Yoshiki’s NYC Screening Of “We Are X” @ Crosby Street Hotel (9/19/2016)

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The invitation seemed innocent enough. Please join us at the Crosby Street Hotel for a screening of the brand-new X-Japan documentary “We Are X – The Death and Life of X Japan”. Since I love a good music documentary and am fascinated by the group X Japan and their incredible history. As a band they don’t get over to this neck of the woods all that much and the last time that I saw them was when they played at Madison Square Garden back in 2014. I documented the press conference when Yoshiki gathered the masses at the Japan Society for the revelation and if you’d like you can click HERE to see more about that. Now it was time to dim the lights and enjoy this sure to be amazing documentary.

Poster - We Are X - 2016

Since I was busy enjoying the documentary, which was excellent I might add, I wasn’t taking too many notes during it as it was dark in the theatre room. I will be reaching out to the reps about a screener link so I can do a more focused review in the coming days if one is available but if not I will cobble together as much non-spoiler stuff as I can so you are fully armed about the film. It was then that the moderator announced a surprise special guest which was Yoshiki himself. I recorded some of the discussion for your viewing pleasure below.

After the few minutes of questions and answers took place, the small crowd assembled in the lobby area where a grand piano had been set up. It was here that Yoshiki would sit down for a few minutes and perform for us all while cell phones, cameras and video recorders captured every second. I was right up close myself and snagged these moments for you all since I knew you would want to see them. Enjoy.

Upon finishing the quick display of his classical piano expertise Yoshiki spoke briefly to those in the room and sipped on a glass of red wine before kindly indulging anyone who wanted to say a hello or pose for a photo with him the chance to do so. I couldn’t resist doing this myself because it was Yoshiki and he is involved in so many awesome things. At close quarters he seems so mysterious and I said to a colleague in the room that I almost expected him to say “goodnight” and just disappear in a puff of smoke. He didn’t of course but wouldn’t that have been amazing if it was prepared for him that way.

Official Website: https://www.yoshiki.net/

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