Warner Brothers Pictures: “Wonder Woman” – “Rise Of The Warrior” Official Final Trailer

While the excitement is rather high for the just opened “Guardians Of The Galaxy” Vol. 2 film, the folks at Warner Brothers Pictures decided to drop a final trailer for their own “Wonder Woman” film which will open up in theaters in just under a month’s time. This one is called “Rise Of The Warrior” and it is submitted for your approval below. Don’t worry, I’ll be back as well.

The Synopsis: In the early 20th century, the Amazon princess Diana, who is living on the island of Themyscira, meets American military pilot Steve Trevor when he is washed ashore. After learning about the ongoing events of a world war from him, she leaves her home to try to help end the war. (thanks Wiki).

The Cast:
Gal Gadot as Diana Prince/Wonder Womanl
Chris Pine as Steve Trevor
Connie Nielsen as Queen Hippolyta
Robin Wright as General Antiope
The sister of Hippolyta and Diana’s aunt
Lucy Davis as Etta Candy Steve Trevor’s secretary
Lisa Loven Kongsli as Menalippe

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I’ve already said how I’ve enjoyed the assorted looks that we’ve gotten for this film already but I have to mirror one of the television journalists that I watch when they said how they are really showing too much during these trailers nowadays. Come on guys, leave us some element of surprise and just deliver a good film. If we like or love it we will do the rest and if its terrible, well, we will do the rest. The action seems high during this film based on the final trailer and we meet the villain in some sense. I’ve already mentioned how WBP is going back one full World War and bringing us Diana from WWI times instead of WWII where she appeared in the comics. The film seems “brighter” in terms of scenery (outside of the dreary England of old of course) and its no lie that a lot is riding on this one. Remember that this will be the fourth film in the DCEU and as you know will precede “Justice League” and fans are nervous after the reception of both “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice” and “Suicide Squad” and its with good reason. These films are missing something at the end of the day and they need to fix that in order to ever hope of catching up with Marvel Studios and their continuing success stories on film. This trailer seemed to step up the game a little bit but let’s see what the final result is upon its opening. I really, really want this to be good and get these stories on point and working together. I love the DC Universe and have been a regular reader for many years so this is not me being a hater. What do you readers think of this final trailer? Let me know in the comments section below. See you next time.

Official Film Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wonder_Woman_(2017_film)

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