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Vic and The Rattleheads (aka Megadeth) To Play Saint Vitus Bar!

Some time in the early part of Friday afternoon, the buzz started buzzing around the Interwebs that a “secret show” was going to be done at the popular Saint Vitus Bar by a band that you’ve most likely never heard of before but is one with very familiar material under their belt. Their name is Vic and The Rattleheads and rumor has it that they are the very best of the best when it comes to doing Megadeth covers. You might find it interesting to learn that their singer and guitar player not only sounds like the great Dave Mustaine, but he even looks like him with an uncanny resemblance. Oddly enough the same can be said about the bass player in the group along with the rest of the guys. Isn’t that a weird coincidence? I think so ;p

How amazing would it be to find out that this actually going to be a not so secret surprise from the band Megadeth themselves, who will be in town for the Epiphone/Revolver Music Awards that are taking place on the following day. Megadeth will be performing at this show at Webster Hall and is also up for one of the awards. It could be since Dave Mustaine has already been at the bar when these awards were first announced as happening and to present the “A Tout La Monde” beer that was being launched. Did you know that Dave himself actually got behind the bar and served the eager fans? That must have been fun. The invite link to the event is HERE for those who wish to give their luck a try. The tickets prices are rather high for a cover band at $50 apiece so you never know do you. I’m going to venture a guess and think that it is indeed Megadeth since “Vic Rattlehead” is their mascot (but you Metal lifers knew that already and have just been playing along with me here a little bit). The Saint Vitus bar has already had some notables like Nirvana, Anthrax and Carcass to it makes sense. Good luck at getting a ticket, I am thinking that this will be a blow out.

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