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The Details: Max Cavalera has been a leading force for Metal music for many years with his earliest contributions in Sepultura to when he left the band and started Soulfly in 1997. The band was a fast favorite among his legacy fans and his concerts bring out the wild beast in Metal heads around the globe. That makes me excited to announce that thanks to the fine folks in B.B. King Blues Club marketing we shall be putting in a few lucky PiercingMetal supporters. The band will be joined by Havok and even get some local support from What The Hell and SunLord. You know you don’t want to miss a minute of this one so read on further for directions.

When and Where: Wednesday October 16th at B.B. King Blues Club (237 West 42nd St. NYC)

To Participate: I think that this should be considered a little easier than some of my other recent contests have been so enjoy it since I am going to get you with the next one bwah ha ha ha. Since Max Cavalera has been a member of Sepultura, Cavalera Conspiracy and of course Soulfly among other groups, I want to know three reasons why he is so important to your own Metal interests. Please make them good because submitting “because he is awesome” just does not cut the mustard with me. Then give me your absolute favorite tune the he ever did. Entrants should be sure to type their full real name in the comment form along with an email address for us to reach you if necessary. I will be replying to the best ones directly so it might be a good idea to subscribe to the comments so you know. Also, please only enter once. The comments are always moderated and will not appear immediately after being submitted. Go get ‘em.

Restrictions: While all contests are open to our regional site readers, Facebook Page likers and Twitter Followers we do look at new responders first in order to give everyone a fair shot at enjoying a show on the provider and us. Of course we still encourage all to participate because you never know just how many tickets we are offering and when that last person might have won. Please note that Guest and Anonymous comments while approved are NOT eligible to win the contest. Lastly, those who won our Deicide or Watain contest are not eligible. Too soon to win again.

Official Links:

There are a lot of Soulfly albums to enjoy since the band has had a very active career since their formation and now the band sits firmly with our friends at Nuclear Blast USA. I dug around the site to offer up links to a large body of their work so you can complete the collection if need be.

26 thoughts on “Win To See Soulfly In NYC On 10/16/2013”

  1. Max Cavalera is the founder of one of the most influential thrash metal bands, namely Sepultura. His whole family in into metal, so he is a good father as well. Finally he wrote some great political lyrics on Chaos A.D. My favorite tune: Refuse/Resist!

    1. You got that shit right Emil so congratulations on winning a ticket for Soulfly on 10/16 over at B.B. King’s. Please watch the comments for one from me that lines out the details on how you claim it that night.

  2. Max Cavalera to me is one of the greatest metal guitarist out there and a big influence on the music I play, the man is full of amazing riffs whether it was in Sepultura, Soulfly, or CC. He shows how having multiple bands (whether it be Soulfly or CC now) he can definitely keep his dedication with each band rather than just mixing both together (which is something I’m actually hoping to do if I ever become a big musician). And the man has been out for so long doing his thing making it big in his life and even having his own son in the band which is something amazing to do with your family. As for favorite tunes, it’s a three way tie, couldn’t really decide between Frontlines, Blood Fire War Hate, and Refuse/Resist!

    1. Well if you think he is the greatest Metal guitarist and he keeps influencing your own playing everyday you need to be at this show so congratulations Sergio because you win a ticket for Soulfly on 10/16 at B.B. King’s. Stay tuned to the comments for one from me that lines out the details on how you claim it that night.

      1. Awesome!! Thank you so much for the opportunity Ken, I appreciate it! And definitely, I’ll keep a look out on how I’ll be able to claim the ticket.

  3. – Founded Sepultura (Mandatory on the list, perhaps everyone’s favorite)
    – Great frontman. I have seen him with CC and Soulfly in the past, and the power he has to move a crowd is incredible.
    – Having your son drum for your band while on tour… that’s pretty F’N bad ass! Dad of the year award! haha.

    1. Good shtuff Chris so congrats as you have won a ticket to see Soulfly on 10/16. Please watch the comments for one from me that lines out the details on how you claim it that night.

  4. Max and Sepultura were the first metal artist from abroad I got turned on to, paving the way for me to explore the extreme music of other countries and regions like Norway, Poland, Sweden etc.
    Max has a unique voice and passion you don’t hear in other extreme music vocalists that makes you want to keep listening.
    Max can put out an album each year, whether it be with Soulfly or CC because he is always exploring, sometimes even if it means traveling to other countries like Serbia, new sounds and ideas to keep his brand of metal fresh and it doesn’t get old.

    If I had to pick one favorite tune… wow… I’ll go with one no one will probably pick “Show Me The Wraaaaaaaaath” from Morbid Visions !..! Hope you like, Ken!!

    Brandon Lee Meyer
    [email protected]

  5. I like MAx because he has changed musical styles so he hasn’t gotten stale. He also has mixed traditional music with metal which introduces people (INCLUDING ME) to different types of music. MAx (and the rest of SOulfly) also pump up the crowd. I always ache the next day after a SOulfly show. Aching after a show is a GOOD sign that the show kicked ass. My fave song is REfuse/Resist.

    1. Well then Lisa you will need to see this show so congrats on winning one of our tickets. Please stay tuned to the comments for one from me that outlines what you need to do to claim it.

