Win To See Fight Or Flight In NYC On 8/3/2013

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The Details: Fans of the band Disturbed will surely be excited about the new project from its members Dan Donegan and Mike Wengren who have formed this new band Fight Or Flight while Draiman is on hiatus doing his thing with a project of his own called Device. The pair called upon the vocal talents of Evans Blue’s Dan Chandler and together they have just released the band’s debut “Life By Design”. It’s okay if the album seems a mystery to you because it just came out this past Tuesday. The newness of the project and their music makes me happy to announce that thanks to the Livenation powers that be, I shall be putting some interested PiercingMetal readers into the show for free. The band will be joined on the tour by Mindset Evolution who are also an exciting act so you know you don’t want to miss this one. Read on below for the means to enter our contest.

When and Where: Saturday, August 3rd at Gramercy Theatre (127 East 23rd St. NYC)

To Participate: Here’s an easy one for you. Simply tell me what interests you most about this new project and its membership roster and I will be picking from the responders and adding a reply to their submission if they win. Please be sure to enter your real full name and an email address in the comment form (but not the comment itself) in case we need to reach you. It also never hurts to subscribe to the comments for the duration of the contest so you are made aware straight away. Go get ‘em.

Restrictions: I usually cite how I am striving for those new winners to give all a fair chance at seeing something on the provider and PiercingMetal but this time the previous recent winners are more than welcome as we aim our sites at supporting some new interesting music. Of course the only aspect that has not changed is that Guest or Anonymous submissions will not be considered for winning.

Official Links:
Fight Or Flight –
Mindset Evolution –

As I mentioned, the band’s debut release has only just come out so you can order yourself a copy via one of these Codes below and even give a chance to some Mindset Evolution. Of course if you win you can most likely purchase it at the show and maybe even get it signed. Wouldn’t that be cool.

Here’s the band’s video for their “First Of The Last” song. Should give you an idea in store.

10 thoughts on “Win To See Fight Or Flight In NYC On 8/3/2013”

    1. Brief and to the point Jason, so congrats as you have won a ticket for the show on Saturday. Please stay tuned to comments for details on how to claim your ticket that night.

  1. Big fan of both disturbed and evans blue. Curious to see them live since I always considered dans voice to be more melodic and favoring the more power ballad rock tunes then hard rock like disturbed. Very excited can’t wait. Love first of the last.

    1. This is surely an interesting combination Alisa so congratulations, you will be one of the lucky winners in the venue on Saturday night with your free ticket. Please stay tuned to the comments for the full details on how you claim this at the show.

    1. Well then Miss Stephanie, we will just have to put you in the venue in front of him to keep this love going strong. Congrats as you have won a ticket for the show on Saturday. Please stay tuned to the comments for the details on how you claim this ticket.

  2. Ken, not only do I want to check out Fight or Flight, I’d like to catch Anaka again! Haven’t gone to many of their shows over the last couple years, so I’d like to give them the love they deserve.

    1. Well then we have to let you give that love Mr. Rahul so congratulations as you also have won a ticket for Saturday night’s show. Please stay tuned to the comments for the full details on how to claim the prize.

  3. This contest is closed so please no more entry submissions. Congratulations to all of our winners Alisa, Stephanie, Rahul and Jason. Not only are you seeing the show on Saturday but you are getting a guest as well so bring along a friend. On the night of the show, please show identification at the box office to claim your ticket. Your name will be on the Livenation list. Should you encounter any difficulty, politely ask for an onsite manager and reference that this giveaway was done in conjunction with Livenation marketing. Have fun and let us know how it was.

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