Win To See Wintersun In NYC On 8/8/2013

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The Details: Before I start off on this, I need to ask you a simple question. “Were you a part of the capacity, sold out show crowd that helped to welcome Wintersun to NYC for the very first time at the Gramercy Theatre back in December of 2012”? If not you surely missed out and while the band was supporting their Nuclear Blast Records label mates Eluveitie, it was clear that they were the hot property on the bill. The bands return to the USA for a full on headlining tour is exciting news enough but when you add the likes of Fleshgod Apocalypse, Arsis and Starkill as the supporting acts well now we have a party and I will admit that the entire package excites me. Thanks to the fine folks at Livenation, I am happily going to put some lucky PiercingMetal readers into the show for free. Read further down to see how to participate.

When and Where: Thursday, August 8th at Irving Plaza (17 Irving Place, NYC)

To Participate: In my humble opinion it is without question that keeping bands like Wintersun on peoples radar in regions such as our own is of paramount importance but they are only one in a line of many bands that the legions of the Metal Republic need to hear about. To enter this contest please name four bands that you think the world of readers need to know more about and why their success is so important to you. Be detailed as possible and perhaps even include an official page since I might need to learn about them myself. Do not take the easy route of naming the stuff we all know about and make your voice count. I will be picking the best responses from the submissions and replying to their entry directly. Please be sure to enter your full real name and an email address in the comment form in case we need to reach you and subscribe to the comments so you know right away if you have won.

Restrictions: While all contests are open to our regional site readers, we do look at new responders first in order to give everyone a fair shot at enjoying a show on the provider and us. We still encourage all to respond because you never know just how many tickets we are offering. Please note that “Anonymous” or “Guest” submissions while approved are not eligible to win and also if you win this particular contest, you will not be eligible for both our 10 Years and Phil Anselmo contests.

Official Links:
Fleshgod Apocalypse:

There are quite a few awesome albums for this touring package and some of them are still brand new so I have embedded some links that will lead you to the means to purchase on – Don’t let excellent new Metal pass you by.

18 thoughts on “Win To See Wintersun In NYC On 8/8/2013”

  1. I managed to snag a ticket before they sold out last time for the Dec show back in 2012 and it was def an experience. I was literally blown away by Jari’s playing and am thrilled that they decided to return so soon to do a full headlining set this time around. Varg was also a first timer to the states on that tour with Eluveitte and they were amazing as well. Here are some bands that some may know and some may not but i’d really love to see them play here someday.

    Well currently right now I am listening to the latest Mercenary and it’s blowing me away. Not too many people know bout them and the fact they have a new singer and changed their sound from proggy death to more melodic death metal in vain of Soilwork, Dark Tranquility, and it def works for them. If more people check them out and get their new album maybe there is a chance they will tour here again someday. (they played prog power once or twice i think) Here is their lyric video for the title track to their latest album.

    Allfader from Norway are a small underground blackened death band with only 2 albums under their belt. Their first one At Least We Will Die Together has a emo like cover but the music nowhere near what the cover is live. Fast brutal death almost like a Blackened At the Gates meets Darkane. Their second Black Blood Flux has a alot of Amon Amarth influences and the clean vocals while great were set aside this time for just full on brutality. It’s be really great if they got more recognition cause they should def be on big label.
    Here is their song Harbingers of Night from latest album Black Blood Flux
    and This Blackened Heart from At Least We Will Die Together

    A lot of my friends know NeObliviscaris from Austrailia but their a still more people that need to learn bout this mind blowing original band. Advantgarde Blackened Prog Death with violin is the best way to describe them and they also have some old Opeth sound to them which to anyone who is disappointed with the direction Opeth has taken you’ll like this. They only have an EP out and their debut Portal of I which took 9 years to get out but it was worth the wait. The landscapes this band creates makes me drool bout seeing them live and the guys have said they eventually want to tour here. I was hoping maybe MDF would pick them up cause Portal of I was a breakout album for them and got them a deal with Season of Mist and I can’t wait for their next effort.
    Here is Of Petrichor Weaves Black Noise from Portal of I

    And then sticking with Aussies, Be’lakor is what traditional melodic death metal should sound like, Not too many know of them still but with their latest album Of Breath and Bone many have started to learn the greatness of this band. Bolt Thrower like crunch to the guitars and drums but Insomnium, old school In Flames melodies is the best way to describe them. The cookie monster vocals are odd at first you start to love it as it fits with the music. Of Breath and Bone was one of my highlights of 2012.
    Here is In Parting from Of Breath and Bone

    With any luck 1 or more of these bands will one day grace our shores whether it be a full tour or one off appearance at a festival like MDF or Progpower or other small underground fest but yeah check them out if you don’t know them already you will not be disappointed.

