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The Details: Morbid Angel is one of the defining forces of Death Metal music and while initially delivering more of a Thrash Metal sound, by the time their debut album “Altars Of Madness” was delivered in 1989, it was all about crushing their fans with a more sinister frame of mind. Their third album was called “Covenant” and it celebrated its 20th year this past June and in honor of this milestone the guys are doing a tour and playing this release in its entirety. They’ll be enhancing the appeal by offering up some other morbid classics for sure and our regional show will find support from four talented local groups. Thanks to the fine folks at Livenation, PiercingMetal is also raising a glass in the bands honor by hosting this contest that will put some of our lucky fans into the room. Read more below.

When and Where: Tuesday, November 12th at Irving Plaza (17 Irving Place, NYC)

To Participate: Considering that Morbid Angel will be doing the “Covenant” album in full, I figured I would ask a combination of things of our interested parties. All you need to do is tell me three things that are most important to you about Morbid Angel as a purveyor of crushing Death Metal or three things about “Covenant” that defined your Metal life. I’ll allow you to mix up the two items if you like, but do please give me three and number them for clarity. I’ll be responding to the winning comments directly so please be sure to enter your full real name and a working email address in the comment form but not in the comment itself for privacy concerns. Of course if you enter a comment with a Twitter handle then put your name in the comment so we have it. We do need this for list purposes after all. I always suggest subscribing to the comments as well. Go get ‘em and maybe we will bring glorious Death Metal a proper honor together at this show. Oh yes, and please only enter once. All comments are moderated and duplicates deleted.

Restrictions: While all contests are open to our regional site readers, Facebook Page likers and Twitter Followers we do look at new responders first in order to give everyone a fair shot at enjoying a show on the provider and us. I do still encourage all to participate because you never know just how many tickets we are offering and when that last person might have won. The main restriction for this one is if you had won any of the contests over the last three weeks or so you are not eligible for this one (that means The Misfits, Arkona, Dying Fetus, Finntroll, Rik Emmett, Cherie Currie and In This Moment). Please note that Guest and Anonymous comments while approved are NOT eligible to win the contest either since we do need to know who you are.

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To say that the music of Morbid Angel is a requirement in any self-respecting Death Metal fans music library is an understatement. Here are some solid choices from their catalog.

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  1. 1.Covenant has always been a go to Morbid Angel album for me, it always gets regular play on long drives or train rides. 2.When I was younger it was the first Morbid Angel album I heard since I loved the artwork.3.It took the previous stylings on Altars and Blessed and took the next logical musical step

  2. Morbid Angel has definitely been receiving a lot of backlash as of late, though they will always be one of the most influential death metal bands of all time for a few important reasons personally.

    1. The diversity: When it comes to Morbid Angel, every album they’ve released has varied and pushed the limits of extreme metal. Especially with certain albums like “Covenant” and “Gateways to Annihilation,” Morbid Angel has shown that death metal doesn’t always have to be fast. With other releases such as FFTTF, MA have shown plenty of experimentation that makes the music even more menacing. With a catalog so diverse, it’s no wonder MA are considered one of the pioneers of one of the most extreme genres.

    2. First Impressions: “God of Emptiness” was the first death metal video I ever watched in my entire life. From that night that I was sitting around watching headbangers ball, I was an instant death metal fan. If it wasn’t for that video, I don’t even know if I’d be a true death metal fan right now.

    3. Legacy: Not many bands, especially in death metal, have survived as long as MA has. Sure, their latest album wasn’t well received, but the rest of their tunes will forever hold a spot in the hearts of oldschool death metal fans and for the death metal fans to come. The band will continue to be one of the top purveyors of death metal!

