War Machine Marketing Presents “Pantera Mini-Guitars” (SDCC 2018 Exclusive)

As the Comic Con International: San Diego draws closer, the news about exclusive comic books, toys and assorted memorabilia has been picking up steam. Just a short time ago we learned about these awesome collectibles from the folks at War Machine Marketing. Check this out below.

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The Press Release:
“I’ve been a huge PANTERA fan since 1991. Their records hold such a unique place in my heart and were there to help me through the ups and downs of life. I not only wanted to make a tribute to this band I love so much but to also honor Dimebag Darrell and his legacy in music. However, now with the passing of his brother, Vinnie Paul, we feel that this tribute is even more important than for fans. It has made what was going to be a celebration of the band and their meaning to everyone into a bittersweet tribute to the Abbott brothers,” explains CEO of War Machine Marketing, Ro Kohli.

The tribute he speaks of is War Machine Marketing’s special San Diego Comic Con run of PANTERA mini guitars, made in conjunction with AXE HEAVEN, themed to some of the band’s most popular albums. The following officially sanctioned and numbered mini-guitars, based on the titles of PANTERA albums, will be available in the following quantities.

Available Individually:

war machine marketing, pantera mini-guitars, sdcc exclusives


war machine marketing, pantera mini-guitars, sdcc exclusives


war machine marketing, pantera mini-guitars, sdcc exclusives

Available As Part Of Entire Set Only:

war machine marketing, pantera mini-guitars, sdcc exclusives


war machine marketing, pantera mini-guitars, sdcc exclusives

There will be 30 sets of all 5 guitars available and 36 each of the 3 main guitars available each day. Due to the extremely limited nature of these guitars, a raffle will be held each day to determine the order of who can purchase them.

In addition to these limited-edition mini-guitars, an even more limited-edition tribute item is being created for all the dedicated fans that buy a set of the mini-guitars at San Diego Comic Con.

“We had been working on these guitars for the last 3 months and are so happy with how amazing they look. My goal has been to make an exclusive item that no one’s ever made before to tie us all back together to THE MUSIC. No matter what your political affiliation, your ethnicity, your background…PANTERA’s music ties us ALL together and looks beyond all the trivialities of our differences. We feel that this is now the ultimate tribute to the band, to the brothers, and to the world they opened up for their fans.” says Kohli.


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PiercingMetal Thoughts: I’ve already noted that PiercingMetal.com will NOT be at SDCC and we’ve actually never been there ever so I cannot be put to task to help you add these to your collection. Sorry about that. I do think they are a great addition to your display shelf if you are not only a fan of Pantera, but of these kinds of miniatures as well. If you are a Heavy Metal musician with a proper man cave or woman cave – then you are going to want to look into getting these or begging an attending friend. I am sure that more will be coming down the pike since we don’t seen to have one representing “Cowboys From Hell” and maybe War Machine Marketing will even surprise us by doing something with the bands Power Metal era. Wouldn’t that be a kick. I’ll close up by asking what you think of these and if you’d be interested in snagging them. Remember that they are limited editions and can only be purchased at the SDCC event in the coming weeks. Good luck to all your trinket hunters and let’s never forget the Metal Spirit that the Abbott Brothers brought to the stage night after night. Fans who wish to leave their respectful reflections about the recent passing of drummer Vinnie Paul can do so via THIS LINK.

Official Websites:
War Machine Marketing: http://warmachinemarketing.com/
Comic Con International: San Diego: https://www.comic-con.org/cci
Pantera: http://pantera.com/

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