Win A Ticket To See Fozzy @ Gramercy Theatre on 10/5/2014

Poster - Fozzy at Gramercy Theatre - 2014

The Details: Fozzy is the exciting Metal band fronted by professional wrestler Chris Jericho and combined with the guitar slinging of Rich Ward, they always bring their audience to their feet during a show. The bands latest album is “Do You Wanna Start A War” and comes care of Century Media Records and their fans will be excited about their trip to NYC for a show AND the fact that thanks to our friends at Livenation; PiercingMetal will be putting some loyalists into the show for free. That is right I said free. Read more below on how to participate in this one.

When and Where: Sunday, October 5th @ Gramercy Theatre (127 East 23rd St. NYC)

To Participate: So I will keep this one easy and say just give me three things you like most about Fozzy as a Metal band or what makes you want to participate in this show. I will be picking from the submissions and responding to them directly. Please be sure to enter your full real name and an email address in the comment form (but not in the comment itself) as we might need to reach you about the show and do need this stuff for the list. It also never hurts to subscribe to the comments for the duration of the contest so you know right away. Please only enter “once” and be patient if you do not see your comment appear right away. They are all moderated to avoid spam.

Restrictions: While all contests are open to our regional site readers and Facebook likers, Twitter followers; we do look at new responders first in order to give everyone a fair shot at enjoying a show on the provider and us. Of course we still encourage all to respond because you never know just how many tickets we are offering and it might be your lucky day. Please note that Guest and Anonymous comments while approved are NOT eligible to win the contest. Bring it on.

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6 thoughts on “Win A Ticket To See Fozzy @ Gramercy Theatre on 10/5/2014”

  1. 1)Back in 2009 I had the opportunity to get a photo with Chris Jericho at the Apple store and thought he was a cool rocker dude. In 2010 my friend Craig invited me to see them perform at B.B. King’s for the very first time. I was very impressed.

    2) In 2012 I went to J & R for an autograph signing purchasing “Sin & Bones” the band members were telling me to come out to their show the next night at the Gramercy which I ended up attending and worth every penny.

    3) Seeing them again for the third time would be a charm as they have great musicianship and are very true to their fans.

    1. Hey Anne Marie, thanks for your message about the Stryper show which we selected you for. Since you are not needing that win let me repay your diligence by saying that you can see Fozzy at the Gramercy Theatre on us. How is that for an effective response. Please stay tuned to the comments for one from me that closes up the giveaway and lines out the details.

  2. 1. I’ve seen Fozzy 4 times live now (the last time opening for Buckcherry earlier this year) and they always put on a FUN show.

    2. Chris Jericho has improved leaps and bounds since I first saw him almost 10 years ago and he’s no longer a wrestler playing a singer but a real kick-ass frontman, and Rich Ward is as underrated a guitarist as there is dating back to his Stuck Mojo days.

    3. Fozzy’s new album “Do You Wanna Start A War” is by far their best effort yet with no filler and I’m very happy that they’re starting to experience some mainstream success with it.

    1. Alright Steven, you’ve convinced me that you really like the band Fozzy in concert so you have won a ticket to see them perform at Gramercy Theatre on Sunday, October 5th. Please stay tuned to the comments for one from me that closes the giveaway and denotes just how you claim this at the show.

  3. Okay my friends that brings us to the end of yet another exciting concert ticket giveaway. Congratulations to both of our winners who will now be able to bring along a guest to this show since we still had room to play with at the time of closing up this contest. make sure you bring someone along who will enjoy this show as much as you and thanks for supporting; keep on sharing our Social Networks because without you this is only 75% as much fun 🙂

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