“We Love You” by Semi Precious Weapons

Artist: Semi Precious Weapons
Title: “We Love You”
Label: Razor & Tie
Release Date: 9/30/2008
Genre: Sleaze Rock
Rating: 3.5/5

If you’re looking for the new rising star of Sleaze Glam Rock then don’t look over to the West Coast but instead focus your attention on Brooklyn, NY’s own Semi Precious Weapons, a band that manages to take the teachings of the New York Dolls, Hanoi Rocks and other influencers of note and create their own interesting identity. Led by singer Justin Tranter who employs some of the similar cross-dressing techniques of Dee Snider and David Johansen, the band offers up a rocking display of vivid sexual innuendo and a somewhat danceable groove depending on the track. There is a lot of bold ACDC type swagger going on in terms of the vibe but the real emphasis is on their pushing the buttons with their lyrical content. The band’s debut on Razor & Tie is entitled “We Love You” and it’s a release that finds the band making no bones about their overt sexual imagery and this can be felt as soon as the CD begins spinning.

The opening track is called “Taste” and features an intro line of “I gotta mouth and she’s wet” and one can only assume that the singer is not talking about eating a piece of pie. Oh wait, perhaps he actually is (but I digress). The pumping energy continues into “Magnetic Baby” where Tranter tells us how he looks better in someone’s party dress than they do which gives the listener an instant visual of how he wants to be received and with their self-titled track we find that ACDC similar groove that I lined out before. Musically there isn’t anything special as far as super intense technical display being delivered and for this kind of band that makes the most sense. I have to admit that I liked what I heard and viewed this as a very “live” band who keeps this at four on the floor Rock while letting their stage show do more of the talking for them. “Her Hair Is On Fire” seems to be one of those tunes where the band makes you sing along to the chorus with them, and as far as “That’s K***” goes, well there is a lot of “colorful” language in this one that could turn off some listeners. There is a warning sticker on the cover to warn those folks, but be mindful that the release can be very, very explicit at times. Younger listeners might do well to avoid this in their parent’s eyes, but probably have already ordered a copy based on the statement.

Among the winning tracks I found that I liked “Rock N Roll Never Looked So Beautiful” the most and while at times it got rather racy, I also liked their tune “Jesus”. The bottom line with this band is that if you want it trashy, sleazy and over the top language and sexuality wise then this is the perfect thing for you. They include lyrics and the CD features two radio edits of their songs but I am not sure this was even necessary as bands like this are seldom heard on terrestrial radio and can safely cuss and swear to their heart’s content on the satellite stuff. They did skimp on the visuals in the book and only deliver two photographs of the band. I felt this was an injustice based on the way that they describe singer Tranter and would have loaded this up with a lot more than we saw provided for our visual senses. The band is rounded out by Aaron Lee Tasjan (guitar), Cole Whittle (bass) and Dan Crean (drums) and together they are sure to remind you that the Glam Rock movement is not totally dead and had only been sleeping for awhile. Time to wake up kiddies.

Track Listing:
1. Taste
2. Magnetic Baby
3. Semi Precious Weapons
4. Bleed To Heal
5. Genius
6. Her Hair Is On Fire
7. That’s K***
8. Jesus
9. Time Zones
10. Rock N Roll Never Looked So Beautiful
11. Her Hair Is On Fire (radio edit)
12. Magnetic Baby (radio edit)

Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/semipreciousweapons/

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