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The Details: Katatonia is truly a band of experts when it comes to bringing intense levels of melancholy and atmosphere to their music and of course their live shows. I’ve caught them a number of times over the years and have been impressed each and every time. Their latest album is entitled “Dethroned and Uncrowned” and thankfully they will be hitting NYC hard with a show at Irving Plaza. They’ll be joined by Cult Of Luna, Tesseract and Intronaut so it’s clear that entertainment is high on the docket for this one. Now thanks to the awesome folks at Livenation, some lucky PiercingMetal fans will be seeing this show for absolutely free. Read more below on how this works.

When and Where: Tuesday September 24th @ Irving Plaza (17 Irving Place NYC)

To Participate: I’ve viewed what Katatonia does to the music psyche of their fans and well, I guess the best way to get you all involved is to ask you to tell me three reflections that you have about the band in concert, or from listening to their body of work or perhaps even if you chanced upon meeting the members and discussing the ponderings of Socrates. Give me something to run with and remember you have to put three. Putting two good ones does not help nor do one or two word replies. Sorry. I will be answering what I felt were the most compelling views and posting a comment right below their own. Remember to always put your real full name and an email address in the comment form so we can reach you for list purposes. Do NOT place this information in the comment itself and please only comment once. All of our comments are moderated and do not appear until approved.

Restrictions: While all contests are open to our regional site readers, we do look at new responders first in order to give everyone a fair shot at enjoying a show on the provider and us. Of course we still encourage all to respond because you never know just how many tickets we are offering. Please note that Guest and Anonymous comments while approved are NOT eligible to win the contest.

Official Links:
Cult Of Luna:

Katatonia has been releasing some sonically resonating albums over the last few years and here are some links to a few awesome recommendations.

11 thoughts on “Win To See Katatonia In NYC On 9/24/2013”

  1. I’ve wanted to see Intronaut for the longest time. Their new album Habitual Levitations is amazing. I love how spacey and cerebral this album makes me feel. When listening to it, I feel like I’m on another planet probably Nibiru smoking a ton of pot, Haha. Just like Intronanut, Cult of Luna was probably influenced by the band Meshuggah. These Swedish guys Cult of Luna, make my art work come alive when putting my paintbrush to the canvas. I made amazing intricate works of art just listening to them. Their album Vertikal 2 which is their newest album is coming out today and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. They have really awaken my true talent that’s been brewing inside me just like Tesseract, their groovy riffs make my mind boggle and grow wings. If I get the chance to meet Intronaut mainly, I would tell them about my drawings and paintings for sure. I would also ask them what other things such as dreams, movies, nature etc … inspire them to write the lyrics and topics they talk about. I haven’t had much experience listening to Katatonia in the last few years, but checking their newly released songs and they have a certain sound all of their own. I like the newer material much more then what I heard in the past form them.

    1. Wow now that is the kind of submission I like the most so congratulations Sharon you have won a ticket for the Katatonia show on Tuesday. Please watch the comments for one from me that lines out the official details on how to claim it at the show.

  2. 1. Katatonia has been one of my most influential bands. Through the years, even with their changing sound, they have kept the dark atmosphere yet beautiful melodic layers. Even when they were heavier, the atmosphere was still there, and it’s so important in the music I listen to. I love their darker albums, but even as they grow more progressive they just enrich the darkness. time I saw them in concert, and I had a chance to meet Jonas as he was walking through the crowd. I normally don’t get flustered meeting musicians, but since their music has been so influential, I got really shy and couldn’t say much. I did hug Jonas, sweat and all, and thanked him for writing the music he does. Sometimes it feels like it was written with my emotions in mind.
    3. They are one of the bands that I can connect with live, where especially certain songs, the room really fades away and I can escape into music I love. Some bands are good, but I can be easily distracted, but with Katatonia it isn’t the case.

    1. Congratulations Dark Embrace this was a great response and it gets you a ticket for the Katatonia show on Tuesday night. Your name didn’t show from the manner of comment submission (a DISQUS issue) so please be sure to email me at [email protected] with this and the subject line “Katatonia Contest Winner”. Thanks and stay tuned to comments for the full details.

  3. Well Katatonia by far has the biggest reflection on me out of these
    bands whom im unfamiliar with till now. Hailing from Sweden, Katatonia is hard to dislike, this country produces so many amazing doom / melodic / gothic-doom type metal bands. i first latched on to Katatonia with one of their earlier albums, Brave murder day, which is more of a death doom feel. even though short, this album has a essence about it. first off, the album puts me into a sort of trance with the album speaking of death in such a positive way, well murder also. after that album it was a up and down kind of slope with them till’ the great cold distance was released in 2006. this album took them to another level in my opinion. now even though they kind of went in a mainstream route, the lyrics and music are much more advanced then their 90’s releases. on the special edition release of this album there is a song named “code against the code” which by far sells me on this band. it talks about a set of rules against our societies set “rules”. not many bands that i
    know have achieved a theme such as this. it really speaks to me, since Ive
    always had a great interest in 1984 and Guy Fawkes type of literature, where is speaks basically of rebelling against order or the government. Ive listening to the other bands, and by far the opening band intronaut is the most interesting. I don’t know how they write these songs off their recent album, but very other worldly to me. Im looking forward to
    seeing what their about live.

    1. Great stuff Jeremy so congratulations you have won a ticket for the Katatonia show on Tuesday. Please stay tuned to the comments for the details from me on how you claim it at the show. This is going to be a good one.

  4. Katatonia have been a favorite of mine for years and years.
    They were a band I had been hearing about on message boards around
    2003 and always kept an eye out for at the local record stores. At
    some point I finally found a copy of Viva Emptiness and grabbed it.
    I loved how heavy and deep their sound could get without going the
    route of death metal vocals and blast beats. When I looked finally
    picked up some of their early material, I was pleasantly surprised
    that they also had some Doom/Death in them. They’re a band who
    continue to impress me with their evolving sound and it’s always
    exciting to see how they’re going to grow next.

    As a musician, I’ve been inspired by Katatonia’s unique
    approach to harmony, melody, rhythm, and song production. Their
    chord arrangements and way of splitting up guitar parts to
    compliment one another is wonderful. The percussion, especially the
    more recent 3 against 4 everywhere approach to drumming is sublime.
    The vocal layers can give you chills, and the production on every
    album has taught me something.

    The band is tight live! I’ve only had the chance to see them
    once before, but it was absolutely a treat. The energy was with the
    band, and the crowd was absolutely feeling it. The passion these
    guys have for performing is clear and they left a huge impact.
    Heavy, epic, dark, melodic; everything you’d expect and more from a
    band of this caliber.

    1. Really good stuff Michael so congratulations you have won a ticket to see Katatonia on Tuesday 9/24. Please stay tuned to the comments for one from me that lines out the details.

  5. Katatonia have been of of my favorite bands since i was turned onto them by a mutual friend . from their early material to their current releases . their music is sheer brilliance , from jonas renke’s haunting yet powerful vocals . to the superb songwriting and musicianship ! and they live experience is not to be missed !

    1. As a favorite band I have to say congratulations on winning a ticket for the Katatonia show on Tuesday. Please stay tuned to the comments for the details from me on how to claim it at the show.

  6. This contest has closed so no more entries congratulations to all our winners. On the night of the show go to the venue box office with proper identification and ask for the Livenation list (there might be a PiercingMetal reference) and you will get your ticket. Should you encounter any difficulty please politely ask for an onsite manager and reference that this contest was done in via Livenation Marketing and PiercingMetal; I’m not attending this one so hope everyone has a good time and let’s us know how it was on our Facebook. Have fun.

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