X Japan Announce “Three Deep Red Nights” at Makuhari Messe Live in Japan 2018

The Press Release:
YOSHIKI announced X JAPAN’s new tour “X JAPAN Live in Japan 2018 Three Deep Red Nights at Makuhari Messe” on his Yoshiki Channel broadcast on August 19th, with ticket pre-sales for the September 28-30 dates beginning immediately after the program aired.

With an expected audience of 100,000 fans, announcing the three-day event just one month in advance is a bold move made possible by X JAPAN’s international popularity. Normally an event of this magnitude would be announced up to one year ahead of time.

“I had a lot of personal conflicts, both mentally and physically after surgery, and I wasn’t sure about these shows until the very last minute,” said YOSHIKI, talking about the concerts on Yoshiki Channel live from Los Angeles. “But I think we should try to move forward. We’ll decide the future of the band based on these concerts.”

After the announcement, the race for standing room tickets and VIP seats was so intense that it made headlines as fans in Japan and worldwide scrambled for the chance to see X JAPAN perform. The last time the band held a live event of this scale in their home country was their massive, two-day soccer stadium tour in 2010, playing for 130,000 fans at Nissan Stadium in Japan.

Since reuniting in 2008, X JAPAN has staged a limited amount of Japan tours, gaining international success at venues such as New York’s Madison Square Garden, Coachella Music Festival in California, and the U.K.’s Wembley Arena. Ticket information for Japan is listed below, and tickets for international fans will be announced soon.

X JAPAN Live in Japan 2018 Three Deep Red Nights at Makuhari Messe Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 1-3, Chiba, Japan

Concert Dates:
9/28 (Friday) – Doors open 16:30 / Start 18:30
9/29 (Saturday) – Doors open 16:00 / Start 18:00
9/30 (Sunday) – Doors open 15:00 / Start 17:00

Ticket Prices:
General Admission
13,000 yen (standing / entrance numbering number / tax incl.)
Limit 4 tickets per person per show.

VIP Packages:
■ Gold: 55,000 yen (tax incl.)
GOLD exclusive seat (platinum seat left / right / designated seat), VIP goods, sound check party, VIP preferential goods sale, VIP exclusive entrance
Limit 4 tickets per person per show.
■ Platinum: 98,000 yen (tax incl.)
Platinum dedicated seat (front center block / designated seat), VIP goods,
Backstage tour, sound check party, VIP restroom, VIP priority coat check, VIP preferential goods sales, VIP exclusive entrance
Limit 4 tickets per person per show.

There is ID check for prevention of resale.
Re: Package Contents / Seating Chart — please check with VIP HP before booking.

Ticket Release Schedule:
■ 8/19 YOSHIKI CARD FC Pre-Sale (lottery)
8/19 (Sunday) – 8/21 (Tuesday) 23:00
■ 8/24 X JAPAN member FC Pre-Sale (lottery)
(YOSHIKI mobile, YOSHIKI CHANNEL, Toshl FC, PATA FC, HEATH FC, SUGIZO FC, HIDE FC) 8/24 (Friday) 18:00 – 8/26 (Sunday) 23:00
■ 9/3 (Monday) Ticket Service Pre-Sale (lottery)
■ 9/15 (Saturday) General Sales (lottery)
■ International Tickets – To be announced soon

Organizer: Fuji Television, Udo Music Office

*** end of transmission ***

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I’ve only been able to see X Japan twice in concert with the first show at the no longer standing Roseland Ballroom and the massive spectacle that was the headlining show at Madison Square Garden. That one blew my mind and many clips from it can be found in their “We Are X” documentary. I wish I was able to participate in these three shows in Japan since I am open in the schedule (as NY Comic Con doesn’t happen for another week if my calendar is correct), so if any of our rich readers are feeling philanthropic just send us a private message (kidding, I kid). Before I close this out I wonder what you readers who are among the X Diehards think about this. Will you be making the trek to the Land Of The Rising Sun? Please let us know down in the comments below. Until we meet again, Sayonara 🙂

Official Links:
X JAPAN Official Site: http://www.xjapan.com
YOSHIKI Official Site: http://www.yoshiki.net
TOSHI Official Site: http://toshi-samuraijapan.com
PATA Official Site: http://www.pata-official.com
HEATH Official Site: http://www.heath.co.jp
SUGIZO Official Site: http://sugizo.com
HIDE Official Site: http://www.hide-city.com
TAIJI Official Site: http://taiji-tsglaston.com

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