“Welcome To Fat City” (Single) by Crobot

Artist: Crobot
Title: “Welcome To Fat City” (Single)
Label: Wind-Up Records
Release Date: 7/22/2016
Genre: Hard Rock/Psychedelic Groove
Rating: 4/5

It wasn’t long ago that I offered up some thoughts about the first single from Crobot with “NOT FOR SALE” (click the name for that narrative) and here we are once more to speak about the second single, and title of their brand new upcoming album on Wind-Up Records with “Welcome To Fat City”. The tune is a rock solid and groovy one for sure with some tight guitarwork over a pounding rhythm section and you don’t seem to need a second listen to find your head bopping up and down in time with the melody. Tight work for sure from Jake, Paul and Chris.

Singer Brandon is your Rock and Roll Preacher and Master of Ceremonies as he directs you to a place that he favors quite a bit. There is a great “live” feel to this track and having seen Crobot on a number of occasions by this point, I have to say that if you crave a dose of pure, unadulterated Hard Rock, than you need not look much farther than Crobot. I’ll close up on this one now but you can order the track via Amazon.com care of the link below as the full album isn’t coming until sometime towards the end of September. Nice work lads, I am excited for the newness.

Track Listing:
1. Welcome To Fat City

Official Website: http://www.crobotband.com

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