Vader’s “Strike Of The Empire” U.S. Tour Kicks-Off On May 26th!

I’ve a lot of things on the Metal agenda to attend to so I will keep this short and sweet and say that the Metal Legions are soon going to get a long overdue visit from the mighty Vader. They’ve assembled a cadre of heavyweights as support and since there is a lot to this press release I am going to let it do the talking. Here we go.

The Press Release:
Polish death metal legends, VADER, has announced they will be invading The U.S. In May! The band will make an appearance at Maryland Death Fest on May 26th before meeting up with the package. The trek will stop in New Orleans, San Diego, and Chicago, before concluding at the Webster Hall in New York city on June 16th! Joining VADER on the 21-date tour are INTERNAL BLEEDING, SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER, VOICES OF RUIN, and MICAWBER! Following the tour, VADER will continue onto San Juan, Puerto Rico to play at La Respuesta on June 17th!

VADER ‘s Piotr states: “Vadermaniax !!!! Good news right after 2017 began: VADER strikes back to the USA again! We’re gonna visit 23 places across the continent starting with famous Maryland Death Fest in May 26th, where we’ll play a very special set. Dates and details are coming soon. We all can’t wait to see You again! \m/ \m/” VADER will be touring in support of their recent release, The Empire, that once again proved that their merciless riffs are made to unleash hell. Check out the track video for the song “Parabellum” on the Nuclear Blast YouTube channel!

The Tour Dates:
5/26/2017: Maryland Death Fest – Baltimore, MD*
5/27/2017: Ground Zero – Spartanburg, SC
5/28/2017: Brass Mug – Tampa, FL
5/29/2017: Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
5/30/2017: Siberia – New Orleans, LA
5/31/2017: Acadia – Houston, TX
6/01/2017: Curtain Club – Dallas, TX
6/03/2017: Blu Phoenix – Albuquerque, NM
6/04/2017: Club Red – Phoenix, AZ
6/05/2017: Malones – Santa Ana, CA
6/06/2017: Oakland Metro – Oakland, CA
6/07/2017: Brick By Brick – San Diego, CA
6/08/2017: Las Vegas Death Fest – Las Vegas, NV
6/09/2017: Metro – Salt Lake City, UT
6/10/2017: Bluebird Theatre – Denver, CO
6/11/2017: Riot Room – Kansas City, MO
6/13/2017: High Noon Saloon – Madison, WI
6/14/2017: Reggies – Chicago, IL
6/16/2017: Webster Music Hall – New York City, NY
6/17/2017: La Respuesta – San Juan, Puerto Rico *
* = Vader Only

ABOUT VADER: The longest living and most resilient tank of Poland’s Death Metal fleet has once again hoisted its flag – ready to overrun the world with its new triumphant procession. They recently fired their first warning shot with their “Iron Times” EP, and now VADER are building their own all conquering empire with new studio album “The Empire”. The fire power of the polish legends has never ceased. Since 1983, founding member Piotr “Peter” Wiwczarek and his crew have clad the world with brutal blasts, pumping rhythms and heavy iron riffs. “The Empire” is no exception, this musical inferno made out of steel, burns with merciless intensity. Driven by aggression, VADER bring their typical dark tunes and morbid leads to the battlefield and once more underline their status as legends. But VADER also bring a lot of diversification; besides the record’s thrashier moments, the tank rolls at a steady pace always looking forward – straight to the front without compromises and without mercy!

VADER were founded in the early eighties and can look back onto a unique march of success. Starting with demo “Necrolust” (1989), moving onto their debut album “The Ultimate Incantation” (1993), to the classics “De Profundis” (1995) and “Black To The Blind” (1997), the Polish Death Metal institution left its mark on the world’s history books, and they haven’t stopped since. Even over the course of the new millennium, VADER have left us some great works such as “Impressions In Blood” (2006) or “Tibi Et Igni” (2014). And when VADER start a live crusade, nothing can hold them back. Thus, the quartet have conquered entire landscapes and bombarded them with inescapable prowess in the worldwide blitzkriegs they have led over the course of their career. Without doubt, “The Empire” falls under the category of VADER’s classics. The impressive monument that they have built with their 13th studio album will immediately find its place in metal history. And it will also prove that VADER don’t need to make their peace with the world; they never did, and they certainly don’t now – especially after writing more than 30 years’ worth of Death Metal history.

ABOUT INTERNAL BLEEDING: The Long Island, New York-based INTERNAL BLEEDING has been slugging it out in the underground since 1991. Many underground fans credit the band with the invention of “slam”; a variation of death metal that concentrates on punishing, pit-friendly grooves as opposed to blinding speed. Moreover, they are considered one of the true pioneers of the New York Death Metal scene. Their live shows are known for their incredible intensity and their fans are both loyal and rabid. In short, they helped create the standard by which we judge all things heavy.

ABOUT SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER: Formed in 2001 by vocalist Steve Worley, SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER spent over a decade proving themselves to be one of the most dominating underground acts from the United States. With label support by Crash Music Inc. in 2009 SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER released their label debut full-length entitled Spontaneous Suicide

ABOUT VOICES OF RUIN: Soon to be a household name, VOICES OF RUIN have come to give melodic death metal the shot in the arm it so desperately needs. Harkening back to the genre’s glory days while pushing the envelope one step further, VOICES OF RUIN eviscerate their audience with brutally catchy guitar riffs, soaring melodies, devastating percussion, and the ferocious blackened death growl of their charismatic frontman. Their music can be described as an epically crafted blend of classic heavy metal and modern death metal, that also pays homage to the traditional Scandinavian melodic death metal sound. Now with the release of Born of the Dark, the band is primed to extend their reach out of the underground!

ABOUT MICAWBER: Formed in 2007, right in the heart of the dreadful, frozen tundra surrounding Green Bay, Wisconsin, “Micawber” has been steadily building a name for themselves. While constructing their own style of modern age death metal and keeping the music fun, and interesting, MICAWBER has been rapidly gaining fans across the country. The band originally began as a 5-piece lineup consisting of Leighton Thompson, Sean Thompson, Jake Gamez, Jeff Plewa and Tyler Lachowicz. Later on parting ways with bassist Jake Gamez, long time friend and soul pummeling bassist Nick Gouin joined forces with the band and solidified the lineup. Recently the band had parted ways with long time vocalist Jeff Plewa, in return Leighton picked up the slack and began the journey as lead guitar and also frontman. This has been the strongest line up for the band and has been leveling venues in every city they have taken on!

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: Wow, talk about HEAVY. This is going to be a show that shakes the venues to their very foundation if I can speak frankly. Of the whole touring run, I’ve only ever seen Vader a couple of times and Sacrificial Slaughter I think once unless I am mistaken about them. If I am able to work out the schedule and be a part of this show you can count on a report and images for our worldwide readership. So what do you purveyors of the Heavy think about this one? Is it something that you will be attending? Let me know in the comments section below.

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Internal Bleeding:
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