with that.

The song “Your God” might as well be labelled as a political statement against terrorism both domestic and foreign based on what I saw in the aforementioned video and singer Jason is furious about the subject matter. Too often we find the folks responsible for these heinous actions citing how they had done it to please their God. Sorry world, its 2017 and I don’t really buy any of that crap myself. Speaking for me as a Catholic person, I cannot imagine a deity that wishes ill intent on any people of any kind. Well, unless you are Conan who worships Crom and that God doesn’t give a rats patoot about anyone. Please pardon the reference from Robert E. Howard’s mythology but I did used to read those Marvel Comics tales and there is some after effect. Now, not only is Lekberg furious in his vocal delivery but so are the rest of the band with Eric, Rob and Andrew (guitar, bass and drums respectively) and with a run time of 2:48 this tune blasts you quick and is done.

It’s a quick but intensely topical listen. Nice work, please consider adding this track to your digital library or just wait until the full album hits in June. I wouldn’t wait because since they are an independent act, every nickel and dime helps keep them stay on course.

Track Listing:
1. Your God

Official Website: http://ikillya.com/

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