Win A Ticket To See Stryper @ B.B. King’s on 10/4/2014

Poster - Stryper at BB Kings - 2014

The Details: The Soldiers Under God’s Command are back in the New York Groove and will be bringing their great live sound to the venerated B.B. King Blues Club once more. Personally speaking, it’s always great to have the attack of the yellow and black keep us fans on a positive Metal path and not only is the band supporting their recently released “No More Hell To Pay” album but they are sure to deliver a solid set of the classics that we all know and love. I’ve seen the band about nine times since launching and I cannot complain about a single show. I am always left satisfied with their music and positive message to the fans. Surely this is going to be a fun night of music. Now, add to this coolness the absolute levels of awesome of the B.B. King Blues Club powers that be who asked PiercingMetal to hold a contest for the show and to put some people in the room for free. This is exciting for sure so read more on how to participate.

When and Where: Saturday, October 4th @ B.B. King Blues Club – 7pm (242 West 42nd Street, NYC)

To Participate: If you are a fan of the band already let me know how much you want to see this show and tell me what about Stryper appeals to you the most. Try to give me at least three reasons and number them sequentially so I can follow it easily. If you are one of the new and curious, convince me why you should make the cut above the diehards. I will be selecting the best comments and replying directly to their submission. Please be sure to enter your full real name and an email address in the comment form (but not in the comment itself) as we might need to reach you about the show and do need this stuff for the list. It also never hurts to subscribe to the comments for the duration of the contest so you know right away. Please only enter “once” and be patient if you do not see your comment appear right away. They are all moderated to avoid spam.

Restrictions: While all contests are open to our regional site readers and Facebook likers, Twitter followers; we do look at new responders first in order to give everyone a fair shot at enjoying a show on the provider and us. Of course we still encourage all to respond because you never know just how many tickets we are offering and it might be your lucky day. Please note that Guest and Anonymous comments while approved are NOT eligible to win the contest. Bring it on.

Official Links:
Stryper –

I’ve always considered Stryper to be one of my Hard Rock and Metal guilty pleasures and as result I enjoy quite a bit of their songs. Here are a number of links for the band. It’s all good stuff so check it out.

14 thoughts on “Win A Ticket To See Stryper @ B.B. King’s on 10/4/2014”

  1. 1) Being a fan since sixteen years of age reading about them in Metal Edge magazine before hearing any songs got my attention. It was not until the Night Flight program on USA did I get inspired after seeing the “Soldiers Under Command” video that I went out and bought the album.
    2) My first Stryper show was at Irving Plaza in September 2009 and I was blown away. Had the opportunity to see them in April at Stage 48 and also another great show. To see them again for the third time would be a charm as they do not disappoint live.
    3) Attending the WFMU Record Fair, I got to buy “Soldiers Under Command”, “The Yellow and Black Attack “, & “To Hell With the Devil” in my collection not to mention recently purchasing two raglan sleeve jerseys to show my true devotion as a fan. Meeting up with old friends who are fans plus making new friends is what makes it more enjoyable for me. Michael, Robert, Tim and Oz are amazing musicians which will make me come back to see them live wherever they play!

    1. Hey there Anne, all of this sounds good so congratulations on winning a ticket to see the great Stryper at B.B. King’s on Saturday. Please stay tuned to these comments for one from me that closes it up and tells you how to claim this at the show.

  2. Love Stryper and would love to see this band again. 1. I love that the band stays true to who they are and what they believe in. They have never tried to change or downplay the fact that they love God; and say a prayer at the end of their shows.
    2. The band still continues to make new albums, sounds great live, and really make an effort to include the fans in their show.
    3. Stryper appreciates their fans and continues to play clubs like BB Kings and in different countries around the world. They also have fan excursions (this year it’s in NC) where fans can not only meet the band they can spend a weekend seeing Stryper headquarters, attend a live show, and a worship service. This appeals to me because many bands only have meet and greets at a show. Stryper goes out of their way to make it a whole weekend.

    1. You are surely correct Laura and that makes me say congrats on winning a ticket to see Stryper on Saturday. Please stay tuned to the comments for one from me that closes up the giveaway and lines out the details on how to claim the prize.

  3. 1. Besides being a fan for many of years, Stryper is one of many bands that puts on a great show and is well worth to see.
    2. I must also say coming from one who has been in a band for many of years, Stryper has a unique and extraordinary
    metal sound different from others which i found to be fascinating.
    3. And 3rd most of all, when me and my wife Christine was looking for a wedding song, there was no hesitation using Stryper’s
    song ”ALL OF ME” . Not only was it a perfect wedding song, but it seemed like it touched all my guests that evening.
    Good luck to all participant’s.

