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I’ll admit to my being late to the table about this band but I am so glad that I finally caught them a few months ago at The Studio at Webster Hall for their sold out appearance. It was quite the electrifying gig and the band had the audience eating out of their hands from the moment that they hit the stage. Its certainly an interesting brand of Melodic Death Metal and if you take a look at their singer, you might agree that there is a kind of Carnival aspect to it. That said, the band has just released their latest video and I’ve embedded that along with the press release that I received so you can check it out. I’ll toss my thoughts about the clip at the end and you’re welcome to chime in as well since the more the merrier right. Here we go.

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The Press Release:
Swedish imports AVATAR have debuted an all new music video for their track “Vultures Fly” today exclusively through VEVO. Watch the “VULTURES FLY” video below.

(continued Press Copy) AVATAR are well known for their music videos. The visually stunning works of art have made the rounds over the last number of years surrounding their last two releases. From the vintage look of “Hail The Apocalypse” to their biggest single “Bloody Angel” (I’ve copied those clips to the bottom of this narrative for your indulgence) the new effort is no different. The band will also be making a return to the states this spring supporting Five Finger Death Punch. Dates will be announced soon. AVATAR released Hail the Apocalypse last year to much critical acclaim, cracking the Billboard Top 200 Chart, debuting at #97. “Avatar’s sound is fierce, honed, and cathartic enough to have many new fans running away with this circus,” says Revolver Magazine.”

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I love animation and I am sure that readers of the site are all aware of this based on all of the comic convention and toy coverage pieces that we have done on the website over the last few years. The fact that Avatar assembled a clever clip in this fashion was super impressive to me and what we see in this are the band coming off as mindless drones or lemmings that are being directed by a higher and more sinister power. Singer Johannes Eckerstrom finds his own inner Doctor Doom/Cobra Commander in the scenario as he manipulates his mindless minions into acts of dastardly global annihilation. Does it end well? Of course not. It’s a solid track to offer up a clip for and a good starting off point for those who are still in need of an education in how they deliver the Metal. Animation wise there are some similarities to that which we see in “Metalocalypse” and even “Axe Cop” if fans needed a quick comparison. What do you think of it? Let me know what you think in the comments.

Here’s the bands other two videos in case you wanted to check them out.

Follow the adventures of Avatar care of their Official Website and order a copy of the exciting eOne Entertainment release “Hail The Apocalypse” via the links below.

Official Website:

One thought on “Watch The “Vultures Fly” Video by Avatar”

  1. You sir have officially made me a fan of this band! You posted 3 videos and I went on to search like 7 more I think. I will definitely be checking them out more and be looking out for them to tour the US again! I would have never heard about them or probably at least anytime soon if it wasn’t for your page! Keep up the good posts!! 🙂

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