Wishing A “Merry Metal Christmas” 2017 To All

In keeping with the theme of the Christmas holiday, I figured let’s wish those readers who celebrate the day as we do here at the Metal Media Command HQ a very MERRY METAL CHRISTMAS. Sadly I’m not in the photos yet as I’m busy with the affairs of the day and prepping my ornaments to affix to my leather jacket for the TSO Concert tomorrow. It’s something that I’ve been doing for years but we can talk more on that later. Instead please meet Reaper Claus and Metal Claus 🙂

The screen capture below comes from one of “The Simpsons” holiday shows and always makes me laugh when I see it. Fortunately, the ability to pause ones programs in order to get your mobile ready to snap a shot is a common thing nowadays and I just had to get this for the purpose of this little wish. The whole clip is only seconds long as Marge flips across their available music channels and when she reaches the “Norwegian Death Metal Holiday Hymns” we hear blistering guitar and the growling “Bah!”. Priceless.

Oh so you saw the Santa Claus with the guitar in the above photo, well he is a rocker for sure and I recently posted a clip of him performing on our Official Instagram; Be sure to follow that account if you aren’t already doing so since I’ve been doing my best to make it a very fun profile.

Speaking of music, I’ve been reflecting on a number of my music reviews that were themed to the holiday on our Official Facebook and I’d love for you to see them if you are someone who’s on the new side to our presentations. Click that text and give us a “Like” and choose “See First” as it will allow you to see the stuff we post instead of losing it way behind your more vocal friends political discourse. Closing up I want to say again that I hope you have a wonderful day to day if this is your holiday. I’ll be keeping it on the simple side since the annual Trans-Siberian Orchestra show is in my area tomorrow and since I hit the matinee its a very early start for me from Brooklyn. I mentioned working on the items for the leather jacket and if I can determine what I want to do I will post a photo here afterwards. Merry Christmas again.

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