“Year Of The Tiger” (Single) by Myles Kennedy

Artist: Myles Kennedy
Title: “Year Of The Tiger” (Single)
Label: Napalm Records
Release Date: 12/8/2017
Genre: Rock
Rating: 4/5

You know his name from not only the great band Alter Bridge but also as the lead singer on the last few live tours and albums by Slash from Guns ‘N Roses. Yep, I’m talking about none other than Mr. Myles Kennedy who will be delivering his first ever solo album with “Year Of The Tiger”. The first single is actually the title track of the album that comes care of Napalm Records and after a few quick listens, I’ve tossed some thoughts together about it.

Right off the bat you will know that you are not listening to Alter Bridge or Slash and that is a very good thing since it let’s the work stand brightly on its own. The track is a smooth one and delivered with both mandolin and acoustic guitar. There is a beat being kept but that might be a percussionist sitting on a Cajon as opposed to a full on drumkit and that’s fine by me since the time was being kept without missing a note. Kennedy sounds great in this capacity and I’m speaking as someone who hasn’t heard him deliver much in the acoustic sense. I’ve read that the whole album is like this and I’m okay with that. I think we have to wait until March for the full album and with it being December, I am sure we will get another single or two. If any come to light I will do my best to share some thoughts about them right here. You can snag the track via Amazon.com and even listen to it care of the Spotify link down below.

Track Listing:
1. Year Of The Tiger

Official Website: http://www.myleskennedy.com

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