Win A Ticket To See Night Ranger @ B.B. King’s On 7/2/2014

Poster - Night Ranger at BB Kings - 2014

The Details: In my humble opinion, Night Ranger continues to be one of the best Hard Rock bands that are still out there rocking their longtime fans along with those who might have been late to the party. They are providers of legendary tunes such as the radio blockbuster “Sister Christian” but as any diehard will tell you, that is just the icing on the cake when it comes to this band. I have to say that “Midnight Madness” remains one of my very favorite albums to this day but the guys don’t stop there as they will be delivering classics along with new material from “High Road” their latest release. With the holiday weekend upon us, I cannot think of a better way to make the summer even hotter than by hitting their show at the legendary B.B.King Blues Club and grill and thanks to their marketing team, PiercingMetal is going to be putting some fans into the show for free. Read more below on how to participate.

When and Where: Wednesday July 2nd at B.B. King Blues Club – 7pm (237 West 42nd Street, NYC)

To Participate:
To prove that you can still rock in America I am going to shift gears here and not ask you a Night Ranger question but a venue one. Tell me your top three concerts seen at B.B. King Blues Club and why these hold the most special memories. Extra credit if you add a fourth and make this good. I’m doing this to keep you thinking so let’s roll. Oh yeah be sure to enter your full real name and email address in the comment form so we know how to reach you for list details but please DO NOT put this information in the comment itself (that’s for your own e-safety). I’ll be responding to the winning comments directly so bring it on and please only enter once and check back to see if I have answered your submission. We don’t want to waste someone else getting in after all.

Restrictions: All of the PiercingMetal contests are open to our loyal readers, Facebook Page likers and Twitter Followers but that being said we are still looking for the new names first so EVERYONE gets the chance to enjoy a show on the provider and us. Since we never let on how many we have its always smart to send a submission just in case there is the room. We do keep track of the winner list but please be aware that if you had won something over the last month or so of contests your chances are less likely for this one. Please note that “Guest” and “Anonymous” submissions are not eligible either.

Official Links:
Night Ranger: Codes and Brief Comments

19 thoughts on “Win A Ticket To See Night Ranger @ B.B. King’s On 7/2/2014”

  1. I was all ready to talk about how much I love Night ranger and then you mix it up. Well B.B.’s is one of my favorite venues so I could list 20 concerts easily, but here’s my top 4.

    1. Black Dog (10/5/2007) – My first concert ever at B.B. King’s. Awesome Led Zeppelin tribute band that to this day is the best Zep cover band I’ve ever seen. Was on a date and they screwed up our table reservations so we got a comped bottle of champagne to make good. I’ve loved this place ever since.

    2. Hail! (1/26/2010) – Top 5 concert I’ve ever seen at any venue, period. Tim “Ripper” Owens singing, Andreas Kisser on guitar, David Ellefson on bass, Mike Portnoy on drums. Special guests included Bobby Blitz, Frank Bello, and Chris Caffery. How does it get any better than that? Their first U.S. show ever. A blistering set of metal covers, everything from KISS and Priest to Pantera and Slayer. Amazing show.

    3. Night Ranger (8/11/2010) – Well I have to list this one for this concert, right? These guys are all personable and kept us laughing with some hilarious stories in between some tremendous music. In addition to all their classics, I remember them breaking out some Ozzy and Doors covers too. Great show.

    4. The Winery Dogs (3/25/2014) – My favorite new band. Played just about every song off their debut album and threw in a Talas cover and even a Four Tops cover! So smooth they sounded almost more like a jazz band than a rock band at times. Kotzen, Sheehan, and Portney might be my favorite 3-piece that I’ve ever seen live (with all due respect to Motorhead).

    1. Haha, good call referencing the band whose show this is and so very glad to have thrown a curve ball and changed the expectations of the contest around. I saw all of those listed shows (which I do not yet know why I am sharing with all the winners but so be it). Congratulations on winning a ticket to see the amazing Night Ranger in concert on Wednesday. Please stay tuned to the comments for one from me that lines out how you claim it at the show.

  2. Going to have to say all the Y&T shows but one in particular that stands out (can’t remember the exact show). A bunch of us Y&T forum members were having a preshow meet up at Smith’s. We were living it up when all of a sudden I see John Nyman walk in the front door. I was stunned and said,”HOLY SHIT,!T’S JOHN NYMAN!” After that, Mike Vanderhule came by. Needless to say,the drinks were flowing! What a blast that was! Great show as usual by the band at B.B’s.

    Loved all the Saxon shows (always a great performance by them) but after one of them,we were notified that Saxon was having an after party at the Hard Rock. We went there and Biff came up to us to say hello. We hung out with the band for a while. Another classy band.

