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Valiant Comics First Issues Coming In February 2016

Continuing on with our comic book newness for February here are the first issue offerings from Valiant Entertainment. Not a lot in terms of newly launching issues but a couple of cool “One Dollar Debuts” to give a look at. As with all of our posts of this kind, the art and overall description comes from official press copy and then I will chime in with my own thoughts at the close. Check them out.

"Bloodshot Reborn The Analog Man" Directors Cut #1
“Bloodshot Reborn The Analog Man” Directors Cut #1

BLOODSHOT REBORN: THE ANALOG MAN – DIRECTOR’S CUT #1: Witness two master creators at the height of their powers as THE ANALOG MAN returns…in bare-knuckled black and white! For the first time ever, go behind the scenes and discover the unexpurgated glory of Jeff Lemire and Lewis LaRosa’s post-apocalyptic joyride through the future-shocked badlands of the Valiant Universe with a special 48-page “director’s cut” of BLOODSHOT REBORN #10, showcasing LaRosa’s raw, hyper-detailed pencil artwork and Lemire’s complete script! Stripped down to pencils and letters alone, you’ve never seen Bloodshot like this before as the must-read storyline of the New Year circles back for an encore presentation of THE ANALOG MAN’s gasoline-soaked first chapter!

Writer: Jeff Lemire; Penciler: Lewis LaRosa; Cover Artist: Lewis LaRosa

One Dollar Debut "Divinity" #1
One Dollar Debut “Divinity” #1

ONE DOLLAR DEBUT: DIVINITY #1 (Re-presenting DIVINITY #1 (2015)

Writer: Matt Kindt; Penciler: Trevor Hairsine; Cover Artist: Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic

One Dollar Debut "Doctor Mirage" #1
One Dollar Debut “Doctor Mirage” #1


Writer: Jen Van Meter; Penciler: Roberto de la Torre; Cover Artist: Travel Foreman

PiercingMetal Thoughts: That was quick wasn’t it? Okay so let’s first discuss the “ODD” issues or the One Dollar Debuts” for those not quickly catching my abbreviation. I love these books but really would like to see Valiant going way back into their history and begin a series of these that bring back the titles that I read in the 90’s. Doing so will awaken a collector’s market for the trade paperback collections of those titles in my humble opinion. Come on Valiant Entertainment, give us “Turok”, “Magnus Robot Fighter” and the classic “X-O Manowar” and “Solar Man Of The Atom”. I think the response would be great. I love these issues because they let me also build a small assortment of comics for the younger readers in my world and make great presents. Marvel Comics has been doing a bang up job with these a couple of times a year under the “True Believers” banner and honestly DC Comics could do a little better in this area. I will admit that I am a little surprised to find these affordable reprints coming out after their original issue had only reached one and two years. Okay, stepping off the soapbox now. The director’s cut of “Bloodshot Reborn” does seem interesting but I am not too crazy about books in black and white anymore. I guess I grew tired of that aspect after reading dozens of issues of “The Walking Dead” by Image. So what do you readers think of these titles? Stuff you will buy or hunt down in the comic store to peruse on the stands? Let me know in the comments. See you next time with the DC Comics offerings in a couple of days.

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