Win A Ticket To See Ace Frehley @ B.B. King Blues Club (11/24-11/25/2014)

Poster - Ace Frehley at BB Kings - 2014

The Details: Ace Frehley IS and always will be the original Space Man and founding member of the legendary masked men of Rock and Roll – KISS; In today’s music world we find him not only a successful solo artist and inspiration to anyone who chooses to pick up the guitar but also a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee. Historically speaking he gave us the most popular of the KISS solo albums and entertained millions in the makeup and out of it with Frehley’s Comet. Now signed to eOne Entertainment, Ace has recently released an exciting new solo record entitled “Space Invader” and has embarked on a headlining tour that is going to convince all the more people to start playing. I am stoked to find him playing not one, but two standalone shows at the venerated B.B. King Blues Club and thanks to the incredible people behind the scenes at the club, a few lucky PiercingMetal fans are going to see this show for free.

When and Where: Monday and Tuesday, November 24th and 25th at B.B. King Blues Club (237 West 42nd St. NYC)

To Participate: Considering the weight of this particular show I am going to make you readers work and I do not have a lot of tickets to dole out so this will close quite quickly to ensure you are in place for this sell out show. Here we go.

1. Specify what show you can and will attend if you win. Do not say “both” or “either one”; you must specify.
2. Then sequentially number three solid reasons why you think the Space Ace is the absolute awesomeness and convince me people. He is the man, he has influenced numerous guitar slingers and he is a living, axe slinging legend so I want to hear it.
3. Do Not disparage KISS or Gene and Paul at all. You do it and I discount you. Sorry, but I have chosen to keep following the band no matter what since it’s a life pleasure I choose to keep.
4. You must provide a valid email address and your full name to be reached and to be sure you know when you win, I strongly suggest subscribing to the comments and checking back to the post to see if you have been marked as a winner. Enter this information in the comment form but not the comment itself for privacy concerns.

As per usual I will be replying to the entries that I like the best and giving them a ticket for the show that they specify. This is for “single tickets only” so if you need a plus one you will NOT get one here and if this prevents your attendance please do not enter the contest. Also please be sure it is easy enough to get to the show. I would hate to find you cancelling for any reason based on you feeling you had little preparation time. Kindly only enter once and know that all comments are moderated before manifesting on the website. It’s important to know that this single ticket is only valid at the show you specify and are marked down for. Bring it on once you have some good responses.

Restrictions: All PiercingMetal contests are open to our regular readers along with those who actively participate in our social networking pages (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) but with that being the case know that we are always looking for new winners first to give everyone a fair shot at being at the show. Winners of any contests over the last three months are ineligible for this giveaway and anonymous or guest submissions while approved are not valid so be sure you are entering the information correctly.

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