“Whitesnake Live: In The Still Of The Night” (Deluxe) by Whitesnake

Artist: Whitesnake
Title: “Live… In The Still Of The Night”
Label: Universal Music
Release Date: 2/7/2006
Style: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Rating: 8.5/10

Whitesnake!!!! If there is one band that epitomizes the glory of 80’s Hard Rock and Metal, it’s them. This concert film from 2005 is the perfect reminder of those glory days. As you watch this DVD you will re-live a particular time in your life if you were lucky enough to remember them from experience. If you only know the band from CD and video collections, then this DVD is a treat for the senses. I remember Whitesnake from tours in the Eighties when they played with Motley Crue as support; and while I am sure I saw a few more appearances, I just can’t recall at this time. Needless to say, there was always something very “live” about Whitesnake music. Being a fan of the record was nice, but you were cheating yourself if you did not catch a concert. The memory I have of them opening for Crue is still very vivid, and the lineup was the one from the famous MTV videos. Catching them again a few years ago with a different lineup for the most part proved that this was still a Metal force to be reckoned with. Now, in 2006 with yet an almost entirely different group of players, Whitesnake shows that they still deliver and are not to be dismissed as “old school”. As the DVD begins, I have to say that David Coverdale doesn’t seem to have aged that much despite the time that has gone by. Remember, Dave was in Deep Purple in the early seventies and usually a 30 plus year career in Rock and Roll has one showing the signs of wear. No such luck in the case for Mr. Coverdale, who looks youthful and still belts out the notes, to the delight of his fans. Purple fans will enjoy the rousing opener of “Burn”, which brings a little bit of “Stormbringer” to the mix. David still has the power and the smooth-as-silk voice fans will remember well.

The DVD is loaded with hits that range from the band’s rich catalog of music, with five tracks coming from the juggernaut self-titled release “Whitesnake”. Sadly, it seems that only one track comes from the also hot album “Slide It In” with “Love Ain’t No Stranger”. Next to the self-titled, this is one of my favorites from the group. The lineup assembled for the past few years has also proven a level of talent to be respected. On guitar you have both Reb Beach (Winger) and Doug Aldrich. Aldrich follows in the footsteps of some amazing players (Vai, Vandenberg, Campbell) and shows that he is no slouch as well across the whole performance and during his ripping solos during “Blues For Mylene”. Bass guitar is former Ted Nugent bottom end Marco Mendoza and he is really a solid and entertaining player. On the drums is Tommy Aldridge, who in my opinion is probably one of the most powerful Rock skin bashers in the business. Lucky for the viewer, Aldridge’s thundering drum solo is included and it is so powerful that you will feel your heart pound if the stereo is loud enough. Watching him perform the segment where he uses bare hands still makes me say ouch and wonder how this man even can make a fist after so many years of this playing technique. The group also has the talented keyboards of Timothy Drury. The entire video is shot in a great style that sometimes breaks to black and white and it always sweeps the entire stage so you see things you don’t get from the audience seat. Musically sound and produced with a skill that makes you feel like you were there, I cant see any fans of this band or the individual players complaining. The performance was filmed at a capacity crowd Hammersmith Odeon and whenever Coverdale (the classiest showman I’ve seen in a while) elicits a response from them it is resounding. There is a great photo booklet included for your enjoyment and among the bonus features they include a concert documentary that features a lot of great commentary from the members of the band.

As an added incentive there is a CD included that features 10 of the songs showcased on the DVD. I like when bands choose to do this with their DVD’s. I would prefer a full version, but this does allow you to take some of the music with you as you travel about or load it on your music player of choice. This DVD is a very high recommendation from me and I admit that even though I truly enjoy this band, I am not being anything but truthful. Time to get bitten by The Snake once again. I think you can handle it with a smile.

Track List: DVD
1. Burn
2. Bad Boys
3. Love Ain’t No Stranger
4. Ready An’ Willing
5. Is This Love
6. Give Me All Your Love Tonight
7. Judgement Day
8. Blues For Mylene
9. Snake Dance
10. Cryin’ In The Rain
11. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City
12. Don’t Break My Heart
13. Fool For Your Lovin’
14. Here I Go Again
15. Take Me With You
16. Still Of The Night

Track List: CD
1. Burn
2. Give Me All Your Love Tonight
3. Is This Love
4. Love Ain’t No Stranger
5. Judgement Day
6. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City
7. Fool For Your Lovin’
8. Here I Go Again
9. Take Me With You
10. Still Of The Night

Official Web site: www.whitesnake.com

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