    1. It’s always great to have the tenured Metal fans chiming in on these contests and wow considering one of their tunes was your Wedding song I have to say congrats on winning a ticket to see Stryper on Saturday at B.B. Kings. Please stay tuned to the comments for one from me that closes up the giveaway and lines out the details on how to claim the prize.

  4. 1. My story with Stryper is funny. It was 2005 and on a Saturday night my cousin and I were bored. We saw that Stryper were playing BB Kings earlier that day. We knew of their ties to the metal world but did not know a thing about them otherwise. We decided to go to the City that night and check them out. While waiting in traffic heading into the Lincoln Tunnel we had the windows down and were blasting some Iron Maiden. A limo was beside us and the guy sitting in the back of it rolled his window down, heard what we were blasting and he smiled and gave us the thumbs up. We would learn later that night as the band hit the stage that the guy who gave us the smile and thumbs up was none other than Oz Fox of Stryper! Became a huge huge fan that night. We were blown away by just how metal they were and thought we were going to see a band that would have more in common with Poison rather than the metallic similarities at times of bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.

    2. I love that in a genre that is often associated with Satan these guys have always stayed true to their message. They are proud believers of God and not afraid to spread the message. Whether you are a religious person or not I feel you cannot help but feel inspired but the positivity these guys put out there. They have great energy and I’ve never left one of their concerts feeling anything but positive and happy.

    3. I find it amazing that after 30 years of making music these guys are still releasing music and it is up there amongst some of the best stuff they have ever done. While many bands are slowing down at this point or running out of ideas Stryper is just killing it and show no signs of slowing down whatsoever. No More Hell To Pay is one of the strongest albums I have heard in a long time and I honestly think it may be my favorite Stryper album as a whole. Sure they have some classic stuff they’ve released but there’s always a song or two I skip over on their 80’s stuff. This album I can listen to from front to back without skipping anything. When they aren’t releasing new studio albums they satisfy our hunger either by rerecording their classic material or giving us a killer covers album showing what inspires them and not being afraid to push bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath and so many more who you wouldn’t expect a band with such strong Christian views to cover. These guys love their fans and for that I will always be a supporter.

    1. Wow that is some awesome stuff Kevin. I can only say congrats on winning a ticket for the show on Saturday to see Stryper. Please stay tuned to these comments for one from me that closes the contest and lines out the details on how to claim it.

  5. 1) I will always like Stryper. They were one of those bands i first started seeing on MTV back in my formative years. You never forget those initial bands that help shape your musical upbringing.
    2) I went to a catholic school my entire life. Stryper was considered “safe” amongst a seemingly satanic genre where bands like Iron Maiden were considered evil. Luckily the school never discovered my love for Venom & Possessed,
    3) I’ve seen Stryper a couple times in recent years. They are actually a phenomenal live band. Michael Sweet sounds, and even looks ,great. It seems like the band are the real deal. They believe in their religion and followed a righteous lifestyle amidst temptation in the rock & roll/heavy metal world

    1. Great stuff George and as result you have won a ticket to see Stryper on Saturday at B.B. Kings. Please stay tuned to these comments for one from me that closes the contest and lines out the details on how to claim it.

  6. I found out about Stryper when they first came out but have not seen them in some time (and I mean SOME time) so the first reason is that back in the day, I used to drink a little, and forgot about part of this show, so I need to make up for that. 2.I should see them because I am a somewhat good Catholic boy. 3.I like the vover album they put out and want to see Shout it Out Loud as done by them.

    1. Good deal Tom and congrats on winning yourself a ticket for the show that the great Stryper will be holding at B.B. King’s on Saturday. Please stay tuned to the comments for details from me that close this contest up and line out the details on how you claim the prize at the venue.

  7. Alright my Stryper fans, this contest is 100% officially closed so congratulations to all of our winners who were notified right below their submission. I loved what everyone put into the contest and to sweeten the pot just a little bit am giving each and every one of you a plus one for the show, so get on the phone and text someone that you want to bring along to enjoy this great night of Metal with. I am sure they will appreciate it very much. Here now are the details. Please be sure to bring proper identification to show the venue at the podium downstairs, you will need it to get in. Should you arrive to any difficulty please ask for an onsite manager and cite how this contest was done in coordination with the venue Marketing team. They should be able to sort it out as once the list is in this is out of my hands.

    Also be aware that with limited tables being set up, if you wish to get dinner you might want to arrive a little earlier. Doors are at 6pm. I will be doing my PiercingMetal thing at the show so if you recognize me don’t hesitate to say hello. Thanks for supporting and keep sending those friends to our Facebook and Twitter pages to help me raise the banner higher. Hails.

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