Watch AMC’s “Preacher” (Season Two) Official Trailer

Hey there my serial television loving readers, I wondered if you ever gave the small screen adaptation of the hit Vertigo series “Preacher” a chance when it ran during its first season a few months ago. Did you like it? I watched it and have to admit that I was left for want with it despite liking the work that Cooper and Gilgun did. Anyway, a second season is coming and here is the full official trailer for what lies ahead. This might sound like a bit of a deja vu and it is of course since the same words apply. Here we go.

The Premise: “Preacher” is an adaptation of the intense comic book series that was done by Steve Dillon and Garth Ennis. It ran as a part of the DC Comics Vertigo imprint for “75” total issues. The show does NOT follow the general canon of the printed page.

Main Cast/Characters:
Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer
Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy
Ruth Negga as Tulip O’Hare
Lucy Griffiths as Emily Woodrow
W. Earl Brown as Sheriff Hugo Root
Derek Wilson as Donnie Schenck
Ian Colletti as Eugene Root/”Arseface”
Tom Brooke as Fiore
Anatol Yusef as DeBlanc
Graham McTavish as The Saint of Killers
Noah Taylor
Pip Torrens
Julie Ann Emery

PiercingMetal Thoughts: As my thoughts about the show are largely the same, I am repeating myself with these next few sentences. As I’ve mentioned, as far as the show goes, I didn’t really enjoy the first season outside of a few minor points. I felt that they changed the general flow of the series that I knew and loved simply because they could. Sure things have to change when being converted from printed page to screen but there was so much that it made me scratch my head. I still have the series programmed on my DVR and I guess I will be watching after I record two or three episodes. If it doesn’t appeal to me then I am dumping it. This trailer looked a bit more promising as the Saint Of Killers is in a lot of scenes and we get to see Herr Starr which is a good thing. Can The Grail be far behind? Or his Grandmother and the brothers? I hope so since that will sell me on it a bit more. What do you readers think about the new trailer? Are you intrigued? Should I give this another chance? Let me know in the comments section below.

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