Wednesday 13 @ B.B. King Blues Club (7/21/2008)

The Groovy Ghoulie emeritus is definitely Mr. Wednesday 13 and with his debut performance at B.B. King Blues Club we made sure to be in attendance. He brought along Until Destiny for this evenings ride and by clicking the logo below you will be brought to the article on the main site. Photos of both bands are presented for your visual enjoyment.

Artist: Wednesday 13
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: Until Destiny
Date: 7/21/2008
Label: Independent Artist

It would seem that my reviews of concert appearances by Wednesday 13 have been growing over the last few months and that is because we have managed to be in attendance at each and every gig that he does when he makes his way around these parts. I don’t mind exactly because with each performance he has had something new in terms of a release and he generally mixes up the set which keeps the show interesting even to those who have seen him quite a bit. I also happen to love his presentation on top of the material, so for me it is always a win, win situation. The last time Wednesday 13 and his not so merry men performed in The Big Apple it was at the Blender Theater and while that was a solid show the room could have been a little more crowded. He also had lead guitarist Acey Slade on board for the tour and this was primarily due to Mr. 13 still dealing with the injuries from a car accident that could have killed him several months ago. He suffered a broken collar bone among other injuries and lets face it, slinging a guitar over an injury like that is just not something you want to do, so it was great to find the talented Acey in the mix for the gigs. When we learned that the Groovy Ghoul was going to make an appearance at the legendary B.B. King Blues Club we knew that we had to be there to lend the proper support perhaps even more so than those other gigs. The reason being simply because this is a place that we go to quite often for shows and it was impossible to deny the urge to offer up our fists and screams for such an important gig for the singer. Tonight’s show would find local Power Metal enthusiasts Until Destiny opening up the slot and this is how the evening played out.

Until Destiny: To be honest we are not always able to get around to discussing the opening slot players when they are unsigned folks because they often go on too early to catch or we are otherwise occupied with the main bands for interviews and photography details, but tonight we would manage to catch them and enjoy what they were all about. The group is led by Robert Katrikh, who is a very talented guitar virtuoso type of player who hails from Brooklyn, NY. Also in the band is Mike Destiny whose playing style always seems to remind me of Derek Sherinian based on the manner in which he plays. I am sure it’s never a bad thing to draw comparison to someone from Dream Theater (or someone who was at one time associated with the act). Together the pair bring to life a very driving musical energy and while Power Metal intrinsically, when Katrikh gets his stuff going he comes off to be very, very much along the lines of Yngwie Malmsteen. It is clear that he has studied the teachings of the Neo-Classical guitar gods from Europe very much as he built up his talents. To his credit he is a fantastic player in his own right but to his detriment he comes off as a little “too Yngwie” for many who get to witness him and to the casual viewer in the audience can be thought of as someone who is trying too hard to be someone else. I love the technique he has but can agree that his own identity must come forward more. The drums were solid enough under the control of Frank Godla while the bass was handled by Joey Bones who many of the Metal faithful in the region saw performing with Chris Caffery and Zandelle over the years of recent past. As a rhythm section it worked out well with this pairing. The singer was Chandler Mogel and he was doing a good job but I could not say he was throttling me with what he could do up there. He had a nice but standard Power Metal guy voice. Overall I was left thinking that the sum of the parts as a whole was not equal to the capabilities of the individual members. The songs sounded good but it wasn’t anything that was going to make me run and see them until a few more gigs had passed.

I liked it all yes, but feel that a better bonding needs to be done in this group and that a gig with a more responsive crowd to their sound was secured. Perhaps this is what was leaving me with a slightly negative view because the larger assembly of W13 fans could not care less about this group of Power Metal dudes. Yes, they did have some friends and fans in the audience tonight which was nice to see but in all honesty they did not fit with a performer like Wednesday 13 at all. At one point Katrikh tried to get them going by having them chant “whatever it is they chant for someone like him” (meaning W13). He tried to get a reaction by yelling “Wednesday” and then “13” into the microphone but it was not well met. It’s my personal view that when there is a lead singer in the band that he should be handling most of if not all of the crowd banter and leave the musicians to do their best on their respective implements of destruction. Good luck guys I am sure you will do fine and I am also sure that I shall see you again somewhere.

Wednesday 13: Like I mentioned earlier, we had seen W13 perform only a few months ago about a mile away from where we stood tonight but that was then and this is now. I was glad that I came when I discovered that not only would Wednesday be playing guitar again, but that he also no longer had Acey Slade in the band helping out. This was sure to guarantee a different presentation. With W13 handling his own guitar parts and Jason Trioxin doing the majority of the lead guitar work there didn’t seem to be a need for Acey’s talents any longer. After all, this isn’t Iron Maiden who as most knows currently tours with three lead guitar players. Some people like that and some hate it, but that is for a different discussion. Having seen W13 perform as an opener to Alice Cooper I remembered that when he plays guitar he doesn’t deal with the stage props as much as he would when he isn’t playing one and I had to say that I was a little bit tossed on my preference on which show I liked more to see. He is a solid guitar player without a doubt but when he brings on all the ad hoc special effects and gadgets and deals with their tech crew dude who is all made up as whomever the song requires him to be that the show can be a lot more fun to watch. Without the effects Wednesday 13 still delivers a Heavy Horror Rock show and tonight he was thrashing us big time and I noticed this very early on that it was probably the heaviest that I had ever witnessed him being when comparing it to those other shows over the recent year. By the way, I am speaking about the music and not the man of course. 

