Win A Ticket To See Sonata Arctica @ Stage 48 On 9/4/2014

Poster - Sonata Arctica at Stage 48 - 2014

The Details: For many years Sonata Arctica has been one of my own personal favorites from the Finnish Metal scene and I have enjoyed release after release from this always energetic band and am glad thatthey are returning to the USA once more to deliver us Metal magic from their latest album “Pariah’s Child”. This Nuclear Blast Records opus belongs in your collection so be sure to pick up a copy on the bands current tour. With my now ten year allegiance to their efforts makes me excited to announce that I am once again holding a contest for their NYC show and this one comes care of the awesome folks at CEG Presents. This will be an amazing night of Metal based on not only the Sonata Arctica set but the music from Delain and Xandria as well. Read more on how to participate.

When and Where: Thursday September 4th, 2014 @ Stage 48 (605 West 48th Street, NYC off 11th Avenue).

To Participate: When these contests of ours reached the 1000th ticket milestone a few months ago, many of the readers thanked us for bringing our their creative side in order to potentially win something and with that being said this ideal shall continue as often as possible going forward. My requirements for this Sonata Arctica contest is to give me three “3” reasons why you wish to be a part of this show and what Sonata Arctica means to you as a band. If you should want to add a 4th thing in about one of the openers then that is surely a bonus credit. You must enter three reasons to be eligible and remember no edits to submitted posts will be honored. Remember to enter your full name and a working email address in the comment form (but not in the comment). This will be needed to reach you with the details. Out of privacy concerns I will not approve comments that have your personal email in them anymore and please only enter once. Bring it on.

Restrictions: While all contests are open to our regional site readers and the followers of our social networks, we do look at new responders first in order to give everyone a fair shot at enjoying a show on the provider and us. Of course we still encourage all to respond because you never know just how many tickets we are offering. Please note that “Anonymous” or “Guest” submissions while approved are not eligible and winners from the last three months to date of our contests are less likely to be selected.

Official Websites:
Sonata Arctica:

I’ve loaded up the music links for you kind readers because there is so much to enjoy from this touring package and to be completely fair I have given you four albums from each of the bands.

18 thoughts on “Win A Ticket To See Sonata Arctica @ Stage 48 On 9/4/2014”

  1. Sonata Arctica have meant alot to me ever since I first heard The Power of One off of their 2nd album Silence. While I did not approve of the recent changes in style with the last 2 albums they are still are great to see live. I was very very thrilled they returned to somewhat of what they use to be with Pariah’s Child. While some are still compaining it doesnt trully sound like the Sonata of old I was absolutely thrilled with it and would love to see these new songs done live (Reason 1). Not totally happy they are playing Stage 48 instead of say Gramercy or the legendary metal show venue BB Kings Club and Grill but it will have to do. They had played BBs for their first ever tour of the US and were opening for Overkill (that was a tad odd). I was worried they were only going to get 40 mins but they played a whopping 90 min set and it was amazing! Since NYC was the first place I saw Sonata itll be great to see them again in the same city! (Reason 2) Sonata Arctica has also over the years brought some really great friends into my life, one of them being the great Ken Pierce of Piercingmetal himself (I believe that was where we first started chatting on the rail Ken, at that Sonata Overkill show) So itll be great to see those friends again and enjoy another Sonata set together [Reason 3). Xandria and Delain being on this tour are just bonus. Ive never seen either live but ive heard from quite a few people both are breath taking to see live. This really is a killer line up which we havent had on a Sonata US tour in some time now. Hopefully we all get to experience it!

    1. That is a great response and I hope no other readers think that you have won a ticket for it based on your referring to me as “The Great Ken Pierce” LOL. No applause please just throw money 🙂 Congrats and please watch the comments for one from me that closes the contest and provides the details.

  2. Sonata Arctica was a band that made the whole Euro power metal thing fun again for me when they first hit the scene. Sure , there were similar sounding bands like Stratovarius or Hammerfall but they were getting a little too serious IMHO. Ecliptica really brought the fun (dare I say pop?) factor back . Brilliant singable melodies that made you smile but still a lot of fairly complex instrumental parts. I saw them once before and was very impressed with their live energy. Singer has gotten much stronger since those early days. Would love to hear them do the newer stuff as well as the early classics. It’s interesting that both opening bands feature female singers. I saw Xandria with their previous singer , who was excellent Curious how the new one stacks up.

    1. Okay Steve, not easy to see if three things are in there but I will allow it and say that you have a ticket for this show on Thursday. Congrats and please watch the comments for one from me that closes the contest and provides the details.

  3. 1. Great quality finish power metal band, I would like to see them live for the first time.

    2. It would be great to meet these Finnish lads after the show.

    3. “Wolf and Raven” is one of the best metal songs ever.

