Win Tix To See Y&T In NYC On 3/22/2013

Poster - Y&T at Stage 48 - 2014

The Scoop: Y&T are one of the best Hard Rock bands in history if you ask me, and even though I’ve not followed them as long as some of my friends have, there has never been a time where I caught them in action and didn’t enjoy the presentation. Over the years there’s been some lineup changes but the songs have remained powerful, exciting and always in your face. Dave Meniketti still has the pipes and plays that guitar like it’s nobody’s business. That makes me glad to let you know that thanks to the fine folks who book the new Stage 48 club, some of the PiercingMetal readers are going to get to enjoy the show for free. Cool right?

When & Where: Friday, March 22nd @ 7pm at Stage 48 (605 West 48th St. NYC)

To Participate: Since there are likely going to be responders who have seen the band before along with those who are dying to get the chance to I am breaking this up accordingly. If you’ve seen Y&T before just let me know how much the band means to you and a couple of quick thoughts about your experience with them or the music. If you have never seen the band before, let me know why you are so curious to do so and what you hope to take back from the show. Fair enough? I hope so. Be sure to list your real full name in the comment form along with an email address so we can reach you. It might not hurt to subscribe to the comments as well for good measure. I’ll be replying to the folks who win right below their submission.

*** IMPORTANT *** This show was originally scheduled to be on Saturday 3/23, but was moved up a day earlier to now be on Friday 3/22.

Restrictions: While all contests are open to our regional site readers, we look at new responders first in order to give everyone a fair shot at enjoying a show on the provider and us. Of course we still encourage all to respond because you never know just how many tickets we are offering. Oh yes, while we will be approving all topical submissions, all anonymous or guest submissions will not be considered. Sorry.

Official Links:
Stage 48:

I’m going to hope that your music collection has a little Y&T in it but if it does not you really need to get on board with this rocking band. Here are some solid recommendations.

17 thoughts on “Win Tix To See Y&T In NYC On 3/22/2013”

  1. Cheers Ken for having the contest outside facebook and giving everyone a fair chance. I’ve seen Y&T once and was blown away by the passion with which Dave Meniketti sings and plays the guitar. It comes natural to him, he was definitely born to do this. He is also a down to earth person with no rock star attitude. Y&T is great.

    1. Congratulations Stefan you have won a ticket for Friday’s Y&T show. It’s sure to be a good time. Glad you like our move to the site blog for the contests, Facebook was starting to limit the effectiveness. Please stay tuned to the comments for the full details on how to claim your ticket.

  2. Best Band in the land. I have traveled to Califorina 3 times.
    Germany & Holland to see them. Not to mention several states in the U.S.
    Never miss them in NYC. Can”t Wait

    1. Sheesh Bill that is some traveling to support a band and that makes me say congratulations as you have won a ticket for the show on Friday. Please watch for a closing comment from me with the details on how you claim this.

  3. Y&T have been a band that I have loved for many years. Every show I have been to rocks and the band always makes you feel like a friend rather than a fan. At a BB King show Phil came over to my sister and I and thanked us for rocking out. I couldn’t believe it but it goes to show how much the band thinks of their fans.
    Also the fans are a great bunch of people as well. They have meet-ups before the show and are fun to talk to. For those of you who have never seen a Y&T show you have to go. You will not regret it!

    1. I have to agree with you Laura, quite the connection between band and fan and Phil Kennemore was one in a million (Rest In Peace). With that I say congratulations as you have won a ticket for the show on Friday. Please stay tuned to the comments for the details.

  4. To me Y&T are one of the greatest yet underated hard rock bands of all time. I saw them once at BB Kings years ago and would love to see them again. One line from their song “Contagious” always sticks with me when it comes to having to rise up in any challenging situation in life and that is “dont hesitate when the feelings right, forget about it shake and roll the dice”. That line right there gives me that extra shot of confidence I may be seeking. That is my favorite song by them and they did not play it last time I saw them. Im hoping it will be in the set this Friday.

    Kevin Albinowski

    1. I 100% agree with you Kevin but they are but one in a pile of not heard enough bands that count on us to keep their names vital. Some truly positive and motivating tunes for sure and that being said congratulations as you have won a ticket for the show on Friday. Please stay tuned to the comments for the instructions on how to proceed.

  5. I have been a fan of Y&T for many years. Every show I’ve been to in the NY/NJ area has been fantastic! If you’ve seen them before then you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t…well, what are you waiting for? Dave Meniketti is a soulful singer and guitar player who in my opinion, is one of the best there is. Y&T treats their fans like friends, whether its chatting online with
    Y&T forum members or hanging out with fans (new and old) after the

    1. You’re right Lisa the community of fans behind Y&T is awesome to behold as their so connected to the music and each other. That being said, congratulations as you have won a ticket for the show on Friday. Please stay tuned to the comments for the details on how you claim this.

  6. My first time seeing Y&T was last year at BB King’s. I was amazed at how great Dave sounded, as well as the rest of the band. The set list was at least 20 songs and each of them sounded fantastic. Looking forward to Friday.

    1. Yeah Daniel the first time you see a band like this they blow you away with the sheer energy of Heavy Rock music that is for sure. Makes you want to go again and again and with that in mind congratulations you are going to the show on Friday. Please stay tuned for details on how to proceed.

  7. i been a fun of Y&T since 1990 when i bought IN ROCK WE TRUST the best album from Y&T for me and a great master piece for heavy metal, i never seen Y&T live before for my job i hope i can go this time i love those guys…Rock & Roll’s Gonna Save the World…

    1. Wow Alea your first Y&T album is actually the same one that I bought (yeah I was late to the party) so congratulations for you have won a ticket to the show on Friday. Please stay tuned to the comments section for the full details on how you claim this.

  8. Whew and wow to the responses for this one. Thank you each and every one of you for making this a kick ass competition. We are going to Rock on Friday night like its nobodies business. So now that you have won here are the details. Your names will be on the Venue House List, so bring along a proper ID and should you run into any issues, please ask for a manager on duty and mention this contest was done in conjunction with their Marketing Team and PiercingMetal; I’ll be there as well so please say hello if you happen to recognize me around. I don’t believe you get a physical ticket for the event. Just a check mark and go right in. By the way, this is the 30th Anniversary of “Meanstreak”.

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