Wednesday 13 @ Blender Theater at Gramercy (3/4/2008)

Wednesday 13 was in town once again and this time around he had Acey Slade on guitar so we couldn’t miss the chance to enjoy some morbid Rock and Roll. It’s always a good time when this group comes to slay us so should you want to learn more just scroll past the logo below.

Logo - Wednesday 13

Artist: Wednesday 13
Venue: Blender Theater at Gramercy (New York, NY)
Opener: Creature Feature, AKA’s
Date: 3/4/2007
Label: Horror High Entertainment

I’m not sure exactly how it happens, but it always seems to be a dreary and gloomy night when Wedesday 13 and his morbid band of musicians come to town. Such was the case again for the singer/guitarists return to the New York City area for an appearance at the Blender Theater. The night held a slight chill as mist swirled about where the cool met the damp and together added a slight sense of foreboding to the antics that would ensue inside the venue. I’ve caught this groovy ghoul a number of times over the last year and seem to have enjoyed him more and more as each time goes by. The last time he dropped by was in October where he did a show at the Europa Club in Brooklyn. The show that night was great but the numbers in the audience could have been better and I had to say that I felt the stage was far too small for such an energetic player. Luckily for us the stage at Blender would be much better for the type of show that Wednesday 13 and his band gives to everyone. Starting off the night as openers would be Creature Feature and the AKA’s. I would miss the CF guys tonight which was a shame since I liked them the first time I caught them at the Europa show and the AKA’s were more of a Rock/Punk act as opposed to something that works along the lines of W13’s Horror material. They sounded good and the crowd was rather responsive to them in a positive sense which is all that matters..

Tonight would also find Wednesday 13 not playing guitar as he is still on the mend from injuries suffered in a car accident during 2007, Despite his being on the mend it would allow him to up the ante on the visual side of the show and do a lot more crowd interaction than he does with the axe slung over his shoulder. Joining Mr. 13 on guitar we had the one and only Acey Slade, a musician who many area Hard Rock fans know from the band Trashlight Vision. TLV had decided to part ways in the latter part of 2007 so hooking up with Wednesday 13 and his band was a great idea if you asked me. He has a great visual himself and knows how to work the audience as well as play some ripping guitar. Drumming this time around would be slammed out by Johnny Chops, who also worked with Trashlight Vision. Longtime W13 skinbasher Racci Shay would go on hiatus late in 2007 based on family committments. The show would find Nate Manor and Jaysin Trioxin back under Wednesday’s command and prepared to deliver some deliciously evil chords. The tour was labeled as the “All-American Massacre” tour and would continue to support both Wednesday 13 solo releases along with some Murderdolls tunes.

As I expected, the set list would feature many of the same songs that were done that last time around but to keep it interesting the singer would mix up the order quite a bit and even swap a number or two for good measure. The change up allowed the whole thing to be a little fresher and with the amount of room for the players to run around on with their instruments and props the show would be that much more exciting. They opened up with “Home Sweet Homicide” which I was surprised at since I had always seen this one later in the set, and the same applied for the rousing “Till Death Do Us Party”. The second track found the whole audience singing along at the choruses and for me this just makes the whole presentation a little livelier. Slade seemed locked into place as a member of the band and he was running all over and getting some vocals in whenever it was required of him to do so. One could tell from the audience reception to him that he had some fans in the crowd as well tonight and I am sure that he could not only see but feel this energy coming up at him on the stage. As I mentioned earlier, with Wednesday 13 not playing any guitar, he was able to work with props that are associated with the songs and while the whole thing might seem like an Alice Cooper bit to you at first glance, it really is more of a homage when I looked at it and rather amusing. For “House By The Cemetery” he sang with his edited “For Sale” sign and of course the Uncle Sam werewolf would make his appearance for “American Werewolves in London”. A skull-fitted shovel was par for the course with one of my favorite numbers “Happily Ever Cadaver” while “I Walked With A Zombie” found one of the undead coming out on stage to join in on the fun. Everyone knows this is one of W13’s team members in costume but in the end it all works to better bring the show to life.

Tonight Wednesday would engage the crowd quite a bit and remind them that not only were they at a Rock show but when the singer tells them to yell that they need to do so because that’s just what you do and of course it didn’t seem like anyone was going to argue this with him. There was no talk of politics and the only apology given was just before “Bad Things” because the singer really doesn’t want any of this to happen to us no matter what the song says. “Rambo” would be an incredible sing along as the singer pointed his toy machine gun at us. Well, at least I hope it was a toy but with Mr. 13 you just can’t be to sure sometimes. He would close with his standard “I Love To Say Fuck” and this is another sing along and during this one the singer uses an umbrella with the phrase painted on it. Generally he points it to the crowd when it’s their turn to sing and it ends up being one of the night’s loudest numbers. The show ran rather quickly for a set that had about sixteen numbers performed and after the gig was done he would meet with fans down at the merchandise table. I always like the fact that he does this because whether there are three dozen or three hundred in the crowd, Wednesday 13 makes time to shake hands and sign their CD’s as well as posing for pictures. He was promoting his recent DVD show “Weirdo A Go-Go” and also had copies of his Outlaw Country band “Bourbon Crow” on hand. The new album will be called “Skeletons” and be available in the coming months at Hot Topic and other online retailers. Be sure to check it out but most definitely get to one of his shows if he appears in your town. It is a fun show that makes any night just like Halloween.

Set List:
1. Home Sweet Homicide
2. Til Death Do Us Party
3. House By The Cemetery
4. 197666
5. Die My Bride
6. I Want You Dead
7. American Werewolves In London
8. Dead In Hollywood
9. Happily Ever Cadaver
10. Rot For Me
11. Faith In The Devil
12. Haunt Me
13. I Walked With A Zombie
14. Rambo
15. Bad Things
16. I Love To Say Fuck

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