        1. HI. The show is tomorrow but I do not see any instructions here on how to claim the tickets. How do winners claim the ticket? Thanks

  6. Ken I’m doing this through my twitter (which follows you) that doesn’t use my real name. It’s Jonathan Armak.

    1- Only metal band my girlfriend loves and will go and see with me. Seriously every time they come around she’s the first to find out. Hell we even spent our 5 year anniversary at a Soulfly show in Amittyville NY last year. Soulfly keeps my relation together, pretty good reason. Soulfly is our music bond, and I can never thank Max enough for that. We’re playing Doom at our wedding just watch.

    2-Best live metal show ever. Since even the Sepultura days this guy fucking brings it. Soulfly shows when they do the interlude, bring a fan on stage, and jam out, that’s so unique live. The chants of “Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole, Soulfly, Soulfly” are a live energy no other band brings, and Max is the guy that makes that happen.
    3-He gets better with every single release. How often in metal is a band out for years, and with every new album comes more and more dissopointment? Not with Cavelera. Every SOulfly album since Dark Ages has gotten heavier, darker, and all around better. On the side he did two solid solid Cavelera Conspiracy albums that are among the heaviest of the decade. I mean he just puts out good music with every release, and in my opinion a stronger album every time. His vocals have gotten lower and meaner, and the spirit of the band reflects right to my soul.
    My absolute favorite Cavelera song of all time is Treachary off of Enslaved. Simply one of the heaviest songs on the market. Makes me want to murder people.

    1. Jonathan you have convinced me. You need a ticket to this show and you shall go on us. Please stay tuned to the comments where I will outline what you need to do on the night of the show to get in.

        1. Single tickets only Jonathan to avoid wasted stuff. It’s why I encourage all to enter. Think of it as Metal Lotto, “you gotta be in it to win it” 🙂

  7. 1) Formed legendary Sepultura that helped put Brazil on the map in the world of metal.

    2) Having Max before, he is always a musician who cares about his fans. He is very easy to approach and is always willing to sign things and take pictures.

    3) I may not like every single release Max has did, but he always plays with heart and passion.

    Favorite tune: Slaves of Pain

    1. These three things ring of truth and with that said congratulations William as you have won a ticket to see Soulfly on 10/16. Please stay tuned to the comments for one from me that outlines the details on how you claim it.

  8. I’m not good at expressing stuff but I first heard of Max cause of Sepultura and i was blown away buy his voice and music. It was amazing same with Soulfly! What I love bout him is that he can make such good different types of music with his different bands. It can be very diverse from his work in Sepultura, Soufly, Cavalera Conspiracy and so on. It amazes me how talented he his with his bands. Reason number 2 is his live performance, I unfortunately have never seen him perform live, only through youtube. His live performance is great i’m always pumped up and ready to tear shit up when i’m on my computer I can’t help but to headbang so much!! I wanna experience first hand how it is in person live. Reason 3 is that how emotionally I connect with some of the songs when I’m pissed off I listen to some of his music and it helps me release the anger in me in a positive way. It helps me cope and deal with issues in my life. When i hear the song “Jumpdafuckup” I just go nuts and when I’m angry that is one of the songs I listen to….. but yea these are why I think Max Cavalera is awesome!! Oh and my favorite Soulfly tune is “Jumpdafuckup” like i said before that song alone like how its amazing how that song can get me so pumped up. I just get this surge of energy from that son to just break free and loose.. something I can’t really explain but feel….. But yeah this is my entry I guess and I hope I get it, even though I’m kinda late on this and this is my email [email protected] (just incase).

    1. I would say you are pretty damned good at expressing yourself and congrats because you have won a ticket to see Soulfly in concert on 10/16 with the rest of my awesome PiercingMetal supporters. Please stay tuned to the comments for one from me that outlines the full details.

  9. He definitely put us on the map and showed the world how Brazilians fuck shit up! Also, the dudes a machine, always keeping himself busy with CC, Soulfly, and now the side project with Greg from DEP and Troy from Mastodon. Not a lot of metal musicians venture around different styles like Max does and make it work, which is pretty damn cool. Lastly, his riffs are sick and he doesn’t seem to be running out of ideas anytime soon, which is a great thing for metal. My favorite song would have to be Dead Embryonic Cells. Fucking classic.

    -Leonardo Cassins

    1. You got that right Leonardo, he is the force to be reckoned with when it comes to Brazilian Metal and you have won a ticket to see this in person on Wednesday 10/16. Please stay tuned to the comments section for one from me that outlines the details.

  10. This Soulfly contest is closed so please no more entry submissions. Congratulations to all of our winners who were each addressed below their entry. On the night of the show, go to the venue podium and ask for the House List. Your name will be checked off after providing ID. With BB Kings you will not receive a ticket and instead just gain entry. Should you encounter any difficulty, please politely ask for a venue manager and cite how this contest was done in conjunction with their marketing team. Now I am not attending this show so I expect you all to have a blast of a time in my absence. Thanks for supporting PiercingMetal, keep on sharing our Facebook and Twitter and keep that Metal blood pumping m/

  11. Max Cavalera easily navigated through different genres of metal such as death metal, thrash metal, hardcore metal. His family is a powerhouse in metal. He is the first Brazilian metal-head I heard of. Rest in Pain!

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