Wednesday was also celebrating the release of his latest work which arrived only a few months earlier in the year. It’s called “Skeletons”, and the critics love it while the singer himself has mentioned it is his most personal album to date. Tonight he would perform a number of tunes from the album and each of them sounded as good as I had expected them to sound in the live sense. “Teenage Anthem” was a highlight as was the albums title track “Skeletons”, and while I also loved hearing “From Here to the Hearse”, I admitted some disappointment that the song “My Demise” was not included in the set list this evening. To me this is probably one of the best songs on the album and it can also serve as a ballad that replaces in the hearts of his fans whatever other ballad they currently hold dear to their hearts. When you hear it, you can envision lighters and cell phone displays being lit up and if you don’t believe me, just order the album or song on I-tunes and tell me where I am wrong. The set list would feature several of the bands classic tunes such as “Home Sweet Homicide” and “Happily Ever Cadaver”, the latter being a tune I always seem to enjoy, but he would leave out “I Walked With A Zombie” tonight and that was a bit of a bummer since its such a good tune. He would treat us to a cover of Tom Petty’s “Running Down A Dream” and I am sad to report that this one did nothing for me. I would have rather heard another new album composition but the larger part of the audience around me didn’t seem to care what I thought and we eating it up. Visually the show was not as much as the ones in the past and while we did see Jason Voorhees come out for a beer during “Till Death Do Us Party” there were no other characters joining in for the fun at B.B. King’s tonight.

The singer was his usual hospitable self as he directed the audience to participate whenever he said we should and the crunching guitars and of Wednesday and Jason were definitely being complimented by the rhythm section of Nate Manor and drummer Johnny Chops. Chops you might remember was touring with them the last time around and now seems to have stepped into the role once held by Racci Shay. The whole club was singing along for “Rambo” and then when Mr. 13 told us that he wanted “Bad Things” to happen to each and every one of us, you knew the show was coming to an end. A quick hat change later and the addition of his umbrella brought us to the bands usual closer of “Fuck” and from there we called it a night. In the past I have seen him perform a few more songs but I didn’t mind since there was such a dramatic change in tonight’s lists rundown. The singer has not only unleashed the new CD on his unsuspecting public but also an EP called “Bloodwork” and according to fans in the audience had filmed his first-ever live concert video the night or so before. This footage will be released as soon as possible when it is available you will be able to safely invite Wednesday 13 and his band into your home.

1. Gimme Gimme Bloodshed
2. I Want You Dead
3. Home Sweet Homicide
4. Teenage Anthem
5. From Here To The Hearse
6. Till Death do Us Party
7. Skeletons
8. God Is A Lie
9. House By The Cemetery
10. Scream Baby Scream
11. Happily Ever Cadaver
12. Running Down A Dream
13. Looks What The Bats Dragged In
14. Faith In The Devil
15. 197666
16. Rambo
17. Bad Things
18. Fuck

Official Website:
Official Website:

I dared to brave the backstage area before the show began to see what sort of evil might be a brewing and I was glad I did because it enabled me to get a couple of shots of the guys in a relatively calm state.  Soon they would hit the stage and be aiming to rip our heads off all in the name of Horror Punk.

Wednesday 13 & His Band

Here’s a group shot of the guys and pictured from Left to Right are Nate Manor, Jonny Chops, J-Sin Trioxin and Mr. Wednesday 13 himself.

The Master of Disaster, Mr. Wednesday 13

A great shot of Wednesday 13 in front of the venue banner that hangs backstage.  It’s proven to be the perfect backdrop for moments such as this, and now it was the other guys chance for a moment in the sun.  Of course, the sun would probably not be the wisest for these eerie characters, but I digress.

W13 Guitarist: J-Sin Trioxin

Next up the one and only J-Sin Trioxin.  I’ve enjoyed his playing and what he has brought to the bands material.

W13 Drummer: Jonny Chops

The storm bringer from behind the drums.  While working in a Punk context, I always felt that Chops was bringing a little bit of a Motley Crue/W.A.S.P. kind of drumming to Wednesday’s band and I rather liked that.

W13 Bassist: Nate "Hate" Manor

A very shy and reserved Nate Hate as you can see here.  A man that is never ready for, or willing to have a photo taken of him.  Of course, I could be wrong about that but only time will tell.

TON's Kenny Hickey, Wednesday 13 & Munsey Ricci

Not too long before this particular show, I had learned that Wednesday 13 opened up for Type O Negative and after that show the bands became quite tight.  This evening Type O’s guitarist Kenny Hickey dropped by to lend them some support which I felt was really cool.  Pictured above is Kenny, Wednesday and Skateboard Marketing’s Munsey Ricci.

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