Win To See Amaranthe In NYC On 7/17/2013

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The Details: Amaranthe is an exciting and relatively new Melodic Metal band that hails from both Sweden and Denmark and brings a duo of lead vocalists to the front of the stage for a truly energetic delivery. One of the pair is the stunning Elize Ryd who commands your attention with every single melody and it’s awesome to be able to have a contest for the bands very first North American tour when it stops in NYC at the Gramercy Theatre. Thanks to the fine folks at Livenation some of the PiercingMetal legions will be enjoying this show for free. Oh yes and before I forget to mention, the also exciting Kobra and The Lotus will be direct support across this entire tour run so you are not going to want to miss them. Read further down to find out how to win.

When and Where: Wednesday, July 17th at Gramercy Theatre (127 East 23rd St. NYC)

To Participate: Considering the fact that this is Amaranthe’s very first US tour and NYC visit AND that we only once before had Kobra and The Lotus drop in for a visit not too long ago I am going to keep this very simple for you. I want you to click around on the bands links in either Spotify or their Official Pages and tell me what excites you most about the pairing of these two bands on the tour and how much you want to be in the venue this evening. I will be picking some of the best replies out of the mix and posting a comment directly under the winning ones. Please be sure to list your full name and an email address in the comment form as we will need to reach you and it also never hurts to subscribe to the comments for the duration of this contest. Go.

Restrictions: While all contests are open to our regional site readers, we tend to look at the new responders first in order to give everyone a fair shot at enjoying a show on the provider and us. Of course we still encourage all to respond because you never know just how many tickets we are offering but do only enter once (all comments are moderated so will not appear instantly). Please note that Guest and Anonymous comments while approved are NOT eligible to win the contest.

Official Links:
Kobra and The Lotus:

Both bands are relatively new to the members of The Metal Republic and that makes it all the more important to check out some of their music on via these handy dandy codes. Time to use that “update my music collection” cash ?

Oh so you want videos do you? Well let me oblige and entice you a little more by sharing a clip from both Amaranthe and Kobra and The Lotus. Enjoy.

7 thoughts on “Win To See Amaranthe In NYC On 7/17/2013”

  1. What excites me most about these bands is that they are hungry, fresh metal bands and they are playing a huge part in the future of metal, especially here in the USA. While many of my traditional favorites like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Scorpions, Whitesnake, Motley Crue etc are getting up there in age we really need to focus on who the torch gets passed to next. Sadly, Eddie Trunk and other mainstream rock radio stations arent going to be lending a hand to these young bands. Its up to us fans to help these bands defy the odds and make a splash here. Amaranthe gives me an excitement similar to first hearing Nightwish back in the early 2000’s. I witnessed one of the most powerful shows ever from them at BB Kings in 2004 with a beyond sold out crowd and feel Amaranthe is capable of doing the same, its just a matter of listening to the opposite of what mainstream media feeds us. Having already seen great shows recently from Crashdiet, Crucified Barbara, Sister Sin, Firewind just to name a few I feel we can be on the verge of metals next tidal wave. Amaranthe brings alot to the table as The Nexus has brought the sounds of power, symphonic, death, pop, dance and more all to my ears. This can be a key band in bringing many into the metal realm.

    1. Excellent viewpoint Kevin and congrats as you have won a ticket for the show on Wednesday at Gramercy Theatre. Stay tuned to the comments for details on how to claim this.

  2. After watching both videos I must say I was very impressed by Kobra and The Lotus. I was not expecting to hear that from them giving their name and that chick can sing better then most guys in metal so they will be a pleasure to see and rock out to. My friends have been telling me to check out Amaranthe for a while but I was very iffy with being they got their name from a ok Nightwish song. But when I saw they were touring here figured I’d give it a shot and wow was I blown away. Their videos are awesome to watch and the single “Burn With Me” is super catchy and Elize sounds amazing (and of course is easy on the eyes :p who am I kidding she is fucking gorgeous) I had the pleasure of seeing Epica when they came with Kamelot and also Within Temptation’s first ever visit to NYC and it would be awesome to add Amaranthe to that list as well.

    1. Boy am I glad I decided to put those videos in there and yes you are correct both of these ladies kick some righteous Metal ass. All hail the new guard. Congrats Andrew you have won a ticket for the show on Wednesday at Gramercy Theatre. Please stay tuned to the comments for the details on how to claim it.

    1. Brief and to the point. Congrats Jason you have also won a ticket to this show on Wednesday. Please stay tuned to the comments for details on how to claim this.

  3. This contest has closed and not only am I sending congratulations to all of our winners, but I am giving them a guest ticket as well so they can bring someone else to educate in these new Metal providers. On the night of the show, please go to the venue box office with proper identification and ask for the Livenation list. You will then be given a ticket. Should you encounter any difficulty, politely ask for an onsite manager and cite how this contest was done in cooperation with Livenation marketing and PiercingMetal. I will be there rocking out so if you see me please say hello.

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