Watch Metallica Live Tonight w “The Night Before” Webcast

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You might have heard about one of those petitions being done that was asking the NFL to allow the mighty Metallica to be the performer for the Superbowl Halftime Show and it made some sense since the 50th edition of The Big Game was going to be held in the Bay Area. A region where Metallica are hometown legends. The petition got over 63,000 signatures and while it didn’t quite convince the NFL to choose the mighty Metallica over Coldplay (insert “yawn” here) it did find CBS Radio asking them to participate in a “Night Before” concert at the very same stadium. I actually think this is cooler since its a whole concert as opposed to 15 or so minutes that have innumerable guest stars and dances included in the mix. Click the photo below to be transported to the means to enjoy a live Metallica concert via your computer, mobile device or Smart TV.   The concert will be ready at 8:30pm PST.

Click Graphic To Access Webcast
Click Graphic To Access Webcast

This will surely help you get hyped up and excited enough for Coldplay and Beyonce who will perform during the Superbowl 50 halftime show 😉

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