“Who Knows? Live In Concert: 2000-2004” by Andrew W.K.

Artist: Andrew W.K.
Title: “Who Knows? Live In Concert: 2000-2004
Label: Music Video Distributors
Release Date: 2/7/2006
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 6/10

Andrew W.K. is the King Of Party Rock, yet another sub-genre created to serve the need of a niche audience and quite honestly given its simple and innocent formula he does this quite well. The DVD features concert performances shot over the period of 4 years and they are seamlessly placed together and give you the total effect of being at a concert for Andrew W.K. and his band. Those who have heard a few songs by the musician will agree that there is a certain similarity to a lot of the material and as a matter of fact his main numbers such as “Party Hard” and “She Is Beautiful” are almost identical. Yet as you watch the DVD this clearly does not seem to matter to the fans in attendance at these shows. The casual fan might find this uninteresting but his die hard folks might want this as a reminder of shows attended. Andrew seems very into the performance and he is quite energetic and with relatively simple choruses the whole audience sings along and even jumps on stage with him. There are points in the film where you can’t even see the band since there are so many people up there. There is also some bonus interview footage and excerpts that fans will enjoy and I admit that even with my limited level of appeal for this band that some of this DVD was fun to me.

An eight-page booklet comes in the package and it lines out all of Andrew’s history for the viewer. There are also a lot of photos to look at. This DVD is primarily for the ardent fan more than the casual one, but given the overall fun and energetic levels displayed any concert fan can appreciate this.

Track Listing:
1. Violent Life
2. Victory Strikes Again
3. Long Live The Party
4. We Want Fun
5. Ready To Die
6. It’s Time To Party
7. Take It Off
8. Make Sex
9. Totally Stupid
10. Girls Own Love
11. She Is Beautiful
12. Tear It Up
13. I Love NYC
14. I Get Wet
15. Never Let Down
16. Party Hard

Official Web site: www.andrewwk.com

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