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Want To See Deicide In Concert In NYC On 11/5/2012?

Poster - Deicide Tour - 2012

There are few bands that bring the intensity and aggression of Death Metal like the mighty Deicide and if you’ve ever seen them in concert before you will surely agree with me on this. Now their fans can rejoice to whatever dark powers they uphold as the band makes a triumphant return to New York City for a gig at the famous B.B. King Blues Club and Grill in Times Square. You can be sure that Deicide will be playing songs from across their deep catalog as well as continuing to support their latest Century Media Records release “To Hell With God” and this NYC show will be supported by Eyes Of The Dead and our own Mahavatar and thanks to the fine folks at B.B. King Blues Club, some PiercingMetal Fans are going to get to see this show for free. There is nothing quite like a free Metal show in my humble opinion.

To participate please let me know what your favorite song by Deicide is and why this is the case. Make it interesting. I will be picking winners from the responding comments until we run out of the spaces that we were allotted. How many are there you ask? Well, I am not telling you but we only ask that you chime in if you will indeed go to the show or can get there from your location. We don’t mind if you chime in to tell us how excited you are for the show if you are already going, but for the contest be sure to start your comment with “I Wanna Go etc. etc.” Go for it…..

When: November 5th 2012, 7pm start; doors 6pm.
Where: B.B. King Blues Club, 237 West 42 St (212) 997-4144

RESTRICTIONS: Participation in this contest is open to all NYC region Metal heads but if you recently won one of our giveaways please know that we shall be looking for new winners first this time around to give everyone a fair shot at seeing a show. Single tickets only. I am sure you understand our doing that.

Official Websites:
Deicide: http://www.myspace.com/theofficialdeicidemyspacepage/
B.B. King Blues Club: http://www.bbkingblues.com

Check out some of Deicide’s bone crushing music via these Amazon.com links.

*** Please be advised that conditions from the recent Hurricane Sandy might find this show being postponed. Should this happen, we shall address accordingly.

18 thoughts on “Want To See Deicide In Concert In NYC On 11/5/2012?”

  1. I would like to see Deicide because last time I saw them at the Gramercy Theatre I felt like I got robbed. I paid to see Deicide, not sing-along Deicide, or Karaoke Deicide.

  2. Hard for me to name a favorite Deicide song but I’ll go with Dead By Dawn from their self-titled. The screaming in the chorus from Glen Benton is probably the most memorable for me. Add in the guitar assault from the Hoffman brothers, and the machine gun-like blast beast from Steve Asheim and you have a formula for chaos and blasphemy.

    I will definitely be going to be the show, unless the aftermath of Sandy says otherwise.

  3. My favorite song by Deicide is Satan Spawn, The Caco-Daemon. I have to thank Glen Benton & co. for turning me on to the joys of satan as well as caco-daemons. I hope to see Deicide and possibly meet Glen in order to have a deep conversation about caco-damons and blasphererions.

  4. I want to see decide because this will be my first time seeing them
    I’ve been dying to since my boyfriend got me into them
    As far as favorite song goes I think homage for Satan is the shit
    Glen Breton could easily be the Antichrist

        1. I need to add this to the winning announcements but shows at B.B. King’s and Highline do not issue physical tickets to winners but instead your name is on their “HOUSE LIST” which is why you need ID with you. School or drivers license.

  5. This contest is now closed and winners are being contacted. We hope you all have an incredible Metal adventure. Winners please go to the podium at the club entrance and ask for the House Guest List, your names will be on this list so make sure you have proper identification. Ask to speak to an onsite manager should you have any issues and mention this giveaway.

  6. I haven’t even able to see them only concert going experience something always happens and I get the Short end of the stick. Bible Basher and “No One” are my favorites I want to see the here force and tenacity that Deicide brings to the stage. And I want to buy Glen a bee for pissing so many people off haha.

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