Win To See Nazareth In NYC In NYC On 6/25/2013

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The Details: The guys in Nazareth have been delivering quality Classic Rock for 45 years and while the term “Classic” was not associated with them back in their original heyday It’s clear to all their fans that they still have the right stuff. Formed in 1968, the band still finds its original singer Dan McCafferty and bassist Pete Agnew at the helm along with members who have been a part of the group since the mid-nineties. They’ll be bringing an exciting set to NYC with the help of support act The Artimus Pyle Band, and yes that is Artimus Pyle from Lynyrd Skynrd. Thanks to the fine folks at B.B. King Blues Club, I’ll be putting some PiercingMetal readers into the show. Read on further down the post for how to participate in this one.

When and Where: Tuesday June 25th at B.B. King Blues Club @ 8pm (237 West 42nd Street, NYC)

To Participate: The enjoyment of such a classic band makes me want to spread the musical love a little easier this time around so I will keep it simple and ask what makes you want to see this show most of all. Just let me know your answer and I will be picking from the responses and adding my own comment directly under theirs. Be sure to enter your full real name in the comment form along with an email address so we can reach you if need be. It also never hurts to subscribe to the comments for the duration of the contest for good measure.

Restrictions: While all contests are open to our regional site readers, we do look at new responders first in order to give everyone a fair shot at enjoying a show on the provider and us. Of course we still encourage all to respond because you never know just how many tickets we are offering. Please note that Guest and Anonymous comments while approved are NOT eligible to win the contest.

Official Links:
Artimus Pyle Band:

Nazareth has a lot of great Rock and Roll on the shelves for your consumption, and here are some links to good choices to expand your hopefully always growing music library.

Here’s one of the bands biggest tunes of them all. Not sure why I enjoyed this video so much :p

7 thoughts on “Win To See Nazareth In NYC In NYC On 6/25/2013”

  1. A classic rock band from the late sixties that never gave up and never made it as big as they would’ve deserved. Mostly known for covering “Love Hurts”. I’m looking forward to hear their original compositions for the first time live on their 45-th anniversary. One would have to be out of their mind to miss such an opportunity.

    1. Congratulations Stefan, you have won a ticket to the show on Tuesday; Please stay tuned for the full details on how to claim this prize.

  2. Nazareth are indeed one of the best rock bands to ever come out of Scotland. Although they are known for “Love Hurts” & “Hair Of The Dog” (mainly thanks to G N’ R cover), there are tons of gems to be found particularly on their first 3-4 releases. Their 1971 self-titled debut is one of the greatest debuts of all time! An absolute classic…no duds found on that one. I’m looking forward to seeing McCafferty, Agnew & co tuesday night.

    1. Congratulations Philip, you have won a ticket to the show on Tuesday; Please stay tuned for the full details on how to claim this prize.

  3. Nazareth was one of the first concerts I saw.
    Back in 1981. They were great.
    Would Love to see them again.
    Have been going to BB Kings for 10 years now.
    Always a good time there.
    This will be worth seeing. For sure

    1. Congratulations Bill, you have won a ticket to the show on Tuesday; Please stay tuned for the full details on how to claim this prize.

  4. This contest is closed so no more entries please. Congratulations to all of our three winners because you shall be seeing the show on the venue and; On the night of the show, please go to the podium downstairs and ask for the House List. Your name should be there and you will be let in. Should you encounter any difficulty, please politely ask for an onsite manager and reference that this giveaway was done in cooperation with their marketing team so they may straighten it out. Enjoy the show.

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