Win Tix For Uli Jon Roth In NYC (2/6/2013)

Poster - Uli Jon Roth at Stage 48 - 2013

The Scoop: Uli Jon Roth is one of the best guitarists alive. That is pretty much all I have to say about that. He first came to people’s attention by being a member of the Scorpions from 1973 to 1978 and during his tenure released four albums with them. He was one of the first to offer up the Neo-Classical style of guitar wizardry and he created the Sky Guitar which is an instrument unlike any I have seen or heard before and his overall style has influenced more guitar players than I can easily name. I’m always excited when Uli comes to NYC to play for us and even more so this time because he is doing so at a brand new NYC venue. That being said, I am pleased to announce that thanks to the management team at Stage 48, several of the readers will be attending the concert for free.

When and Where: Wednesday, February 6th at 8pm (6pm doors) @ Stage 48 (605 West 48th Street off 11th Avenue).

To Participate: Tell me a few reasons why this legendary musician is so important to you and the history of the music that you support and I will be picking out the most illuminating comments as our winners. Single tickets only and while we welcome other comments as well, please keep these to contest entrants for the time being. Be sure to leave your full real name and email address in the comment form and subscribe to the comments to know whether you have won or not. Do NOT put your email in the comment itself. Go.

Restrictions: All contests are open to our regional readers but we do look for new participants over those who have just won first in order to give everyone a fair shot at seeing the show on the house.

Official Links:
Uli Jon Roth:
Stage 48:

Perhaps this legendary player is still new to your ears and while that is okay and entirely possible, I recommend a quick course of study in his work via one or all of these referenced releases below. It’s money well spent.

21 thoughts on “Win Tix For Uli Jon Roth In NYC (2/6/2013)”

  1. First of all, I must note that the suggested listening is slightly off base for THIS particular tour. On this tour, Uli is celebrating the 40 anniversary of his time with the Scorpions, which brings me to my reason for wanting to see the great Ulrich Roth on this tour.

    As a young lad, I got into KISS, and KISS for a year or so. Somehow, I diversified into Blackmore and ACDC, and didn’t care to listen to anyone else. I then met a punk rocker, name of Al, who I had discussions with on the merits of KISS, Blackmore and Angus versus the Clash and the Sex Pistols.

    One day, in 1980, Al gave me the Scorpions album “Tokyo Tapes” on cassette. (NOW this is recommended listening for this tour.). This album was the one that opened my eyes to the joys of metal. “He’s a Woman,” “Robot Man,” “Steamrock Fever” and many more showed me there were other guitarists and bands beyond my big three.

    Sadly, I was never able to see Uli okay this influential music because Uli left the Scorpions. This tour is a celebration of the early Scorpions and I would love to see it played by the original guitarist.

  2. Uli Jon Roth is a name that doesn’t come up often enough when talking about great guitar players. His guitar playing has influenced many guitarists in the some of most well known bands today. Scorpions was one of the first bands I listened to when I was starting to get into music. I had the privilege of seeing him last year at BB Kings, and his performance exceeded my expectations, which by no means were low at all. Would love to see him again on Wednesday.

  3. Im most grateful for the fact than even though Uli had already quit Scorpions in 1978 he agreed to do the Japanese Tour where Tokyo Tapes was recorded and the rest is history. Uli went to do solo-LP’s my favorite being Beyond the Astral Skies in 1985 before disappearing for many years from the public eye. I was lucky catching him live for the first time in Swedenrock in the year 2000 and the US tour of 2013 is promising nothing but greatness; SCORPIONS-songs.

  4. Uli is a very talented and inspirational guitar player. His contribution to the music world has had a huge impact on other guitar players that follow his footsteps. Being a Scorpions fan, it would be great if I can see him on February 6th.

    1. Congratulations Chris, you have won a ticket for Uli’s show on Wednesday. This is surely going to be a great night of music. Watch the comments for the details on how to claim your ticket.

    1. Congratulations Juan Diego, you have won a ticket for the show and even though we expected more from the reply, we cannot fault or keep a new fan from Uli’s guitar wrath. Watch the comments for details on how to claim your ticket.

  5. ULI JON ROTH is an important name in the never-ending evolution of guitar playing. ULI was a forerunner to the classical approach of using harmonic minor and diminished scales and arpeggios. He paved the way for the shredders of the 80’s like ( we all know the names) ULI is one the few guitarists who have actually taken their playing to new heights with every tour. REALLY looking forwars to the Scorpions set as that is how I was introduced to Uli. Sails of Charon made me a fan for life.

    1. Congratulations Rob, you’ve won a ticket for Uli’s show on Wednesday. This is surely to be a great night of music. Watch the comments for the details from me.

    1. Congratulations Henry. Brief and to the point and while we wanted a little more from fans we shall let you slide this time to allow you to indulge in the master. Stay tuned to this area for details. Enjoy the show.

  6. Uli Jon Roth is the father of Neo-Classical Metal (Yngwie who?). Uli Jon Roth playing Sky Guitar live is one of the Seven Wonders of the World!!!

  7. Uli is the living legend! Saw him 2 yrs ago at BB Kings. his playing and especially classic Scorps tunes reduced hardened metal fans to tears. Those who know the score know Uli laid the groundwork for a generation of shredders while maintaining a lifeline back to the original God of hard rock guitar, James M. Hendrix. See you there!

  8. Hails Guitar God Fans! This contest has closed & all winners were notified right under their comments – congratulations to all. The venue information is in the post, and your name will be on the venue house list so bring along proper ID to prove its you. I’m not sure if you get physical tickets. If any issues are encountered please ask for a venue manager and mention this contest was given to PiercingMetal from their marketing team. I will not be at this one so have a great time.

  9. Uli has without doubt invented the blueprint to soulful heavy rock metal. The seventies scorpions material is in the pocket and emotional youd be a hard pressed fool to not be overwhelmed with tears in your eyes on songs like fly to the rainbow. Witnessing uli everytime he plays nyc is like both a religous experience and a session on the school of hard rock league of genius

    1. Sorry Pasquale, this contest had already been closed when you submitted your comment. There are however tickets still available and if you click the show poster above you will be directed to a means to purchase them.

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