  3. I was admittedly late to the Morbid Angel fanclub. They were one of those bands that I just didn’t “get” as a kid. I even recall seeing them at NJ Metal and Hardcore festival in like 2003 and falling asleep during their set (but that surely was helped by being up all night drinking). As I grew older, they clicked. 1st was Altars, which I woke up one day and realized was a freaking masterpiece. Then the rest of their discography followed.
    1. Besides the newest album, MA has been consistent in the quality they have offered on each album. There are no songs you skip when listening to their albums, and in most cases I will almost certainly spin an entire album at once, never just a few songs.
    2. They push boundaries. Each album has offered something that made most fans go “woah!” when they heard it. Be it the technical solos, catchy riffs, and at times melodic mayhem they’ve come up with, you can never ever say MA is boring or unoriginal.
    3. David Vincent…what can you say about this guy. He’s been one of the most influential/controversial members of any death metal band minus maybe Glen Benton. Right now he is sporting the Nikki Sixx worship for some odd reason. I really think he just likes to push everyone’s buttons to cause controversy. But what can you say, he’s one of the most talented out there!

  4. 1. Covenant is actually one of my favorite albums ever right next to Altars of Madness. I remember being like 12 years old and having my older sister buy me the cassette tape.
    2. I think Morbid Angel sets themselves apart in the way that every CD brings something new to the table. The sound definitely changes up but the brutality factor is always there.
    3. For me personally Morbid Angel opened a lot of doors to other bands I started listening to after discovering their lovely existence. I was in a band when I was 14 and I remember one of our biggest influences was Morbid Angel. We just wanted to melt faces like they did with their sound.

  5. Morbid Angel that name brings up memories of my infancy in my heavy metal journey; borrowing all the “evil” covers in Tower Records after school. Finally getting enough balls I bought Domination and Convent.
    1) After hearing these two records I was a fan for life even with their line up changes and odd musically chooses they are my favorite death metal band. They blended the brutality and the melodies the best of any death metal band in my opinion.
    2) Morbid angel’s Convent holds a special place in my heart because it was: evil, fast, dirty, mean, and was not over the top just right amount of those elements
    3) Morbid angel live seeing them opening for Pantera in a giant arena or seeing them at bbkings they always crushes live and have never disappointed me

    Extreme music for Extreme people

  6. 1. Morbid Angel was the gateway to me for death metal! I was never a fan of the genre till my junior year of high school where a friend of mine showed me them and instantly I was hooked!
    2. Covenant is my favorite album of there’s. I remember going on Wikipedia to check out their albums and listening to the record, I was blown away! Definitely one of my favorite death metal albums.
    3. Whether it be the guitars or drums, I’m always jamming to their songs from Covenant or Altars of Madness trying to get some inspiration to make some of my own music.

  7. Wow gang these are some great submissions and since we only had six slots to dole out, and since I will not be around to moderate comments this weekend I am making each and every one of you a winner of a Morbid Angel ticket. So congratulations to Max Bruce, Adam Carrella, Pete Morano, Rosalia Lucero, Jonah Holman and Sergio Hernandez.

    To the potential comments, please save your time this is closed. To claim your ticket, please go to the venue box office on the night of the show with ID and ask for the Livenation list. There might be a PiercingMetal reference as well. If you encounter issues, politely ask for a venue manager and cite how this contest was done in conjunction with Livenation Marketing and the site. Let’s bring this place to life on Tuesday!

  8. 1. “God of Emptiness” was the song that got me into this album, listened to it at a friend’s house and the lyrics got stuck in my head immediately.. “Let the children to me….”

    2. Very straight forward album, with the songs being short, and very aggresive riffs.

    3. David Vincent really out did himself with the sound of his vocals and those crazy throat attacks.

  9. 1. Morbid Angel were the first death metal band I ever listened to. I remember being around 14 when my friend slipped me a copy of “Domination.” I had never heard anything like it before, and the songs, especially “Where The Slime Live,” absolutely destroyed me.

    2. The third album is considered one of the most important in the career of a metal band. Metallica had “Master of Puppets” and Slayer had “Reign in Blood.” One can safely say that Morbid Angel did not disappoint with their third offering, which contains one of, if not, the band’s best song, “God of Emptiness.”

