“You Are Here” by UFO

Artist: U.F.O.
Title: “You Are Here”
Label: SPV America
Release Date: 5/2004
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 7.5/10

Legendary rockers U.F.O. have returned with a kicking piece of rock and roll for the world to enjoy. Singer Phil Mogg still has one of the more pure voices in rock music and he has held up over the years quite well. Some of the CD reminded me a little more of Bad Company style than that of earlier UFO, yet this is not a bad comparison to hold.

Membership has changed in UFO over the years. While this band once had the provincial Michael Schenker on lead guitar, it now is the home for Vinnie Moore who’s style and speed are a welcome addition to the band. On the drums is Jason (son of the Legendary John) Bonham. I feel he plays some of his best drumming on the piece. Nice and solid throughout. Original members Pete Way (bass) and Paul Raymond (keyboards) comprise the rest of the lineup and touring structure. However the USA Fans would see Barry Sparks playing bass on the shows due to VISA issues that were faced by Way at the onset of the visit to these shores.

Numbers of note on the CD right away to me are “Black Cold Coffee” (fast and hard rock filled piece), “Daylight Goes To Town” (a good radio single if they tried one), “Mr Freeze” (nice work in it and feel). There is also a semi-power ballad called “Baby Blue”. Quite honestly as far as rock records go the whole piece is a constant when it comes to listening to it. There are no tracks that you will find yourself skipping to get to the next at all. I feel this is always a good thing. I recommend this piece for the die-hards and new fans as well.

Track Listing:
1. Daylight Goes To Town
2. Black Cold Coffee
3. The Wild One
4. Give It Up
5. Call Me
6. Slipping Away
7. The Spark That Is Us
8. Sympathy
9. Mr. Freeze
10. Jelloman
11. Baby Blue
12. Swallow

Official Website: http://www.ufo-music.info/

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