“Up From The Ashes” by Gothic Knights

Artist: Gothic Knights
Title: “Up From The Ashes”
Label: LMP Records
Release Date: 4/27/2004
Genre: Power Metal
Rating: 7/10

Hailing from Brooklyn New York come “The Gothic Knights”! This is a band that shows that Power Metal has not only been relegated to the European Powers of the world. Given the fact that many Stateside bands are leaning to the Grind core or Thrash core vibe it’s a pleasant change to find some musicians holding high the banner of more inspirational Metal. Steeped in “old school” mannerisms Guitarist John Tsantakis shows he has been influenced by the melodic masters of the form and at times really rips it up. Bassist Mario Cosentino shows an adept level of skill as well thundering across the drums of Frank Gilchrist. Vocalist Rick Sanchez has some moments of shining glory as well and in particular makes “Warrior Of Faith” and title track “Up From The Ashes” among the best tunes on the album. Fans of vocalists along the line of Kiske and similar melodic wailers will enjoy the way he performs. The changing tide of the music industry makes it hard for a band like this to keep steady footing and perhaps that is why this album has such a familiar feel to it. Very musical and containing songs that are on the catchy side more than they are not; the band keeps it safe by not pushing the envelope all that much or taking any risks. That fact alone does not make this a bad album at all but might limit the impact they are setting to make with their music. Fans of the traditional feel of Metal will be impressed to some degree and again it is nice to see more Metal like this coming from the States. Other tracks of note are “Sleepy Hollow” and “Dear Queen”. The air of mysticism and the unknown is broken however by the bonus inclusion of “Hungry Like The Wolf”. The quirkiness of adding a Duran Duran number, even a metallized one takes away from the seriousness of the Metal they are delivering all around the album.

The special edition of this CD comes with a richly illustrated booklet, poster and a sticker. It’s a very ornate packaging and impressive to look at. Give this a listen if it piques your curiosity, it certainly has its moments.

Editors Note: Since its release the band has had some lineup changes leaving Tsantakis and Cosentino as the only original remaining members.

Track Listing:
1. Power And The Glory
2. Warrior Of Faith
3. Down In Flames
4. Up From The Ashes
5. Vampyre
6. The Witching Hour
7. Sleepy Hollow
8. Guardian Archangel
9. Heaven’s Fire
10. Dear Queen
11. The 13th Warrior
12. The Machine – bonus
13. Hungry Like The Wolf – bonus

Official Web site: www.gothicknights.com

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