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Sometime yesterday the new video by those Renaissance Rockers Blackmore’s Night made its first appearance and I wanted to make sure that we gave it a little love here on the website. For you newbies that is the band formed by former Rainbow guitar god Richie Blackmore and his Folk Queen Candice Night. It’s the title of the band’s new album “All Our Yesterdays” which comes care of Frontiers Records.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: As far as music video clips go this one was very simple in terms of its content. We find the group performing to the camera in a forest which totally goes with what is expected of them and there is some dancing here and there. That’s about it but I liked it since there is a lot of Candice Night who remains one of the most stunning of all the female lead singers I have ever enjoyed watching do their thing. Okay, relax I am not trying to gush here but it does add to the appeal of watching a clip such as this. The song is also a very straightforward rousing tune by the band and didn’t break any new ground for me personally but I will have a better handle on that once I get around to reviewing the full on album. It’s a nice taste of what is to come and if you like the band already I think they will keep you satisfied with it. If you have not yet been schooled on them then this lets you walk into the waters with ease. If you don’t like them I am afraid I don’t know what to tell you. Click another link on the site, find something you go crazy for. What do you readers think of this particular clip?

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