Win To See Kamelot In NYC On 9/6/2013

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The Details: What a long, strange trip it’s been for the mighty Kamelot over the last couple of years but if you have been paying proper attention, the band has been laying their brand of sonic assault on the Metal masses with a powerful new album in “Silverthorn” and their new vocalist Tommy Karevik has been winning over the assembled masses night after night. The tour will also feature Delain from the Netherlands and Eklipse so you know it’s going to be a fantastic night of music for all in attendance. That being said I am super excited to offer up this contest to my readers thanks to the fine folks at the Stage 48 venue. Read on to see how to participate.

When and Where: Friday, September 6th at Stage 48, 605 West 48th Street (off 11th Ave) – 6:30pm

To Participate: I’ve been writing about the musical adventures of Kamelot since PiercingMetal was only a few months old and with that being the case will attest to their overall importance in my artist archive. What I want from the interested parties for this giveaway is to tell me three reasons why Kamelot is so important to them musically. Keep it interesting and compelling because simply saying “they rock” or “they rule dude” will not impress me. I will be picking two lucky fans from the submissions and replying to their comment directly. Make sure you put your full real name in the comment form along with an email address to reach you if need be. We do not share this information of course and it never hurts to subscribe to the comments for the duration of the contest so you know if you win right away. By the way this show starts super early and you do not want to miss a note if you are attending. Go.

Restrictions: contests are open to all of our regional site readers but we do look at new responders first in order to give everyone a fair shot at enjoying a show on the provider and us. We still encourage all to respond because you never know just how many tickets are being offered or when the most recent folks actually won if there is no one new to choose from. Readers that won our recent Summer Slaughter, Wintersun, Phil Anselmo and Bret Michaels contests are not eligible. Sorry, it’s too soon to win again against those shows. Please also be aware that Guest and Anonymous submissions while likely approved are not eligible to win.

Official Links:

There is a lot of great music in the Kamelot series of releases and here are some of my own favorites along with some from the bands that are also on the bill.

7 thoughts on “Win To See Kamelot In NYC On 9/6/2013”

  1. First time I heard Kamelot was back in 2007, a friend let me borrow the album “Black Halo” .March of Maphisto was the song the made me fall in love with them. Roy’s voice was so perfectly fit in to every song. When I saw them live for the first time touring with Epica, that’s when my passion for them grew even more. I can say I enjoy their music because of their melodies, the voice always perfectly fit into every song, it is very intense listening to any of Kamelot’s album.

    1. You must have caught the tour right after the one I saw and I have to admit I became an immediate fan much like you did (just for a little longer time LOL). Congrats Maria as you have won a ticket to the show on Friday. Please stay tuned to the comments that will be shown as one new one from me on how you claim it on the day of the show.

    1. While I would have liked a little more from you I am so glad to find you on board with the band with the rest of us so say congratulations Joseph, you have won the remaining ticket for the show on Friday. Please stay tuned to the comments for the full details on how you claim it at the venue.

  2. I’ve closed this one quickly since we only had two tickets to allot and I’ve another contest to put online as well. Congratulations to our two winners, here is what you do. On the night of the show, go to the venue box office and ask for the house list. Present identification and your name will be checked off. If there are any issues, please politely ask for a venue manager on duty and cite that this contest was done in conjunction with venue marketing and the PiercingMetal site. I’ll be at the show as well so if you see me do feel free to say hello (but not if I am taking pictures please). Remember this show has a 6pm doors and will begin at 6:30 with the first opener. All bands are going to rock this city.

  3. 1. Youngblood is one of the greatest, most consistent songwriters of the last nearly twenty years.
    Has same huge influence as me; mr. Dave Murray

    2. Casey Grillo easily became one of my favorite drummers after first seeing them in ’05. Hard-hitting, flawless timing, and has really made a name for himself hosting clinics all over the world. ( First timers, keep an eye on him, he’s quite the showman ).

    3.Sean really is a great bassist. But I miss Glen.

    4. Don’t really know what to say about Khan. Absolutely love the guy. I thank him for many amazing albums tha I will listen to till I meet death.

    Tommy, what a breath of fresh air. Silver thorn, album of the year (next to Dark Roots of Earth).
    He’s brought Kamelot to an amazing new Chapter.

    5. Oliver does more for the band than people think. incredible musician.
    …and he’s having a baby with Simone. Bastard.

    6.My mom loves Kamelot.

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