    3. Believe it or not, with how many times Morbid Angel has toured around here, I’ve only seen them once. They were great, but they did not play many, if any, tracks from “Covenant.” This is one record that was meant to be heard live.

  10. 1. I first discovered Morbid Angel’s video “God of Emptiness” when watching Beavis and Butt-Head (Whoa, was that a bear?). I bought Morbid Angel’s Covenant based on this when I had enough money, and have always held it in high regards.

    2. I’ve always felt that Morbid Angel’s Altar of Madness was defining moment in death metal. There have been other death metal albums before (Scream Bloody Gore, Seven Churches), but I think death metal before Altars of Madness was essentially thrash metal with harsh voices. Morbid Angel helped to give death metal’s identity.

    3. It will be nice to see them play the deeper cuts off of Covenant (Vengeance Is Mine, Lion’s Den).

    Bonus: Dave Vincent is a fan of ECW.

  11. Hey there Chris Intriago, Alex Silverberg and Daniel Belmonte, great submissions so congratulations on each of you winning a ticket to see Morbid Angel on Tuesday 11/12 at Irving Plaza. I think you all know the drill from the past contests posts, but if not your name will be on the Livenation list. Bring ID and politely ask for a manager if there is a problem so they can sort it out.

  12. Morbid Angel’s Covenant is one of my most influential albums of all time. I falled in love with it the first time i heard it when it came out. Also Morbid Angel was my first concert i ever attanded. in 1993 when i was 12 years old. i got to meet Richard Brunelle after the show at Roseland NYC , who took me backstage to meet the band. The y were opening for Motorhead and Balck Sabbath with Tony Martin. I remember David Vincent offering me a joint, but i was too young(didint smoke yet) and Trey stepped in and told him to leave me alone afterwards Ricjard Brunelle introduced me to Tony Iommi and Lemmy. I will never forget this. Half a year later i went to see em at Limight headlin but they didnt want to let me in cause i was too young but i saw Pete who remembered me and he i walked in with the band. For some of u who dont know this album was produce by Flemming Rasmussen who produce the first 4 METALLICA ALBUMS. i STILL CONSIDER cOVENT DEFINITLY THE BEST dEATH mETAL ALBUM OF ALL TIME AND DEFINITLY ONE OF THE BEST metal ALBUMS OF ALL TIME. Mobid Angel rulz!!! c ya tonite 😉

  13. 1. Morbid Angel is one of my favorite bands and got me into a lot of other bands I listen to today.

    2. I love the contrast and progress between my two favorite albums, Altar of Madness and Covenant. David Vincent is an amazing vocalist. The band has managed to change up their sound between all their albums but they never disappoint.

    3. It’s very influential that Morbid Angel has managed to stay one of the best bands out there for death metal no matter how many people argue they’re changing music. They remain one of my favorite.

  14. Hey Andrew and Denisse, each of you have won a ticket to see Morbid Angel this evening. The details are as follows: go to the box office of Irving Plaza and ask for the Livenation guest list. Your names will be there and if you have an issue just politely ask for a venue manager and cite how this was done in conjunction with their Marketing team and the PiercingMetal site.

  15. 1. I’ll admit it. Morbid did not open the door for death metal for me, but hell did they pave the road. They expanded my interest, appreciation, and the metal love of the music. They may have hit a “slight” bump with their last album but all their previous work definitely still picks up the slack on destroying faces.

    2. Covenant album is one of the few albums that I couldn’t finish listening to properly. Once The Lion’s Den intro caressed my ear I couldn’t help hitting repeat over and over like a addict. Just a simple tune that blows brain matter on your speakers…or headphones.

    3. The metal genre has been blessed to have Morbid enter the scene. They will continue to draw in metalheads of any age and we as fans will continue to support them as they shred our faces off on stage as the years go by.

  16. Hey Anthony, you also have won a ticket to see Morbid Angel this evening so congratulations. The details are lined out in a couple of my other comments to winners so read that to know what you do. This show will destroy!

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