Win To See Phil Anselmo & The Illegals In NYC On 8/16/2013

Poster - Ansemlo at Gramercy - 2013

The Details: Every card carrying Metal head knows full well the name of Phil Anselmo and his many musical accomplishments. What? You don’t know who I’m talking about? Well, I think you best get out of the way because this is serious Metal business I am discussing here. Yep, Phil is a legendary name who we all first heard of in Pantera, and then enjoyed in both Superjoint Ritual and Down but now he is striking out on his own and has just released “Walk Through Exits Only”, his debut solo album. Much like Phil himself, the release is an assault on the musical psyche and that is what makes it cool to have this contest that came courtesy of our awesome friends at Livenation. Read further on to see how to participate.

When and Where: Friday, August 16th at Gramercy Theatre (127 East 23rd Street NYC)

To Participate: Get those thinking caps on my legions. To participate tell me three things that you like about Phil Anselmo as a performer and what his music has done to you. Feel free to use a number of his different groups if you like. I’ll stress that you give me something good to read because a quick one or three word submission is kind of lame, and we need to go big for someone like Phil. Remember to enter your full real name and an email address in the comment form (but not the comment itself) so we can reach you if you win. It also never hurts to subscribe to the comments for the duration of the contest.

Restrictions: While all contests are open to our regional site readers, we do look at new responders first in order to give everyone a fair shot at enjoying a show on the provider and us. We still encourage all to respond because you never know just how many tickets we are offering but this time around the winners of our Summer Slaughter or Wintersun contests are not eligible. Sorry, it’s too soon to win again. Please also be aware that Guest and Anonymous submissions while likely approved are not eligible to win.

Official Links:
Phil Anselmo:

Phil’s solo album was only recently released but in addition to this he has a split EP and some new and still fresh Down stuff so I just made your life easier and added links to the lot of them.

7 thoughts on “Win To See Phil Anselmo & The Illegals In NYC On 8/16/2013”

  1. Phil Anselmo is certainly a polarizing figure in the metal world. I think one thing everyone can agree with is he is truly a fan of metal and has never stopped. I ran into him at this year’s Maryland Deathfest and he was literally just going to different booths and buying merch. Pantera was one of the first bands I started listening to when I was growing up, and Phil is a one of a kind frontman. Remember when Down played Best Buy in 2011 and Phil got his head busted open? He continued to play the entire set, and the show was amazing. Bottom line Phil rules.

    1. Polarizing or did you say “pulverizing” Daniel? Whatever the case I have to agree with you and since you did put in three thoughts to the submission as we requested, you have won a ticket for the show on Friday. Stay tuned to the comments for full details on how to claim your ticket.

  2. 1.Phils vocals are always monsterous
    2. Phil and pantera showed us all how to really groove
    3. One monster of a frontman with any group

    1. Imposing for sure. Congrats Max you have won a ticket for the show on Friday, so please stay tuned to the comments for the details on how you claim it that night.

  3. What do I like about Phil Anselmo?

    1. When your working out, any Pantera is best to listen to get your best workout
    2. When you are pissed off the first Superjoint Ritual album is what you need to listen to to get your aggression out
    3. Any Pantera, Down, or Superjoint show I’ve been to I’ve left with a concussion
    4. His appearance on the Opie and Anthony show from Ozzfest 2002 is hysterical.

    I could go on and on…….

    1. My oh my that is some intense stuff that Mr. Anselmo does to you Swinus so I am going to hope that you have my back at this show when it all goes down because you have also won a ticket for the appearance on Friday. Stay tuned to the comments for the details on how to claim this at this show.

  4. This contest is closed please do not submit any more answers, congratulations to our winners. On the night of the show go to the venue box office and ask for the Livenation list, your ticket will be given to you upon presentation of proper identification. Should you encounter any difficulty, politely ask for an onsite manager and reference how this giveaway was done in cooperation with Livenation Marketing and; I’ll be at the show as well so if you see me feel free to say hello.

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