Verily, The 70,000 Tons Of Metal Cruise II Leaves Today…..

….but is NOT on board with the Metal maniacs who are going to be indulging themselves in this super cool event. Mind you I am not ranting about this at all and wanted to instead wish everyone who is headed for the Heavy Metal high seas a fantastic time. Okay so perhaps I am just a wee bit jealous of you if you are going but the logistics were not there for me to be in attendance and do it up properly by documenting the adventure for the readership. The fact that NYC is finally experiencing some bone cold temperatures and we just had some snow makes me sigh a little bit and wish for warmer climes. Oh well, this was just not meant to be as I have already said.

The lineup sure seems to be an exciting one with these acts confirmed to appear on the cruise: Alestorm, Amorphis, Annihilator, Atheist, Candlemass, Cannibal Corpse, Channel Zero, Children Of Bodom, Coroner, Crowbar, Dark Funeral, Diamond Plate, Ed Guy, Eluveitie, Exciter, God Dethroned, Grave Digger, Hammerfall, In Extremo, Kamelot, Kataklysm, Massacre, Megora, Moonsorrow, My Dying Bride, Nightwish, Orphaned Land, Overkill, Pestilence, Pretty Maids, Riot, Samael, Sapiency, Stratovarius, Suffocation, Tankard, Therion, Tristania, Venom, Vicious Rumors, Virgin Steele, and Whiplash.

There are a few who I would have loved to enjoy again such as Kamelot, Nightwish and Eluveitie but more important are the bands that we never seem to find appearing in the States like My Dying Bride, Tristania, and Annihilator to name a few. It would be great to be the music scribe for their efforts after all this time. It also appears that the cruise is the only place for the fans on this side of the Atlantic to enjoy Dark Funeral since their North American tour was just cancelled. As I browsed the lineup I realized that I have managed to see twenty four of the listed bands since becoming a journalist and that thought makes me a little more comfortable about missing this particular congregation of the Metal powers that be. I consider myself a very lucky Metal head. Of course I did wonder just how a Metal populace would work out on a cruise ship but I guess that everyone behaved the last time around since this will be the second such adventure for the premise. Here’s a photo of the Majesty Of The Seas (that’s the name of the ship in case you were wondering). Imagine this thing loaded with the Metal Republic…..

I’m keeping this on my list of eventual music “to do”‘s along with Wacken Open Air, Download and Tuska Festivals and maybe the KISS Cruise. They’re all expensive propositions to sort out which I am sure most of you know. For now I’ll keep playing the lottery to see if any winnings give me the necessary disposable cash that I would need for a more leisurely Metal existence. That being said if you are setting sail today I hope you have an amazing and memorable time. I look forward to hearing all about it.

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