Win A Ticket For Punky Meadows @ B.B. King Blues Club On 6/14/2016

Poster - Punky Meadows at BB Kings - 2016

The Details: Classic Rock and Progressive fans will likely remember the name Punky Meadows as being the man behind the six-string for the legendary Angel. The band was something else visually and had melodic sounds that felt like something out of Heaven itself (oh come on you know I had to go there). The guitarist has assembled a brand new band of talented players and released an album entitled “Fallen Angel” and this gig in NYC is going to be the album release show. What better place to do it than at the venerated B.B. King Blues Club. That makes me happy to announce that thanks to the marketing team at the venue, some PiercingMetal Fans will be hitting this gig for free. Check out the details for this contest below.

When and Where: Tuesday, June 14th at B.B. King Blues Club (West 42nd Street)

To Participate: I’m going to keep this one as simple as possible since I myself am not an expert in the body of work that Meadows has done over the years but I am hoping some of you can enlighten me about it. With this in mind please just give me three things about his albums, a favorite song or concert experience that is high on your rating scale and why this is the case. Make this good reading because the stuff remains on the website and can likely inspire new fans as well – like me  Now since there are likely newbies in the mix that want to be a part of the fun, those people can get me three solid reasons why they must be at the show. Just make it a little interesting and more than “because he rocks dude” because that is just too un-original and boring. I’ll be responding to the comments that I like most right below their answer. This is for a single ticket only and no plus one requests can be honored. Sorry.

– Enter only enter once. The comments are moderated and will not appear immediately after submission.
– Number them for ease of knowing if you followed the instructions or not if I’ve asked for a list.
– Please enter your full real name in the comment form along with an email address that you can be reached at if you win. This is necessary for listing purposes. Please do NOT put this information in the comment itself out of privacy concerns.
– Only enter if you can and will attend the show should you win and it’s logistically possible for you to do so. Essentially if you live a couple of hundred miles away we don’t think you’re coming here for a show in NYC.
– Subscribe to the comments and check back to see the responses so you know if you won or not.
– Make sure you are entering a NEW comment and not replying to another contestant’s entry as that makes notifying you difficult should you be marked as a winner.

Bring it on as this one will close by noon on day of show or when allotment has been depleted.

Restrictions: All of the PiercingMetal contests are open to our loyal readers, Facebook Page likers and Twitter Followers but that being said we are still looking for the new names first. Don’t let that stop you from entering of course but we do keep track based on the overall demand for this stuff at this point. We want EVERYONE to have a chance to enjoy a show on the provider and PiercingMetal but if you just won a contest recently you will likely not have a chance for this one. Please note that Anonymous or Guest comments will not be approved.

If You Win This Contest: If you are marked as one of the winners for this contest, here is how to claim the ticket. On the night of the show go to the venue podium and ask for the House Guest List. Please bring proper identification (driver’s license, passport, NYC ID card) and your name will be checked off that list for you to enter. If you encounter any difficulty, please politely ask for an onsite manager and cite how this contest was done in coordination with venue Marketing and Check the show listings that night so you arrive with plenty of time to get a good spot. You can also expect an email to the provided address reminding you of the win so make sure that is listed as a safe domain to receive notes from.

Official Links:
Punky Meadows Facebook:

7 thoughts on “Win A Ticket For Punky Meadows @ B.B. King Blues Club On 6/14/2016”

  1. Loved Angel for many years, the band with the look but pretty good musicians as well. My favs are – cast the first stone, tower, feelings, Angel theme, and the epic masterpiece The Fortune!!!
    Never thought he would come back as a solo be artist and play BB Kings and put out a new CD.

    1. This all works for me Ken. Congratulations you have won a ticket for the Punky Meadows show on Tuesday. Please refer to the “If You Win This Contest” part of the post for the full details you need to claim this at the venue.

  2. First it’s been 35 yrs since Punky has performed live with a band since Angel
    Second being on Casablanca Records with Kiss
    Punky auditioned for the Band when Ace left the band
    Had the gig but couldn’t because he was working on a project with former Angel member Greg Guiffria
    Gene was so shocked that he walked out of the rehearsal room with Paul tagging along leaving Punky in the room with Eric Carr
    & Third the music
    The iconic song The Tower is a must listen
    & the song Mirrors is one of my favorites that people should look up
    Along with the entire catalog that is very worthy of collecting
    & also to get Punkys new album Fallen Angel out now!!

    1. Wow I had no idea its been that long for him and never heard the KISS story either. Congratulations Paul you have won a ticket for the Punky Meadows show on Tuesday. Please refer to the “If You Win This Contest” part of the post for the full details you need to claim this at the venue.

  3. 1. Saw Angel in 76 upstate NY with same cousins who took me to KISS IN 75.
    2. Want to see what Punky looks like when he’s not in white.
    3. Told cousins he is playing and they want a report.

    And he was a great guitarist who gave Angel their edge. His new material should be good.

    1. That is fine for me Tom and you know I sort of want to see that look myself LOL. Be sure to share your report with the Metal Command HQ as well since my notes might be off. You will have a ticket to enter the show as well. Please refer to the “If You Win This Contest” part of the post for the full details you need to claim this at the venue.

  4. Alright my friends that is going to be all the time that we have to run this giveaway. Congratulations to those who participated and won a ticket for the show. For those who won, please be sure to refer to the part of the contest post marked “If You Win This Contest” as all of the details are lined out there. You’ll need to read that to claim your ticket. It’s going to be a great time for sure and I’ll be there taking photos and notes for a site review. Feel free to say hello if you should see me around and I am not deep in photographic mindset.

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