  2. 1) Taake(Norway) This band in my opinion is the most important black metal band from Norway to look out for. Incorporating wellwritten traditional black metal riffs, minor chords, melodies and harmonies that are more than catchy enough to keep your ears glued while experimenting with synths, and even the banjo, these corpse painyed Norwegians are the real deal! Hopefully they won’t cancel MdF!
    2)Nokturnal Mortum(Ukraine) think they may have changed the spelling of their name. I own their debut, Goat Horn, their 2000 opus Nechrist, and their most recent effort, 2009’s The Voice of Steel, and have admired their unique blend of traditional and symphonic black metal, thrash, and what I guess is Ukranian folk and chanting, gives extrem metal a twist like no other act, while still writing catchy songs that stay with you.
    3) Wardruna(Norway) very uniqueband from Norway, feat. Gaahl(God Seed ex Gorgoroth). No modern or electric instruments are used, rather onlu classical acoustic Norwegian instrumentation and clean vocal harmonies present the black metal message in a totally different light than most are used to. I find this a very uplifting listen and a different side of Gaahl’s talent is interesing to hear for Gorgoroth and God Seed fans.
    4)Unstable(Long Beach, NY) ok I went to HS with these guys. They combine influences from Pantera, Sepultura/Soulfly, Candiria, and Morbid Angel as well as hip hop and reggae to form a type pf heavy music that cannot be pidgeon holed and that you must witness for yourself. check em out!
    so, I think i went all out here Ken! i havent won or even entered one of your contests since Death to All back in April, so it would be nice to be selected. Definitely check out those bands!

    1. Great stuff Brandon. Congrats as you have won a ticket for the Wintersun show on Thursday.
      Stay tuned to the comments for the details on how to claim this at the

  3. Band 1: Rotten Sound is a grindcore band from Finland. If you love fast music with that heavy and brutal (rotten 😉 ) sound then this is the band for more people to recognize. As grindcore bands come, this particular one has become quite a success because of the dedication of the band members and entertainment with the amount of energy that comes with the live performance.

    Band 2: Horna is a Finnish black metal band. They have that very dark and cold sound and atmosphere with lyrics, when translated, that seem like poetry to some. Black metal is a unique genre which has gone through certain phases throughout the years of its existence but with a band like Horna, they have stuck to their roots and with people that have or been into Black metal for years such as myself, they will always recommend this specific band.

    Band 3: Hypocrisy is hands down one of the greatest and most successful melodic death metal bands from Sweden. They are well known for the lyrics that consists of extraterrestrial beings, abduction and human experimentation. I have yet to see them live which I hope to in the near future. I am proud of their success due to the simple fact that the lyrics and subject is about Aliens and that the musicians are fantastic when they play live (According to friends and live recordings on youtube).

    Band 4: Meshuggah is a Swedish death metal band very well known for their insane time and tempo measurements that can truly amaze the human ear like the absolutely mind blowing drumming and guitars that always makes you ask: How the hell do they do it? Another band I have yet to see live but when you sit there and watch their live performances then there is no question on how they have become a very successful and infamous band but you can only wonder if the next album will be as amazing as their recent ones.

    Ray Luna

    [email protected]

    1. Great stuff Ray. Congrats as you have won a ticket for the Wintersun show on Thursday.
      Stay tuned to the comments for the details on how to claim this at the

  4. 1. Kalmah (Finland) If you love Old Children of Bodom you’re gonna love them. One of the Best band from Finland bands that not many people know.
    Honestly think there better then most of the Finland bands like Insomnium

    2. Power Trip (U.S.A.) Crossover Thrash similar to band like the Cro-Mags and D.R.I. There sound is like its 1989 even tho its 2013, it doesn’t sounded dated.

    3. Mumakil (Switzerland) Awesome intense fast Grindcore like Nasum and Phobia.

  5. Band 1: the man eating tree

    this band has so much to offer in there variety of sounds and player. The
    drummer is from now deceased band “Sentenced” which was and still is
    my ultimate favorite band. these guy play a lighter type of metal, being from Finland they are like many other Finnish bands, everything is about atmosphere, the way the keyboards blend in with the vocals are amazing. pick any song, I’m sure they will blow you away. not many, if any people know about them in America, I speak to the drummer every now and then, asking to do shows in America, but he says their just isn’t a crowd yet, even though they are on Century Media Record label. Everyone should know about these guys.

    Band 2: Kalmah

    these guys hail from Finland as well, playing melodic death metal at its
    finest. although many people do know of them, they always bypass north America when on tour, heading from south America straight to Canada. I’m unsure why, but i know if there was more of a demand for them in NYC and America, they would def come. for me the highlight of their career was with the album “For the Revolution”, everyone should check it out asap. there’s so much to say about this band, don’t know where to begin. As a singer in death metal, I get most my influences from Kalmah’s vocalist.