    All the UFO shows at B.B’s. were great. Before one show,I was walking in Times Square and seen Phil Mogg walking towards me. I stopped him to say hello but I was a little hyper about it (ha). I thanked him for all the music he has put out over the years and told him I was going to the show. I think I scared him a little but it was all good.
    Y&T ,Saxon and UFO are the only bands I’ve seen at B.B’s.

    1. You are correct sir it is always a good time when B.B.’s gets Y&T or UFO booked and the nature of Times Square just makes talking to the band as they head in all the more awesome. Congratulations on winning a ticket to see the amazing Night Ranger in concert on Wednesday. Please stay tuned to the comments for one from me that lines out how you claim it at the show.

  3. 1> Manowar – 2005 1st time seeing them, Great show.
    2> Michael Schenker 2003. Ist time I saw him in NJ I was not into it. This time was great.
    3> Uriah Heep 2012. Didn’t know the band. Went anyway and had a great time.

    4> Black Star Riders 2014. Same as Uriah Heep, but knew some of the Thin Lizzy songs

    Want to see Night Ranger. Usually go to hubby’s shows. His turn to see something he is somewhat into to.

    1. You know I missed that Manowar show since I got a bad cold that morning. Bah but I was at all of the others. Not sure MSG was at B.B.’s though but you did still give me three so congratulations on winning a ticket to see the amazing Night Ranger in concert on Wednesday. Please stay tuned to the comments for one from me that lines out how you claim it at the show.

  4. I love seeing bands at BB Kings because it’s a smaller, more intimate venue. 4 of my most memorable concerts at BB Kings were:

    1. Y&T – It was my first time not only seeing them at BB Kings, but ever. We got a table on the side of the stage by Phil Kennemore. After the show Phil came over to my sister and I and thanked us for coming and for “rocking out” during every song. I was thrilled. Every other Y&T show there was great (especially when they had GA standing), but that one is my most memorable.

    2. King Diamond – he came out before the show and told everyone that he had voice issues, but would give 100% if we chose to stay. He offered refunds, but I don’t think anyone left. KD kicked ass that night! I’m glad he didn’t cancel the show.

    3. Night Ranger – Not only are they very talented, I love the stories they tell, especially the first concert they ever saw. It was a surprise to know that Joel’s first concert was the same as mine – Iron Maiden during the World Piece Tour. Night Ranger consistently puts on a great show – they are amazing!

    4. Rik Emmett – it was an acoustic show, but it still rocked! After the show Rik took a group photo by the bar with all the people who bought VIP tickets (myself included). He also did a meet and greet where he took the time to speak with everyone in line and take photos. Seeing my friend who is a huge Rik Emmett fan smiling from ear to ear all night was so worth it.

    1. Wow a couple of milestone shows for sure and I can say that all of those were seen and reported on by me for and some other sites prior. Thanks for making me think back especially during this rebuilding my site time. Congratulations on winning a ticket to see the amazing Night Ranger in concert on Wednesday. Please stay tuned to the comments for one from me that lines out how you claim it at the show.

  5. Doro- Being a die hard fan of her early material with Warlock and not to mention an inspiration, I saw her in 2007 & 2013. Both shows rocked from beginning to end and having the opportunity to meet her made my night!

    Saxon-Got to see them in 2009 & 2011. Both shows were amazing! These guys still have it and worth seeing if hey ever come back again. Got to meet them the second time around and very nice guys.

    Sebastian Bach- Got to see him in April this year and another show that was well worth the price! From the skid Row material to the solo stuff, he rocks the house down!

    Black Star Riders-This was another good show. With material from their first album and Thin Lizzy Classics as well as band members was also another great show. Would not mind seeing them again if the roll back into town.

    There are other shows besides my top 4 that would take to long to mention but always coming to this venue is a highlight. Meeting new people and good friends makes you want to keep coming back. I look forward to seeing another show soon!

    1. Those were some good shows and I saw all of them myself with the exception of the most recent Sebastian Bach. Sadly I cannot be in two places at the same time. Congratulations on winning a ticket to see the amazing Night Ranger in concert on Wednesday. Please stay tuned to the comments for one from me that lines out how you claim it at the show.

  6. I’ve been to dozens of concerts at B.B. King’s so it’s hard to narrow it down to my top four, but I’ll try…

    1. Kip Winger: My very first show(s) at the club! Kip was on a solo, acoustic tour and had two shows booked on one night at B.B.’s. After his amazing first set, the club let me stay for the second one (which did vary a little). It was a great night!

    2. Tommy Shaw & Jack Blades: It was great seeing these two Damn Yankees together performing hits from both of their iconic bands!

