Want To See Sebastian Bach in NYC on 11/24/2012?

Poster - Sebastian Bach at BB Kings - 2012

It is without question that Sebastian Bach has been a very busy guy since leaving Skid Row by doing television and Broadway appearances in addition to keeping a full on solo music career in play. He is one of the most energetic and fun musical personalities that the Metal scene has in its corner and that makes checking him out in concert an experience that few will soon forget. Fans will love the fact that he is celebrating the release of his brand new album “Kicking And Screaming” which comes care of Frontier Records and his illustrious career before that album at at the famous Times Square venue B.B. King Blues Club and Grill on November 24th. You are not going to want to miss this one and and thanks to the fine folks at B.B. King Blues Club, some of the PiercingMetal Fans are going to get to see this show for free. Isn’t that awesome? I think it is.

To participate please let me know your favorite story that you have heard about Sebastian Bach from the shows or magazines and interviews. Please keep it interesting, original and mind the expletives (we’ve a wide audience here after all). I will be picking winners from the responding comments until we run out of the spaces that we were allotted. Please know that will need you to enter your email in the comment form so you can be contacted but don’t worry this is not publicly posted or shared in any fashion. Single tickets only for this show, let’s hear what you folks have to say. Go for it…..Oh yeah and while we don’t mind those who are heading to the show tossing their two cents in, we ask that those who are down for the contest to please stress “I wanna go” somewhere in the beginning so its easier to make sense of it.

When: November 24th 2012, 7pm start; doors 6pm.
Where: B.B. King Blues Club, 237 West 42 St (212) 997-4144

RESTRICTIONS: Participation is open to all but if you chosen our just posted Dance Gavin Dance show contest you are NOT ELIGIBLE for this one since they are back to back gigs. If you have recently won any of our contests you should be aware that we aim to bring some new people into the mix and give everyone a fair shot at seeing a show. We only ask that should you participate that you will actually go and not keep someone else from having a chance to win.

Official Websites:
Sebastian Bach: http://www.sebastianbach.com/
B.B. King Blues Club: http://www.bbkingblues.com

Below you’ll find some handy links to Amazon.com that will direct you to some of the bands most recent releases and their classic back catalog. Dig in….

14 thoughts on “Want To See Sebastian Bach in NYC on 11/24/2012?”

  1. My Favorite Sebast story was that one where Skid Row were in Springfield MA and someone in the crowd threw a glass at his head and he attacks the fan, and after the show he got arrested! This was the only Sebastian Bach story i knew of haha!

  2. I think the fact that Sebastian Bach starred on an episode of Gilmore Girls is the main reason why I need to see him. Just kidding. I missed out on all his performances on Broadway and have been a Skid Row fan for quite a few years now. The majority of the stories I hear are about him being a jerk, regardless he has an amazing voice and is super talented. Thank you Ken for this awesome opportunity. My friends’ band Sweet Fix will be opening for him and it would be amazing to go!! Stay awesome!

    I also run an awesome metal blog, click my name to check it out m/

  3. Other than the fact that I worship the very ground he walks on, I always think back to his That Metal Show appearance where he talks about his encounter with Mr. Phil Anselmo in the mens room. They were using adjacent urinals, Sebast looks over towards Phil and screams “OH MY GOD”. Phil looks up and says, “Oh yeah? You should see my dad’s.” Brilliant. Classic. I would love nothing more than to attend this show on what will actually be my 19th Birthday!

  4. My favorite Sebast story happened when Skid Row and Pantera toured together in the early 90’s. Sebast was peeing in the urinal next to Phil Anselmo, and he looked down at Phil’s member and said “Holy shit, thats fucking huge!” Phil chuckles and says, “Ha! You should see my dad’s…”

  5. Sebastian has many great stories to tell, but the one that
    always makes me laugh is…

    When Bas was doing the VH1 show “Supergroup” and they were
    trying to come up with a name for the band and he got obsessed with the name
    Savage Animal. Everyone else thought Sebastian was crazy & that the name
    sucked big time, but he kept pushing it. And the way he said Savage Animal every time was just really funny.

    So I REALLY need to win a ticket to the B.B. King show so Sebastian can again put a smile on my face!

  6. I would love to see Sebastian again. My story is actually a personal one. My cousin Walter used to be in a band called Severed Hand with Bach’s son Paris. In 2004 Walter, Paris and I went to Ozzfest at the PNC Bank Art Center. Paris was a huge Dimmu Borgir fan so during their set Sebastian found us in the crowd just to watch Dimmu with us cause he knew Paris loved them. Baz was bangin his head with his son and having a blast. He ended up hanging with us through Slayer and most of Judas Priests set before heading backstage. He was just the coolest guy. It was my first time meeting him and it was as if he knew me for a hundred years. The man loves his metal.

  7. Contest closed so no more entry responders please. Winners have been notified right here on the blog posting so please be sure to email me on webmaster @ piercingmetal.com if your real name is NOT listed in the comment so we have the correct one for the list. On the day of show, bring ID to the podium at the venue and ask for the House List. Ask for manager on duty should you encounter any issues. I will be there as well. Let’s all be the “Youth Gone Wild” for a night (cough)

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