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Valiant Comics #1′s Coming In June 2015

Damn can you believe that it is June already in 2015? That means our year is almost at its midpoint so I am hoping that you have been having awesome times so far because I feel like I will blink and I will be wishing you all a Happy New Year. Okay before I get off track let me start this months Comic Book Insights with the latest and greatest from Valiant Entertainment. There are not a whole lot of first issues for this particular month but we shall focus on them just the same. There are quite a few continuing story lines to enjoy so please click through to the company website at the end of this narrative. Let’s go.

XO Manowar - Valiant 25th - 1
XO Manowar – Valiant 25th – 1

X-O Manowar: Valiant 25th Anniversary Special #1: New York Times best-selling writer Robert Venditti (ARMOR HUNTERS, Green Lantern) and red-hot artist CAFU (UNITY) celebrate 25 years of Valiant with an all-new introduction to Valiant’s number one hero — the unstoppable X-O Manowar! The sentient X-O Manowar armor is the most powerful weapon in the universe. But long before the armor fell into the hands of Aric of Dacia, it had a history of its own. Now, for the first time, join us as we uncover the secrets behind one of the most unique artifacts in the history of comics…and dive deeper into the X-O Manowar mythology in an all-new special standalone story!

Writer: Robert Venditti, Penciler: CAFU, Cover Artist: Cary Nord, CAFU

"Quantum and Woody V1 - Klang"
“Quantum and Woody V1 – Klang”

Quantum and Woody Volume 1: Klang (Trade Paperback): The complete collected adventures of the original world’s worst superhero team — now in trade paperback! Re-presenting the seminal series from legendary creators Christopher Priest (Black Panther, Deadpool) and MD Bright (Green Lantern, Iron Man) one volume at time, discover the groundbreaking series that Kotaku calls “one of the funniest superhero comics ever” with an all-new edition collecting Quantum and Woody’s origin and disastrous early adventures! Sometimes the best friends make the worst partners. Once inseparable, childhood friends Eric Henderson and Woody Van Chelton haven’t seen each other in years. Reunited by the mysterious deaths of their research scientist fathers, the unlikely duo find themselves stuck together all over again when a catastrophic lab accident transforms their bodies into pure energy — energy that will completely dissipate if they don’t “klang!” their control bands together every 24-hours! Now, armed with an array of high-tech gadgets…and two horribly mismatched personalities…and a goat for a sidekick…this pair of misfits has decided to set the world straight as the world’s worst superhero team, Quantum and Woody…if they can manage to quit fighting each other first!

Collecting QUANTUM AND WOODY (1997) #0–7, plus rarely seen materials and extras from QUANTUM AND WOODY: THE DIRECTOR’S CUT TP

Written by Christopher Priest, Art and Cover by MD Bright

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I’ve probably said that I like X-O Manowar the best out of all the Valiant Universe characters and if you didn’t read that before well there you go with that disclosure. Learning the armors history is going to be a fantastic read IMHO so I am looking forward to that one. Also I am so psyched to see the early adventures of Q&W reprinted in a nice hefty trade edition. As memory serves me I have all of these single issues safely bagged and boarded in a box somewhere in my vast collection. I’ll be looking forward to adding this one to the bookshelf in this format for sure. What do you readers think about these offerings? Are you locked into gear with the goings on in the Valiant Universe at all? Let me know in the comments.

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