    3. Bret Michaels: Last summer, Bret put on an awesome show at the club!!!

    4. Lita Ford: When she first came back to rock ‘n’ roll, she performed a fantastic show at B.B.’s!

    Great memories!

    1. Wow Cheryl, I didn’t even remember Winger doing an acoustic show at B.B. King’s but I saw all the other ones you mentioned and have to say that they were great. Congratulations on winning a ticket to see the amazing Night Ranger in concert on Wednesday. Please stay tuned to the comments for one from me that lines out how you claim it at the show.

  7. I love going to BB Kings because I can see great bands in a smaller setting and have met a lot of good people at shows who I have become friends with. Bands I have seen at BB kings are:

    1. King Diamond. I took my sister to see the King and he did not disappoint. Even when he was not feeling well he put on a phenomenal show. He even offered refunds to people if they chose not to say. Not many performers would do that.

    2. Y&T. I have seen this band there a few times and every show just gets better. My first time was when Phil was still alive. Had to sit in seats but that did not keep me from standing up and singing along. That show made me a bigger Y&T fan.

    3. Stryper. Never in a million years did I think that show would be as good as it was. They had just came out with a new album and it had been years since they were on MTV. Michael Sweet never sounded better and they still threw out the bibles. Mike Tramp from white lion opened up. I talked about that show for weeks after that night.

    4.Randy Jackson of Zebra. He was the opening act but held his own doing a solo set. He is one of my favorite underrated musicians and I am still glad that he still is out playing shows.

    1. Really awesome reflections there and making me glad that I mixed up this contest response for sure. Congratulations on winning a ticket to see the amazing Night Ranger in concert on Wednesday. Please stay tuned to the comments for one from me that lines out how you claim it at the show.

  8. o choose 3 Concerts over all the years I’ve seen in BB Kings was not easy but here they are

    1. UFO April 14, 2008 A packed BB kings and my first time in the Club. They played Long Gone as I walked in which is one of my many favorite Ufo songs. I also met the Piercing Metal Web Master for the 1st time and the rest is history.

    2. The OUTLAWS November 2009. Southern Rock as its best. Since 2009 I’ve seen The OUTLAWS many times and they never disappoint. Songs from Henry Pauls Solo albums were played as well; Grey Ghost.

    3. NEKTAR & BRAINTICKET August 2011. Psychedelic Rock in the heart of Manhattan? I guess everything’s possible. Oh and the former Hawkwind Guitar player Huw Lloyd-Langton R.I.P was opening.

    4. RIOT January 2012. Once in a lifetime opportunity to see the Thundersteel-era line-up. Sadly Mark Reale was not present and passed only a few days later. Guitarist Rik Ventura from the early 1980’s line-up was guesting on two songs Warrior & Swords And Tequila.

    1. Well Samuel I think someone is going to go to see Night Ranger with me based on this submission LOL. Congratulations as you have officially been made my own guest for this show. Let’s enjoy a cold beer and recant stories about great shows at B.B. King’s together.

  9. 1. Stryper!2014
    2.MR.Big 2013
    3.B3 Festival
    4.Night Ranger 2014.
    All these shows were amazing performances plus the club had a great sound and presentation .

    1. Clearly you type too fast Mr. Kevin but I know what you meant and you have taken my last available ticket for the Night Ranger show. Please stay tuned for comments from me on how you claim it that night at the venue.

  10. Alright rockers, that is it for our Night Ranger contest and congratulations to all of our winners. Now since I am sure you are all curious about my own favorite shows at this awesome venue let me tell you my immediate top five that came to me as I typed this.

    1. Emperor – One of two of their only US shows, this venue was packed to the street it seemed.
    2. Nightwish – The Finnish sensations blew up this place and proved that they were a force to be reckoned with.
    3. Dennis De Young – The one true voice of Styx, I sang every single tune along with the rest of the packed room.
    4. The Misfits – Halloween in NYC is never the same.
    5. Kamelot – 2006 – Their first show here ever in NYC, I am now a lifer.
    5. Night Ranger, Y&T, Stryper, The Good Rats, Cactus, Immortal, Sonata Arctica, Overkill, Kreator and many, many, many more. I have seen over 225 shows at this venue and it feels like home.

    So where were we…Oh yes, on the night of the show go to the venue podium downstairs and present your ID and ask for the House List. Your name will be there and likely associated with a PiercingMetal contest reference. If you encounter any issues, please politely ask for an onsite manager and explain how this contest was done in cooperation with their Marketing team. I will be there so if you see me please say hello but not if I am taking shots with the camera of course. Let’s ROCK!!!!

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