Win A Ticket To The “Fear The Riff” Effect Expo On 8/11/2018

The Details: The 2nd Annual “Fear The Riff” Effects and Guitar Gear Expo is closing in on us and I’ve lined out some of the finer details about it on posts that you can find HERE. In summary, this will be the event to participate in if you sling that guitar or bass as a working professional or are just an enthusiast. Thanks to the promoter of the exposition, PiercingMetal is going to put several fans into the event. Please read on down below on how to participate.

When and Where: Saturday, August 11th @ Brooklyn Expo Center (72 Noble Street, Brooklyn 11222)

To Participate: I’m keeping this one simple so just answer the questions. Mind you its okay if you aren’t a musician, you can still win this one despite my wanting to get players into the event with this giveaway.

1. If you are a musician, what Instrument Do You Play?
2. What interests you most about this particular Expo?
3. What’s your favorite “2” Guitar Gear or Effects Companies.
4. If you answered #1 as a player. Do you play in a band or are just a basement warrior? Working musicians are encouraged to link their bands page in the form when they fill in their name. Consider this a Shameless Plug entry.

Important Guidelines:
– Enter only enter once. All comments are moderated and will not appear immediately after your submission until staff can review them.
– Number them for ease of knowing if you followed the instructions or not if I’ve asked for a list of items.
– Please enter your full real name in the comment form along with a valid email address that you can be reached at if you win. Please do NOT put this information in the comment itself out of privacy concerns.
– Only enter if you CAN and WILL be able to attend the event and it’s logistically possible for you to do so. Essentially, if you live a couple of hundred miles away we don’t think you’re coming here for an expo in NYC.
– Subscribe to the comments on the contest post and check back to see the responses so you know if you won or not. I am very quick to choose winners once a few have come in.
– Make sure you are entering a NEW comment and not replying to another contestant’s entry as that makes notifying you much more difficult should you be marked as a winner.

Restrictions: There are no real restrictions on this contest as it’s the first time we have done one in a while. This one will end by Thursday, August 9th at noon with no exception unless our supply of tickets runs out first. If you snooze, you lose and by the way there are NO PLUS ONES for this giveaway. If you must have a friend along you can buy them a ticket since it’s only $10 to enter the expo.

If You Win This Contest: If you are marked as one of the winners for this contest, here is how to claim the ticket. Go to the venue and inquire which desk is processing Guest Lists and Contests. Please have proper ID to prove its you. I always suggest arriving early in case there are any issues and to avoid missing any of the show. Should you encounter a problem, please politely ask for an event manager and cite how this ticket giveaway was done in coordination with the promoter and the PiercingMetal website. Once you’re cleared your name is crossed off the list and you go inside with your ticket. Pretty simple.

Don’t Forget: The old saying goes “The More The Merrier” and “There Is Strength In Numbers”; Readers can help those phrases be true by continuing to invite their friends to follow PiercingMetal on the important Social Networks of the day with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you haven’t done this….you should start.

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