    Band 3: In Vain

    now this band, completely took my breath away with their new release
    “Ænigma”. I’ve never honestly heard a better Progressive Death/Black
    Metal band then these guys. Hailing from Norway, they bring so much to the table, including a Saxophone on one the tracks. Now anytime you can bring a Sax into a death metal track, you know the album is going to be badass. Even though in Norway there really known, I think the world needs to hear them. if i can see these guys live just once, id die happy. They had a rocky start will their 1st few albums, but with this new release, Ænigma, they are for sure on the right path. I’m so anxious to see there next album release.

    Band 4: Shaded Enmity

    Hailing from Seattle, these guys blew me away with their 2011 release
    “Hijo Perdido”. its one of the top melodic death metal album on my
    list. Heading to work every morning i would listen to the entire album
    frequently. it offers so much including the song “Man at the edge of the
    World”, the lyrics are just intense and bring clarity at the same time. Unfortunately, I rarely find a American band that i love, but these guys are not a force to be messed with. They have a 2013 release that is def worth checking out named “Forsaken and Forgotten”. i believe these guys should be opening for national acts, i just hope they get their chance.

    Hope you enjoy these bands. Please give them a chance!


    1. Jeremy you are in luck. Despite your having a great submission we ran out but there was a cancellation, and since another responder won very recently and the other did not quite follow the premise to the letter you have won a ticket for Thursday’s show. Congratulations, the details are posted as a new comment from me on the post. This starts early as well.

  6. 1. Thulcandra- there just happens to be many Dissection “rip off bands” that have risen to fame, but none in my opinion happen to be as talented as Thulcandra. As a huge Dissection fan I can say that Thulcandra is not a rip off but has a unique twist and stick to there roots of Swedish blackened Death metal while remaining beautifully melodic. They emerged in 2003 and unfortunately having to take a hiatus after the guitarist suicide. They then re-emerged in 2008 and have been playing since.

    2. Inquisition- They also just so happen to be one of my favorite bands. Come on they are a black/thrash metal duo, who can sound as great with only two members. Dagon’s black metal styles vocals mixed with high speed rifts and blast beats. In my opinion there cleanest and best album is Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm; I would definitely suggest Desolate funeral chant to a Inquisition new comer! They have been around since 1988 after a few changes here and there they now remain stable as a two member band playing many shows and even recording a new album.

    3- Xanthochroid- a black metal band with Folk influence from California who just so happens to have covered a Wintersun song perfectly! They are inspired by such great bands as Emperor, Moonsorrow and Wintersun, which is obvious the music is powerful and beautifully composed. They were a local band in California who rose to fame covering The Land of Snow and Sorrow, they are currently working on their new album.

    4. The Faceless- An amazing technical Death Band, from California. They have a clean sound with Harsh vocals, the rifts are amazing! After the first album they began touring with many bands and even played the Summer Slaughter Tour with Cannibal Corpse. They released Autotheism, which I’m my opinion is one of the best albums released in 2012 and headlined a show in Poughkeepsie!

    1. Great stuff Valentina. Congrats as you have won a ticket for the Wintersun show on Thursday.
      Stay tuned to the comments for the details on how to claim this at the

  7. Band 1: Katatonia. This one is going to be short and sweet. In a nutshell, everyone that I have met that has disliked this band has hated them for one reason– they never took the time to listen to more than one album. The thing with Katatonia is, no two albums sound even remotely similar, which gives them the advantage because they can appeal to so many different types of people.

    Band 2: Agathodaimon. They’re not widely known, and maybe that’s a good thing. This is a German gothic/ black metal band, but you can’t judge them simply on the fact that they’re labeled with a genre. The music and the lyrics are all very intellectual, several of their songs are written in Old English. For example, they had actually used a poem by the classic Romanian poet, Eminescu, as lyrical inspiration, and composed the music FOR the poem. Pretty creative, if you ask me…

    Band 3: Sailors With Wax Wings. This is [literally] a supergroup derived from several very well known doom bands. Some of the members are from bands such as Katatonia, My Dying Bride, and Swans. Nothing can get better than some of the best doom musicians coming together to compose an album…

    Band 4: Darkspace. This is one of THE most unique black metal bands I have ever heard. The name says it all. Their entire discography is dedicated to Space and Time. Rather than evoking emotion from the lyrics and titles, they choose to rely solely on the music– their tracks don’t even have actual titles, they’re just numbered. Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for something new and interesting…

    1. Great stuff Jenn. Congrats as you have won a ticket for the Wintersun show on Thursday. Stay tuned to the comments for the details on how to claim this at the show.

        1. That is a bummer, well, then just watch for our upcoming contests and thanks for letting me know instead of letting the ticket go to waste.

  8. Wow and holy mackerel were those some great responses. This contest has officially closed and congratulations to our four winners. On the night of the show please show identification to the box office and ask for the Livenation list. Should you encounter any difficulty, please politely ask for an onsite manager and reference how this contest was done in conjunction with Livenation Marketing and PiercingMetal; I’ll be running around as well to enjoy all the bands and this is going to be a fantastic night. Tickets are still available for those interested who did not win.

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