Win To See Veil Of Maya In NYC On 12/7/2013

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The Details: Veil Of Maya is an exciting American Deathcore band that hails from Chicago, Illinois and in celebration of their recently released “Eclipse” album on Sumerian Records, they are bringing a tour to venues near you. They’re being joined by Fxzero, Here Comes The Kraken, Northlane, Structures and Vidhjarta and thanks to the fine folks at Livenation, shall be putting in a few lucky fans to this show when it hits the Gramercy Theatre.

When and Where: Saturday, December 7th At Gramercy Theatre – 6pm (127 East 23rd St. NYC)

To Participate: Since we just ended the Thanksgiving Holiday, I am going to keep this on the simple side. Give me three reasons why this show interests you the most and I will be picking out from the responses. Be sure to number them properly line for line even if you have a longer answer for each one. It lets me focus and remember you must put three. You must enter your real full name and a working email address for confirmation and details about the contest if you win. Please note that guest and anonymous submissions while approved will not count for a win. I’ll be answering the comments directly with one of my own telling people who have won as we select them so keep your eyes on it so you don’t miss out. Go get ‘em.

Restrictions: All contests are open to our regional site readers, Facebook Page likers and Twitter Followers but if you have won anything in one of our November contests you are no eligible for this one.

Official Links:

Veil Of Maya:
Here Comes The Kraken:

I’ve embedded a number of the releases by Veil Of Maya and the support acts for your Metal scrutiny. Should you need any for your collection just add them to it via these links. That is what they are there for after all.

19 thoughts on “Win To See Veil Of Maya In NYC On 12/7/2013”

  1. I just noticed I didnt # them because I was too excited that I didnt read the full directions haha so here it is!

    1. First I’d like to say that I literally love every single band on this tour! Ive seen Veil of Maya many times and they are just so great!

    2.Second, this is Northlane’s, Here Comes The Kraken, and Vildhjarta’s FIRST U.S. tour. You have no idea how long ive been waiting for them to come and now that they are, I NEED to go see them.

    3. Structures, last time they came , I missed their set because I had to work late. I was super bummed out. so this would also be my first time seeing them.

  2. Here’s my entry!

    1)For the longest, I’ve been a musician who’s felt uninspired by what comes through the local scene. But I’ve never been to a big show before(one with many touring acts where the tickets were above the normal 10-13 dollars I usually pay for local acts.) I’ve listened to these bands before and I’ve never been able to see how a major touring band translates their emotions into their live performance. What do they have out of their stage presence that I could use in my music/stage presence to hopefully get me on that level?

    2)My friend is filling in on bass for Structures, and I’ve been amazed at their guitar work for almost a year now, and I’d love to get a picture of him playing with that band. I’m a photographer who’s worked with Tom(the fill in)’s actual band for almost a year now, and I’d love to get the chance to capture his moment in the spotlight.

    3)I’ve never been to a large venue before either! I’ve seen many people photograph these major shows, and I’ve sadly missed out on a lot. Hopefully, if I were to win this contest, I could get the chance to show the big bands what I have to offer as a photographer/filmmaker.

    Thank you for this opportunity, and I hope I win!

  3. Alright so here is my entry!
    1) Veil of Maya has been a MAJOR influence on me for quite some time now. Ive been lucky enough to see them once in 2012 and finally they are back on a  headlining tour! This would be an amazing opportunity for me to get another chance to see one of my favorite bands and inspirations.
    2) I have also been a big fan of Vildhjarta and Northlane for quite some time now but never had a chance to see them since they had yet to tour the U.S.  Now not only are both these bands touring the U.S but they are touring along with a bunch of my favorite bands! This lineup is truly PERFECT.
    3) I have missed out on many shows this year due to money being tight but having the opportunity to see this once in a lifetime tour would be a dream come true for me and an amazing way to round out the year! 
    -Joshua Hernandez

  4. @ericka astudillo Congratulations Ericka you have won a ticket to our Veil Of Maya contest, please stay tuned to the comments for the full details on how you claim this at the show.

  5. @Marquis Green Congratulations Marquis you have won a ticket to our Veil Of Maya contest, please stay tuned to the comments for the full details on how you claim this at the show.

  6. JoshuaHernandez Hey Joshua thanks for the submission and hey you know what, congratulations on winning a ticket to see Veil Of Maya this Saturday.  Please watch the comments for the full details from me about how you claim it.

  7. Hey Ken! I’m so excited about this!
    -My cousin told me I should really check out Veil of Maya because they’re really good. And I’ve also really wanted to see Here Comes the Kraken for more personal reasons, so I’ve wanted go to this show pretty bad.
    -Also i would just really appreciate seeing this show, and i think the artists would really appreciate me being there cause I’ll be getting my mosh on so hard! I’d really like to come out and support all of these guys.
    -I’ve also just been wanting to go to a heavy show lately since I haven’t been to one in a long while! But lately i haven’t been able to really afford it after buying Christmas gifts for my loved ones haha.

    Thanks man. – Raul

    1. Hey Raul, you are going to see this concert for free then so congratulations on winning one of our tickets for Veil Of Maya on Saturday. Please stay tuned to the comments for the full details from me on how you claim it.

  8. Here My Entry.

    #1. I’m a HUGE Veil of Maya and Northlane fan. I have all their albums on my phone and have supported these bands for the past year.

    #2. This is Northlanes FIRST American tour and I’ve been waiting for them to come to America since I heard their first album.

    #3. I’ve never seen Structures live they are another amazing band. I got to their last tour late and missed their set sadly.

    Thank you. Hopefully I win!

    1. Hey Joshua, you also have won a ticket to see VOM and the rest on Saturday so congratulations and please stay tuned for the full details on this which will appear as a comment from me on the post.

  9. 1. I’m a huge fan of veil of maya, I’ve never seen them live.

    2. I have really been dying to go to shows just haven’t had the time, but if I get the ticket it will be my 1st show!

    3. it was my bday a few days ago so this can be an awesome way to celebrate

    1. Wow Diana, considering it was just your birthday and that you have never seen a live show we have to say congratulations on winning our very last available ticket for the Veil Of Maya show. Please stay tuned to the comments for the full on details on how you claim it. Happy Birthday.

  10. PiercingMetal’s contest for the Veil Of Maya show is now officially closed so please no more entries. Congratulations to all our winners who we replied to up above. On the night of the show, go to the venue box office and ask for the Livenation list. There might be a PiercingMetal reference there as well. Present your ID to receive your ticket. Should you encounter any difficulty please politely ask for a venue manager and cite how this contest was done in conjunction with Livenation Marketing and the PiercingMetal site.

    Have a good time and remember that this show starts early based on the number of bands. Since I am not attending I look forward to hearing about it on our official Facebook page.

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