“With Oden On Our Side” by Amon Amarth

Artist: Amon Amarth
Title: “With Oden On Our Side”
Label: Metal Blade Records
Release Date: 10/30/2006
Genre: Death Metal/Viking Metal
Rating: 4/5

We last faced the Wrath of the Norsemen as they defended the Fate Of Norns in the name of Metal with hammers and horns raised high above their enemy’s heads. The crushing blows received by both the CD and DVD bearing those names would not cease and together help bring us to the victory charge that is felt on every track of “With Oden On Our Side”. The album is a pummeling effort to say the least and starts off with a charged up track entitled “Valhall Awaits Me” – it’s a song that makes you feel as though you are riding into glorious battle with the band armed with whatever they feel is necessary to ensure their dominance over their foes. Perhaps there are no real musical surprises on this album as some have said, but that does not mean the group has veered far from the course they travel with certain levels of command. This is probably the most “accessible” of the Amon Amarth records released for while a true Death Metal band, they show levels of respect for the earlier founders of Metal from the eighties on the recording. You hear this especially in the riffing done during “Hermod’s Ride To Hel” while songs like “Gods Of War Arise”’ have sections that just instantly make your fist form and rise to the sky above. In typical Amon Amarth fashion the lyrical content is quite the same as they had delivered in the past and every song is loaded with epic battle tales, and this makes for some interesting following along with the lyrics in the booklet they provide. They do take this very seriously as they cite during “Runes To My Memory” which singer Johan Clegg tells the world how he wants his death to be treated. Clegg himself is an imposing individual and definitely is to be taken at his word.

The other members of the group are Olavi Mikkonen (guitar), Johan Soderberg (guitar), Ted Lundstrom (bass) and Fredrik Andersson (drums). Tight and powerful players who ensure the level of thunderous music are not faltering on each and every track. I really felt that drummer Fredrik was a large part of the success in their ability to riff like they did for he is on point at every second with a tasteful technique. The band excels on tracks such as “Cry Of The Blackbirds” and this is one of my favorites as well as the trudging and powerful “Under The Northern Star”. Diehard fans might not find this album their favorite Amon Amarth recording, but it certainly is the type of album that will be able to bring new fans into their ever-amassing army. The new ones can use this CD and the career encompassing DVD boxed set to get a full and educated idea about the group. Now, its time to saddle up and ride once again – with the guys in Amon Amarth by your side it is certain that Odin himself smiles down on your inevitable victory.

Track Listing:
1. Valhall Awaits Me
2. Runes To My Memory
3. Asator
4. Hermod’s Ride To Hel – Lokes Treachery Part I
5. Gods Of War Arise
6. With Oden On Our Side
7. Cry Of The Blackbirds
8. Under The Northern Star
9. Prediction Of Warfare

Official Website: www.amonamarth.com

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