“You Shall Not Pass (Photo Pass That Is)” – Story 2

My plan is to use this little headline for the tales which revolve around some of the more amusing adventures I have encountered while trying to snare the proper image for the sake of solid reporting. If such a thing is even possible based on the surroundings. My goal is never designed to be mean-spirited, unappreciative or as “finger pointing” but instead to show how a lot of this leaves a consistent amount of head scratching in this journalist. With that, the curtain draws up on Cappy smoking a pipe and sitting in his chair as he lines out the tales of not too distant past.
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I remembered attending one of the shows for super hot Glam band that was still going strong many years later, and while I focus on the heavier side of things there are shows that find me looking for nothin’ but a good time when it comes down to it. So I get there and enjoy a couple of beers with friends and get my tickets and lo and behold my photo credentials are present at the same time – no fuss, no muss and frantic wait times for any of this stuff to come to pass. Once in I found my actual seat and told my friends that I would soon join them when the “work at hand” had been completed. So down to the front I went and found the barricade that I usually stand in for shooting but when I arrived the security chap said and where do you think you are going. I smile, showcase the pass that said Media/Photo and said “well I am off to shoot the first three songs of the show”. For those that don’t know how this works, the three songs are what you are allotted as a member of the media forces. I then asked how to get into the pit to do this stuff and he replied well that is for the photographers and journalists to which I double checked my pass and was pretty sure it said the exact same thing. Well, despite this he would not let me in the gate but did not give me shit about remaining directly there to do my work and be crushed by the audience who were excited to see their heroes.

Apparently the other individuals in the photo pit had secured “working” passes and this is almost always relegated to Tech Crew (lights/sound/roadies), Media Folks generally get the pass that says Media/Photo/Backstage. I even flashed my handy dandy business card to show I was just all the more legit but he maintained his position on the area being for the photographers. I smiled and politely said to him that while I was not out to bust his chops about it, he could not fault me for finding this a tad absurd. After all I was sporting the official band name sticker pass that said “photo” & holding a camera and business card that officiated my Journalist role. Indeed every rose has its thorn in this line of work. Lucky me, the vantage point could be made the best of despite the situation and I ended my night with numerous good shots.

I returned to my seat looking like a man in need of oxygen and just shook my head at yet another absurd occurrence while doing this. When I was home and presenting the article and images to the label folks I was asked how it went and I outlined my inability to get in the pit to properly shoot since I did not have a photographers pass according to security. They asked in a puzzled tone on how that was possible since they had set it up and wondered why I did not have it. I mentioned that I did in fact have it, yet the particular security representative didn’t feel it was good enough to allow me to work. They agreed that it was weird and as result another one for the books. I seldom name the bands and folks involved to not be considered mean-spirited but there are clues as to what show you can find on the PiercingMetal.com concert pages if you a good enough detective.

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  1. HAHAHA, I thought it was just me! During an Obituary and Cthonic set I wasn’t allowed into the photo pit, despite my obvious photo pass. The guard said… “No, you’re not allowed to take pictures… BUT YOU CAN GO BACKSTAGE IF YOU LIKE.” Errr… We quickly went (including my friend who had no pass at all) and cornered Doris of Chthonic as well as one of the Hemlock guys. That was the first time I had ever been backstage or interviewed on the fly. I later got in the photopit anyway, I just walked around the other side of the barrier. Good to see you blogging good sir!
    Lana of Meandering Entertainer (I removed the previous post because I failed to let you know who I was)

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