    4. Always wanted to see Xandria and now I have the opportunity to see them open for Sonata Arctica (even if they have a new singer, I think she does a great job)

    1. First time? First time!!!! Well Marc we have to fix that so you have won a ticket for Sonata Arctica on Thursday. Congrats and please watch the comments for one from me that closes the contest and provides the details.

  4. I first heard of Sonata Arctica from this site, so thanks for spreading the word.

    First, I would like to go to this show because this band is fast, powerful and awesome. This band is coming a long way and I bet it is very expensive to tour the U.S. It is important to show support so they keep coming back.

    Second, their albums are diverse which make for an exciting set list.

    Third, I expect this show to packed like last time and the strong fan base makes for a great night.

    Also, Delain was great when I saw them open for Kamelot. That is a nice bonus for the show.

    1. So very glad that you heard of this amazing band based on our little Metal home on the webiverse. That said these reasons all rock and you have won a ticket to see Sonata Arctica and the rest on Thursday, Congrats and please watch the comments for one from me that closes the contest and provides the details.

  5. I’m from Chile, south america…. where bands like this play every 3 years and the tickets are extremly expensive and about 13 hrs away from my house….i moved to NYC 7 years ago and I haven’t been able to see this amazing band live yet… i remember when in high school I was obsessed with full moon! Or replica ….
    So here I go …
    1- sonata arctica was (still) my first metal band obsession!
    2- I wanted to move to Finland just to see them everyday ahha (I know that’s dumb but I was 15)
    3- like I said before replica and full moon are my all time favorite songs… I’m pretty sure my mom knows every word!
    4- I started listening to xandria thanks to my brother and to be honest I didn’t know they were opening for sonata. ..that makes this show even better!!!!

    1. Well hello there Daniela, these reasons are all great and we want to make your wish come true about seeing them by saying that you have also won a ticket to see Sonata Arctica on Thursday. Congrats and please watch the comments for one from me that closes the contest and provides the details. Also we shall need your last name so kindly direct an email to us at [email protected] with the subject “Sonata Arctica Contest Winner” – Full names are required by the venue for the list.

  6. It would be useless for me to write here how amazing all three bands on the bill are. Plenty of people already did that. The reason why I’m entering this contest is because I want to win the ticket for my friend Tim who can’t afford to buy one. We both play in a heavy metal band and he’s a big Sonata Arctica as well as Delain and Xandria fan. So my three reasons are:

    1) want to help my friend Tim

    2)not everybody can afford going to shows nowadays, but people like Tim deserve to be able to see their favorite band live

    3)shows like this should never be missed.

    That’s all.

  7. Gosh Elena that is a very cool thing for you to do even though it might have been easier to just direct Tim to this contest to enter – The Metal Community needs more people like you for sure. Congrats on winning a ticket for the show for you to give to Tim when you arrive at the venue. Please watch the comments for one from me that closes the contest and provides the details

  8. I came here thanks to my sister!
    She introduced me to sonata acrtica a while ago!
    1- I love the solos and their lyrics! They are so epic!!!
    2- wolf and raven it’s a classic!
    3- I love concerts. .. and I can only imagine how this one is going to be.
    4- xandria is one of those bands that you start listening and then you can’t stop!

    I love them so much and means my childhood to see them.

    1. Now that is a sister with some good taste. You are a lucky dude. That said congratulations on winning a ticket to see Sonata Arctica on Thursday. Please watch the comments for one from me that closes the contest and provides the details

  9. Well everybody posted a lot of reasons I had to see them lol but most importantly, 1. I’ve never seen this band live and they’re one of the very few power metal bands I’m into. 2. The very first song I heard from them was Wolf and Raven and it just blew me away and made me wanna pick up the guitar more seriously. 3. This is my best friend/bassist’s favorite band and being that they’re a huge influence on his playing it would be amazing seeing them together with him.

    1. Wow you have never before seen Sonata Arctica and they influenced your playing? For shame Metalhead. For shame. Let’s resolve this by offering you a ticket to see the band on Thursday. Congratulations and please watch the comments for the details on how you claim it at the show.

  10. Alright my friends this contest for Sonata Arctica is closed and congratulations again to all of our winners who have already been notified below their response. This show is going to be a great one and will begin promptly at 7pm so arrive on time to not miss a Metal moment. When you arrive, you will need your ID to prove you are you and at the box office ask for the venue house list. Your name will be on there and you will be let in. There is no physical ticket to speak of. Should you encounter any issues please cite that you were a winner of a ticket based on the CEG Presents promoters and they will assist you.

    I’ll be around the show doing my PiercingMetal thing so if you see me please feel free to say hello. Just make sure I am not busy when you do this. Thanks for supporting and if you are enjoying this kind of stuff kindly share our page and other social networks. Keep the horns raised for Metal.

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