“Wrecking Everything” by Overkill

Artist: Overkill
Title: “Wrecking Everything Live”
Label: Spitfire Records
Release Date: 6/18/2002
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 6.5

Overkill’s live CD “Wrecking Everything Live” comes as a direct companion piece to the live DVD of the same name. However, this comes with some disappointing differences. While the DVD is two pieces, one being a full concert running some 22 numbers, the live CD comes as a single disk that cuts many numbers off of it in order to meet one disks time constraints. This immediately turned me off to the disk as I had just watched the video of the same thing and would have enjoyed being able to crank many of the same numbers in the stereo. This could not be the case due to the cutting done. I am not sure why the band chose to release two different items, but perhaps the thought was that many of the other songs exist on a live media already. I owned a copy of the first live Overkill release and I hated the production so much that I think I even passed it along to a bigger fan. The level of production on this was so good that it made me wish the entire DVD performance was also featured here.

Barring my criticisms, this is still a good disk. My rating is based on the fact that it was released as a single instead of double. The diehard “Overkiller” will love it, as several of the bands signature numbers are included. Among my favorites would be the older stuff such as “Years Of Decay”, and “In Union We Stand” and “Deny The Cross”. The CD shows that Overkill truly are among the masters of the Thrash Metal genre. They are still going 20 years strong, and while some lineup changes have occurred you still have Blitz and D.D. taking care of business.

I recommend the fans try the DVD first and then perhaps grab this as something you want to keep in the car. Don’t take this instead of the DVD for that is a totally enjoyable piece of metal. While this being minimal might make you feel differently.

Track Listing:
1. Necroshine
2. Thunderhead
3. Evil Never Dies
4. Deny The Cross
5. I Hate
6. Shred
7. Bleed Me
8. Long Time Dyin’
9. It Lives
10. Battle
11. The Years Of Decay
12. In Union We Stand
13. Overkill

Official Web site: www.WreckingCrew.com

Editor’s Note: This article was written for another medium prior to the 2005 launch of PiercingMetal.com and has been added to our content for your enjoyment.

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