Watch KISS on “Live On Letterman” (10/10/2012)

In celebration of the bands release of their 20th studio album “Monster”, the masked Metal maniacs of the mighty KISS will be doing a special concert on “Live On Letterman” which will air live on and then be available to enjoy via its streaming archive afterwards.

I think its awesome to find KISS doing a concert in the same place where The Beatles made their first televised appearance to US fans and that is why I am posting this blog with a link that will allow you to enjoy the stream so set your timers or alarms on your phones and tablet devices if you are keeping mobile and will not be home to sit at the PC. Sorry that we cannot just embed it here for you but that was not how this is set up. Not to worry though because the streaming is fantastic and I use it all the time to catch up on the shows that I miss or that run off my DVR’s scheduled times thanks to late running football events. I’m actually attending this event and hope to bring some kind of report to the blog as soon as possible.

Tune in tonight at 8pm, and prepare to “Rock and Roll All Nite” with the legendary KISS.

Official Webcast Link:
Official Band Link:

You can order the bands newest release “Monster” or their “Destroyer Resurrected” albums along with an amazing “Gold” greatest hits package via these links below. Put your two lips together and KISS!!!

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